Would you rather be rich or healthy?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Natalyatarasenkova, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. Myrmyr

    Myrmyr New Member

    To be healthy is to be wealthy.That is my prayer day and night.Being healthy surpasses a lot of difficulties including money issues.
  2. EweBicol

    EweBicol New Member

    I'd rather be healthy. What use does wealth have if you were stuck in a hospital bed due to illness. A cliche maybe, but, health is wealth.
  3. zaren1590

    zaren1590 New Member

    I would rather be healthy. Why? Because if I am healthy, I can do everything I can to become rich. Haha
    Kidding aside. If you noticed rich people and those who are not, rich people who are capable of buying things, foods and almost everything that we cannot afford is not really impressive for me. What makes me amaze is, in reality, they have this for example, lifestyle thinking that they have tons of money that can sustain their needs when they get sick. Eat expensive, buy expensive, living in luxury, etc. But they are mostly the ones who gets to die first. What I mean is, them being rich cannot save them from dying. And I know some rich people who can buy a ice cream factory but cannot eat ice cream. They can always buy limited edition sneakers but they can't walk anymore because they are in their wheelchair.

    If you are rich, you tend to always get drunk whenever you want that is not good to your health, smoke all your life coz you can afford that is also unhealthy, you tend to buy expensive things and live in luxury that leads to those people who have criminal minds wanting to do something bad because of your money, etc.

    Being healthy is important. You can be with your family for a long period of time.
    "Health is wealth" :D
  4. Jerald2019

    Jerald2019 New Member

    Well its is very simple. I would just health because as they say health is wealth. What is money if you won't be able to experience life at all.
  5. zeellou

    zeellou New Member

    Being Healthy makes me rich, it is because i can do things i wanted to do to earned money and being rich because I am healthy. Your source is your body and for that you need to take extra care about it, you will not achieved being rich if you are poor in health. We should love ourselves more and be healthy because that is the ONLY source we have to work and gained a lot of money and be rich.
  6. QQ4U

    QQ4U New Member

    This is a very tricky question because we all need money and health to survive in this world. However, if I were to choose just one, I would probably choose health over wealth. If you're healthy, you don't need to have lots of money to maintain your health. There would be no bills to pay for medicine or hospitals or therapy, etc.

    Also, if you're healthy, you can do almost anything because your body will be able to handle it. Want to go skydiving? You can because you're healthy! Don't have money to go skydiving? You can earn it by getting a job because you're healthy!

    Others can argue that if you're rich, then you can pay to become healthy but I don't really agree with this because our body isn't like a computer or a smartphone were you can just replace certain parts and then it would function like new. We get old, our muscles get weaker, our skin sags, our cells reproduce less, etc. There is no replacing that which is why the best kind of wealth is health.
  7. cecesjv

    cecesjv New Member

    Normally, I would choose health. I always tell myself you can't enjoy your money when you're in pain. But, the bottom line being, we are all going to die sooner or later, rich or poor, in perfect health or bedridden. So I would much rather enjoy life while I am still part of it and to be able to do that I will need wealth. So wealth it is!
  8. nylab

    nylab New Member

    I would rather be healthy. Being rich just means you have a lot of money and that money does not last forever. With healthiness, my body will be healthy , my soul , my family . I will be happy with the things that are important.
  9. kpederso

    kpederso New Member

    I was disabled with a horrible autoimmune disease for 7 years. There's no contest. I would choose healthy. All the money in the world would have meant nothing to me when I was sick. During those years, I had the best medical care available (so money wouldn't have made me recover). That said, I certainly would not want to be sick and poor. I can't imagine how I would have survived without the medical care I had, and, let's face it, in America, that means having good healthcare, which usually means, not being poor. Being sick and having money was miserable for me. When I was sick, I took a trip to Japan to visit my daughter, and I really couldn't enjoy the experience because I felt lousy. So, all things considered, I choose health over wealth.
  10. Nariman

    Nariman New Member

    Let me see, healthy or wealthy, I rather be healthy then wealthy of course. All the riches in the world would mean nothing if one is not healthy. Health is like gold to me.
  11. jaytthrow

    jaytthrow New Member

    This is a tricky question. I'll choose rich. Rich with healthy lifestyle. Being rich you can choose variety of healthy foods that you want to eat like vegetables and fruits. Also you can afford to buy equipment that helps you in your healthy lifestyle like gem equipment. Being healthy but without money sometimes can lead you to sickness because of limited food. Well it depends on how poor you are. So I rather be rich but with healthy lifestyle.
  12. Deeyhan

    Deeyhan New Member

    I would rather be healthy because honestly, as i observe, most of those riches people, they are the most people who had the most complicated health situations..Those kind of very painful health situantion like cancer, etc. Why, because of so much cleanliness..Don't assume that so much cleanliness help you keep away from all of bacteria abd viruses that scattered on suroundings.
    Imagine, if a person who is so much clean once bacteria attached on them they will easily had a health problems that will lead to a complicated sick. Because they are not immune.
  13. utkvodka

    utkvodka New Member

    You can be both since being healthy is pretty easy but if i had only one choice i would pick being healthy because i cannot enjoy my wealth if im obese
  14. JPAN18

    JPAN18 Member

    I will choose to be healthy rather than to be rich. Health is wealth. I cannot enjoy my money if I'm not healthy.
  15. Len27

