Would you rather be rich or healthy?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Natalyatarasenkova, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. Esang

    Esang New Member

    For me I rather be healthy because health is wealth. There is no way you can enjoy life if your health is poor.
  2. kixapolinar

    kixapolinar New Member

    I will be rather healthy than rich. Money is not everything, you cannot buy happiness and so your health. Sad to say that some people work hard just to earn money but they forget about their health.
  3. Paxton

    Paxton New Member

    Why to be rich if we are not healthy, i don't think its a difficult question for me, i will choose the health for no doubt, with our health we can become rich, with money we cant buy health, you can only earn little bit more of the time with money. But really we should use this health, in learning and experience life, in order to make money to take care of our self.
  4. janden02

    janden02 New Member

    What's the point of having a lot of money but you are sick. I would rather be healthy than rich.
  5. Zelg

    Zelg New Member

    I choose both,
    Coz if youre rich then you have lots of money to buy some healthy foods and vitamins that goods for your body.
    Coz mostly people of environment are not rich have cause to malnurism or prawn to illness. Coz they have'nt enough money to buy vitamins,medicines and healthy foods that needs to there body.
    But some riches people doesnt know how to handle there money,they dont even thinked about it how to be healthy and how to care there body just to be healthy.
    Sometimes riches people make theyre lives shortened its because of there wants.
  6. mediocrerant

    mediocrerant New Member

    Choosing health over wealth is too cliche. Why not have both? Being wealthy gives you the access to every medical aid that you need. It gives you the privilege to enjoy what has life to offer, and that includes - fresh fruits and vegetables, high end supplements and gym memberships. So you, not being healthy and you're rich is a clear result of your lifestyle choices. I am excluding here accidents or anything that is isn't expected and we have no control over with. I would also like to put an emphasis that a significant percentage of mortality rate and still increasing is due to not being able to receive a medical attention. I have read in an article published by Department of Health that majority of deaths or nine out of the top ten killer diseases were not attended by a medical doctor or any allied health officer in anytime during their illness or injury. And that clearly shows that access to medical aid plays a vital factor on being healthy. On the other hand, being not well-off is also a lame excuse for someone to be in unsound health. Always try to keep the balance.
  7. orock42

    orock42 New Member

    I see this as a false choice, because if you're truly rich then you can afford to be healthy. But I'll play along with the hypothetical--I'd rather be healthy. As the old saying goes, health is wealth. And one does not need a lot of money to be happy.
  8. romilda

    romilda Member

    I want to be healthy. if I'm healthy, it is easy to make money and in the future to become rich if god willing.
  9. snesz08

    snesz08 Member

    I would rather be healthy. I believe in saying "Health is wealth". Money is nothing if you are not healthy. Being healthy is rich because you are free from sickness and that's all we want, to be healthy.
  10. Healthy for me. Being healthy is the most important to live longer, you can do anything without worrying. you will enjoy your life with your family and loved one. you will achieve your dreams.
  11. rvtamayo

    rvtamayo Member

    If you are rich you can have all the luxury to be healthy. You have the capability and resources to use and properly maintain a healthy life. Many do not realize this because they have the wrong association with money and money making. If you are starting from scraps, one needs to be healthy to have a proper mind and a body to perform actions, maintaining it while pursuing your goals to become rich.
  12. Bcaluag

    Bcaluag Member

    Id rather choose to be healthy than to be rich, because what's the use of money if you cant enjoy it because your body is too weak to enjoy the pleasure that a money can give.
  13. Twinklebisnar

    Twinklebisnar Member

    I'd rather be healthy than rich. In that way I can have more time to enjoy my life and be with my loved ones.
  14. evequicho

    evequicho Member

    Be healthy. I would like to live to the fullest. No worries. I don't like to be rich because i feel i could be always in danger if you have money.
  15. Allanjohn30

    Allanjohn30 Member

    Here it comes money, the most in demand topic in the world. Who does not want money? I think no one will answer. Then, here they come health and happiness, the most needed things in the world. Who want to be healthy and happy? I think everyone will answer.

    If I were to choose between health and money, I would really choose heath, but it is difficult to be healthy nowadays if you have no money to spend. The basic commodities are getting more expensive and we cannot easily afford health insurance if we get sick. If money was not invented, I think there is a big chance that we are more motivated to be organic, what I mean is, we focus more in planting trees, vegetables, and fruits. In terms of exchange, we can use the product to product process, but I know we cannot walk away from money anymore.

