Would you rather be rich or healthy?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Natalyatarasenkova, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. jean_necesario

    jean_necesario New Member

    I would rather be healthy than rich.
    Yes im rich but im using my money to pay for my hospital bills and any other medications to keep me alive. Haha
  2. jhonuarin03

    jhonuarin03 Member

    i rather be healthy than rich. But lets face it, who wouldn't want to be rich? I think it would be a great combination if i could have both since they are interconnected in a certain way. Let me explain. To be healthy you need to have the right nutrition, vitamins, and to complete several activities to keep your body healthy and in great shape. What if you do not have the resources to have a great balance. You need money to buy food, clothing, a shelter, medicine, and everything needed to be healthy. In this case i will have to say i would rather be rich than healthy since i could use that money to maintain my health.
  3. redpearL1

    redpearL1 New Member

    Healthy of course. What's the use of being rich if you can't enjoy your life because of illnesses that would have you stay in bed? Being healthy means that you can enjoy activities that you like because your health does not limit or hinder you from doing so.
  4. danique

    danique New Member

    I think this answer depends on a persons outlook on life and what makes them happy. Happiness is key and motivation behind anything isn't it? As for me I would say health is important over being rich! Its quite difficult to be happy and rich if your health is declining, its like what is the point of having all this money if you can't enjoy what comes with it if you are ill. Makes more sense to me to be healthy and then you can go achieve all the riches of the world .
  5. Khaleesi27

    Khaleesi27 New Member

    Health is wealth, is a common phrase. Health is a state of being free from ilness, diseases and injury. So, basically health is important for you to achieve wealth. If a person is sick how can he work and earn money? That’s why before we apply for work there is a physical examination and medical examination, they need to know if we are healthy, does not have any chronic diseases in order for us to work effectively. If a person wants to be rich then it cannot be achieve if he is ill and incompetent to do work or physical activities.

    Health is very necessary, we should prioritize it above other things, as it may endanger if we neglect to take charge of our self. Take control of your lifestyle, eat healthy foods, avoid being stress too much, sleep early and most of all exercise daily.
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  6. I would rather choose to be healthy, because what is money if you're not healthy?. Health is wealth that's why we need to value our self. Being rich is useless even if your not healthy because it will lead you buy expensive medicine. Money is for nothing, but the most important is to love one another. We need to care ourselves as we care one another.
  7. Lady_Seah

    Lady_Seah New Member

    Definitely, health, being healthy body and soul makes you happy. Being rich gives you a headache because of all the taxes you have to pay, fake friends that stick to you and tell you that what you do is right even though deep inside you know your not just to please you, fake relationship that tells you he/she loves you but if you don't have money anymore he/she will leave you, like nothing happened at all, so on and so forth.

    I'd rather live a simple and healthy life and that will be achieved by finding balance. Having too much of everything will never make you content, you will always look for more until there is nothing anymore. ;);)
  8. This is actually a no-brainer. I'd rather be healthy if being rich means being sickly. With optimum health, I could always choose to create wealth! But no matter how wealthy I am, I can never be as healthy as I am before. Being healthy is always the way to go because a healthy body paves the way for us to do so many things and chase after our dreams. No matter how strong your will is, if your body is incapable of working and realizing your dream, everything will be in vain. As cliche as it may sound, but really, health is wealth.
  9. Jerric18

    Jerric18 New Member

    I'd definitely go for healthy
  10. APM1011

    APM1011 New Member

    I would choose to be healthy because when you are healthy you can live longer and enjoy life without being rich.
  11. ElaineJoyRR

    ElaineJoyRR New Member

    Definitely being healthy rather than rich. You can enjoy life without being rich if you know how to become contented with the things that you have. On the other hand, if you are rich but unhealthy, you won't be able to enjoy your luxury. Thou you may afford to buy all necessary medications and surgeries,the fact that you are unwell makes everything difficult. You won't be able to travel, to do the activities you usually do, to go to the malls to shop and even mingle with your loved ones.
  12. Sgdadu

    Sgdadu New Member

    I choose to be healthy than being rich
    Lots of rich people are struggling with lifestyle diseases out there, and their money can't help them. High blood pressure, cancer, obesity,liver cirrhosis e.t.c. They have even have personal doctors but still struggling. In my view these guys are regreting why they focused only on wealthy than healthy! Having a lot of money doesn't mean you eat anything and everything, it all takes your own discipline, and self love. If you love yourself then you will eat healthy in order to keep your body in check. A balanced diet, exercises. Avoiding junk foods, and alcoholic drinks!
  13. wroehna

    wroehna New Member

    Money or health? I choose health. Money will run fast especially if you are sick. There is a saying that prevention is better than cure. Let's choose to be healthy, we can even drink natural juices. Kids can also drink natural juices without taking the risk of side effects. There are lots of rich families who became poor because a family member got sick and the saddest part is that family member died. You will save a lot of money if you are healthy and will have a longer life.
  14. andleen0503

    andleen0503 New Member

    I rather be healthy, you can have a job and earn money when you're healthy and may someday become rich also. Health is wealth.
  15. johnbatan

    johnbatan New Member

    I rather be healthy and happy than to be a rich but sickly. You really can't enjoy life if you are always sick. I rather be healthy because money can be earn. There is a saying that health is wealth. There is no use of money if you are not happy.
  16. DannahJean