    Len27 New Member

    I would rather be healthy than to be rich because even rich people die even they have alot of money to pay for hospital bills or medicines. So,there is no longer to enjoy life being unhealthy. I can work to have money and there's no need for me to become rich if in return i will just get sick. So being healthy is more important in life not only for me but also for all of us.
  16. Katxdjss

    Katxdjss Member

    I’d rather be healthy than rich. There are some problems in our system that cannot be bought. Some medicines do not work on certain patients, although you can prevent death from certain treatments, there are times when the particular treatment do not work on the patient. There are certain trial and errors and some of us may feel like a guinea pig. It may seems like the doctors are making experiments out of these, and it seems like it, they are trying to figure out how our body will react to certain medicines, but the side effects are just too much and some individuals feel depressed. Some people’s bodies even give up.
  17. Bern188

    Bern188 Member

    The golden rule to health is " Health is wealth." It makes sense since a poor, sickly person cannot earn wealth if they are physically ill or have a debilitating disease. Health is the key to long life, the more we take care of our bodies the more we can work and enjoy the fruits of our labors. A person can never enjoy his wealth when he is sick and dying. That is why while we are still young avoid working too much abusing the body. Don't over think things it will make you worry a lot and stress you out. Be contented on what you have, you are more blessed than anyone out there who have nothing.
  18. DreddZ

    DreddZ New Member

    I read somewhere that "Health is Wealth" Although money is also important because this is our tool to buy things for selves like food. But the health of your body should come first before anything else. I've known people who works so hard where in the end they neglected themselves for the earnings. For me, it should be balance. If you worked hard, you should find time to find leisure to relieve the toxic from the stress of earning money. What will you do with money if you can't enjoy it. So just enjoy life, be safe and be healthy.
  19. Michael07

    Michael07 Member

    I would rather be healthy than rich. The reason to this is very simple. If I am healthy I would be able to get a decent job and receive salary. And if I work hard, I might get promoted to a higher position and increased my salary. In this way there's a chance that I can be rich. But if I am rich, there is no assurance that I would be healthy and my wealth will be useless because it will only be spent on my check ups and medicines. So this is why I'd rather be healthy than rich.
  20. Maegregorio25

    Maegregorio25 New Member

    I would rather be healthy than being rich for I believe in saying "Health is wealth". Health is important thing because it gives us freedom to do what we wanted to do. What good is it when you money but you have a deteriorating health? Your money is useless for it will be used for your medication but when you are healthy, you will be able to find a job or do a business in order for you to gain money. You can always enjoy life having a good condition.
  21. alemrac0017

    alemrac0017 New Member

    Based on other comments here, health is the most important to them and I think for me too. Only fool will choose to be rich rather than to be healthy. If we think deeply, we can say that we are all rich if there are no diseases and illnesses on our planet. Think in this way. We invest money for studies for new vaccines and medicines for the various diseases and if there is no diseases those money would go for food and infrastructure. The government will be more focus on education and livelihood. The hospitals will be a place only for wellness but not for cure and medication. We are all rich and no problems. A poor (materially) will be contented to his income and no worries if he receives low wage because sickness will out of the topic.
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  22. Marcosdc

    Marcosdc Member

    I'd rather be healthy and have money, but not rich, many or rich people but not all are having illnesses because of their lifestyle, they can afford anything they want without control. They eat what ever they want without exercise, but again not all of them. Some rich people are really health conscious .
  23. I’d rather be healthy, you can always make money. If you’re sick you can’t enjoy your money paying all the bills for you treatment.
  24. dylanfaust

    dylanfaust Member

    I would rather be healthy than rich, coz health is wealth, you just need to value your health.
  25. camillephuggins

    camillephuggins New Member

    If I would choose between being rich or healthy, I will choose being healthy. Yes, obviously we need money to survive, we need money every day to support our needs. But if you are always sick, you'll just spend your money to support your medications and you will not enjoy life to the fullest. Unlike when you're healthy and just have enough income to support your needs. You will be happy and you will be able to enjoy your life without worrying about your health.
  26. cgrayjugs

    cgrayjugs New Member

    i always gonna choose to be Healthy... i can spend lot of years with my love ones and enjoy life to its fullest even without money.. how can your richness help you if you have that deadly no cure diseases.
  27. Tunaturkeydog

    Tunaturkeydog Member

    Healthy. There is no point being rich if you live a life with things you own that eventually own you. Being healthy also means that you can get to do things while others can't at a certain age. It has so many benefits.
  28. Fartytester21

    Fartytester21 Member

    I would rather be rich than healthy so I can do everything in this short life we're living. Imagine if you're healthy but don't have the money to sustain your daily needs or your family. In the end you need to work hard just to get what you need and possibly wants which will in return take back your health. Yes, you can work hard and get rich in the long run + healthy individual but what's the point of working if you can get that 30years of pay check if you choose to be rich (I assume there's a possible genie here okay?)
  29. kristinekish

    kristinekish New Member

    If you are able to take care of yourself being healthy is easy right? I would love to be rich, but money isn't everything. Or is it... I think you know where I'm headed with this. The answers will vary depending on where you are at in your life. If you ask a teen this question they will most likely say "rich". If you ask an older person this they would most likely say "health". Some younger people may not be as fortunate. Health is the #1 key, because when you get old money can only buy you a ticket into a nursing home. Here would be another possible question. Would you rather be sick and rich. Or healthy and poor.
  30. joshuadeveyra

    joshuadeveyra New Member

    I will choose health. Because if you are healthy you can earn. There is an old saying "healt is wealth".

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