    What we can do is to find other ways to be healthy, money maybe a barrier to it, but I know there are still wise alternatives to be a healthy and happy person. Self-discipline is the key.
  16. Georgeliner

    Georgeliner Member

    Both are important but health comes first
    ,rich and wealth comes second.
  17. Georgeliner

    Georgeliner Member

    You must be health for you to seek wealth.
  18. michpiong

    michpiong Member

    I rather be healthy to make myself richer. What is the purpose of your money if you are not healthy? So, start making your life healthy now, by exercising, proper diet and eating healthy food. It can be easy for you to work or to stand a business because you are strong enough to face the problems in life. When you are healthy, you can do a lot of things and can do hard work in work or in your business. Once you are doing great, your work or business will grow and can make you rich. And you are rich already, you can now enjoy money and life and live long because you have choose to be healthy.
  19. eyahserrano

    eyahserrano New Member

    It is being healthy. It is hard to live even if you are rich if your body is weak. You will not enjoy the things that your money can afford. Your loved ones may also be affected, for they will worry about your condition. We may not be that rich but we can always find a way to earn money if we are healthy. I would rather be healthy and live the life that I want than being rich but unable to fulfill anything because of my sickness.
  20. jm32913

    jm32913 New Member

    When I was young my only goal is to become a rich man because my mom work far from me just to survive our daily needs specially for my study, but when I start working time pass by ill change my mind because money cannot buy happiness, YES if you have a money you can buy a lot of things but theres a things cannot buy money.
  21. marcbarredo13

    marcbarredo13 Member

    I choose to be healthy rather than to be rich. What is the purpose of being rich if you are not able to perform at the highest peak of your performance? What will you do to your riches if your body is full of inflammations and you cannot walk properly without guidance? Being healthy in any aspects of our lives, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual is what makes us rich. Plus yb being healthy, your body can perform strenuous tasks and this will lead you to being rich.
  22. spiderplant

    spiderplant New Member

    I agree with the people who have said that rich people can afford better medical care, so they're more likely to be healthy. Rich people can also afford to live in better areas with less pollution.

    Research also shows that one of the biggest factors in how healthy people are is how much control they have over their lives - the stress of working a low level job is very bad for health.
  23. map8813

    map8813 Member

    I rather be healthy and make myself richer. In order for me to be rich, it will take a hard time and hard work first. So, I need to be healthy enough to make the best out of me. I need to be strong to work hard and to be healthy to live long. Being healthy can make our lives easier. You can easily do things for you have strong mind, body and spirit. And this will lead you to success for being efficient and effective and make you rich in the future.
  24. romilda

    romilda Member

    I rather chose to be healthy because it will be easy to become rich if you're healthy.
  25. JosonAyuso

    JosonAyuso New Member

    I will choose to be healthy. Health is wealth, what will you do with your money if you are unhealthy. Having plenty of money is okay but to have a healthy body is a blessing. Most of the millionaire spend a lot of money just to be healthy. We all know that we cannot bring our money on the afterlife. So better choose to be healthy and make most of our life. Life is short to stress out our-self with million of dollars. I'd rather choose a healthy and simple life than a stressful rich lifestyle.

    Being low key is a good key to life's success. Simple life is a good life. Less talk less mistake.
  26. hlabajosa1966

    hlabajosa1966 Member

    I definitely choose HEALTH than WEALTH , because Health is Wealth.Health is a good physical , mental condition.If you are healthy you can work properly and focus on whatever you are doing ,mind works brilliantly to acquire WEALTH.
  27. BigEyes

    BigEyes Member

    Of course I wanted to be healthy.Living a simple yet happy and healthy life is more important for me.I am trying to live healthy lifestyle.
  28. aycee21

    aycee21 New Member

    Health is more important as it matters to your life largely. A good health condition can give you more advantages than being rich. You can work and have more quality time to spend with your loved ones if you are healthy.
  29. gabrielapostu

    gabrielapostu Member

    Health over Wealth.
  30. marselabelle

    marselabelle New Member

    I would rather be healthy because health is wealth. You can do more in life when you are in good state physically. Money is only secondary.

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