    DannahJean New Member

    Being healthy is a must! If you are healthy then you can be rich. Since you are healthy, your body will allow you to do things to earn money. A healthy body means a healthy mind therefore you can think of ways, best ways, to deposit money on your bank account.
  17. jannah

    jannah New Member

    For me, I like to be more healthy than to be rich because even if you are rich but your health is not in good condition you cannot be happy and all your money will go to the hospital.
  18. Hope Denosta

    Hope Denosta New Member

    I would rather be rich first then live healthily. The popular saying goes like this, "health is wealth". It is definitely true because no amount of money is spent for medical bills and hospital expenses. That's why staying healthy saves you up in paying for any sickness or medical treatment. On the other hand, rich people they say can buy cancer. As long as they can afford technology to end sickness then being sick is not a problem for rich people. So whatever phase in life you maybe, always remember there is always a sunshine in every problem. I still recommend being healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically. Your call.
  19. Pooch2015

    Pooch2015 New Member

    Healthy...If your healthy your much more likely to live longer. You might not be so lucky if your rich and unhealthy.
    Having a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and, that's when you live life to the fullest.

    I try to be as healthy as possible, but not always possible. That's when I go for a bit of a walk to get the feel good hormones kicking in.
  20. Jlaw121017

    Jlaw121017 New Member

    Id rather be healthy, because if im healthy i can go to work and become rich someday. Being healthy is very important so that we can prevent certain health conditions and live longer.
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  21. Ivaann

    Ivaann New Member

    I would rather be healthy, if I'm healthy I have no excuses to be poor. If you have health, now let's use it, if you have wealth and you're sick, maybe you can treat that illness, or maybe not. But, if you are healthy, you can move, you can do this and that and you're still poor, you have a big problem with procastination and lazyness.
    So, I'd rather be healthy.
  22. genevievedc

    genevievedc New Member

    Rich or Healthy?

    I think being healthy is better. Why?
    If I am healthy, I can do things to enjoy my life. I can also have the chance and capability to become rich. Most of the things we do in our life including work requires us to be healthy, in that way we can perform better with our everyday life. I know some will say they can buy health with lots and lots of money, if that's what you think, better to think again. Sad to say, but there are incurable diseases that can cost you so much money but cannot heal you perfectly.

    I hope we can all aim to be healthy first than to be richer, as the saying goes "Health is Wealth". Riches can bring you to nice places, good food or best wardrobes but a healthy body will bring you happiness wherever place you may be, you can enjoy every food without hesitation and you can look better in any wardrobe if you have a healthy body.

    Let's get deeper to what's more important for us and for the people around us for the long run. Let us try to look further to what we can still do if we are one healthy body than what we can achieve for a short time. But, if you can have both , I think that's the best option.
  23. toriovictorio

    toriovictorio New Member

    Absolutely i want to be healthy! If a person is healthy he can do things the he loves the most, by the way you can also be rich when you are healthy.
  24. joaomgarrido91

    joaomgarrido91 New Member

    I don't see the point of being rich if you don't have health conditions to spend your wealth. So I much rather aim for a not so high level of wealth, but always have good quality health in order to enjoy myself and what my money can provide me.
  25. Jenia042215

    Jenia042215 New Member

    I would definitely choose to be healthy! Health is wealth they say. I wouldn’t enjoy my life, live the way that I wanted if I’m always sick. Money can’t buy all, even your happiness. I’d rather choose to live happily and healthy whatever happens.
  26. Marleo

    Marleo New Member

    I would be rather be rich in health . What would I do when I am rich but I am not healthy when I always get sick my money will just gone away by buying all the medicine. So let’s say even I’m poor but I am healthy I don’t need to spend money for medicine right ? And I do believe health is wealth.
  27. Divine68

    Divine68 New Member

    Wealth begins with health. Only a healthy man can be truly wealthy. It takes good health to enjoy the good things of life and all the things that money can buy. I prefer health to any amount of money.
  28. Kelvingonzales17

    Kelvingonzales17 New Member

    For me, the most important is being healthy. If you are healthy you can do whatever you want and one of that is to be successful and to gain wealth. If you have your wealth you can enjoy your life with your loved ones by being healthy and wealthy. That is the real meaning of life for me to take care of yourself and to share something with your loved ones.
  29. princessshane

    princessshane New Member

    I'd rather be Healthy. Because being healthy makes you happy in everything that you do, being healthy means you are physically, mentally and emotionally fit. So if you are fit on those different aspects, certainly, you will become consistently happy althroughout your life.
  30. RizaReese

    RizaReese New Member

    As the adage goes, "Health is wealth, thus; I would rather be healthy than rich. Recently, I had a conversation with my father about this and I agree with him when he said that being healthy allows us to enjoy a happy life. Needless to say, when we are healthy we have the energy to be alive and to be present in the moment. Thus, to be healthy mentally, physically and spiritually should be everyone's priority.

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