Would you rather be rich or healthy?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Natalyatarasenkova, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. nunox33

    nunox33 New Member

    Well, I would be happy if I could have both. Some people trade wealth for health and at the end they suffer more because of it.
    Me personally I would like to have good health first then try to get rich if I can. If we don't have health how can we get rich or enjoy what we have accomplished?
  2. vernixcaseosa

    vernixcaseosa New Member

    I'd like to be healthy.. to have strength to make money and be wealthy.
  3. beckertani

    beckertani Member

    I would rather be healthy than rich. Believe me, we won't enjoy our money if we are unhealthy. Most probably our money will just go the hospital bill and spend time in the hospital. Our happiness will just depend on someone who will visit us.
  4. Me too, i want to be healthy until i become old so that i will be strong old healthy living woman even if im old.
  5. Thats truly true, what we gonna do to the money if we are not healthy? Spending in hospital and buying medicines, big no,no.
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  6. Also money cant buy happiness.
  7. I want to be healthy and also my family so that i dont have to worry .
  8. Id go for healthy over wealthy. Because health is wealth.
  9. My dream in life is to be healthy.Because when i was young i always getting sick,coz my favorite is junk food.
  10. Being healthy is the number priority for me right now because of my son.Healthy living.
  11. Love your body and be healthy .Theres no wealth can buy for being healthy.
  12. Im inspired by some celebrity who living their life healthy.I choose being healthy!
  13. We should promote to our family and to ohers to be healthy because thats prolong our life! Eat healthy ,be healthy!
  14. bach26

    bach26 New Member

    Our health is our wealth, so goes the saying. Personally, I would rather choose good health over wealth. When someone is healthy, it means that you can do anything you want and become wealthy later. No amount of money can equal a healthy body and mind. Additionally, when you are healthy, you can live a lifetime of happiness and contentment
  15. snesz08

    snesz08 Member

    I rather choose being healthy. healthy life gives you happiness. you will enjoy your life with your family and friends. you can do whatever you want. you can travel, work and have your own family because of being healthy. health is wealth that is really matter.
  16. joanarc321

    joanarc321 Member

    I would choose being healthy. Health is wealth. Your houses, cars, lands and all those things you’ve sacrificed for how many years would be useless if you have illness or if you cannot live long. Your wealth, even how rich you are, would be minimize little by little if you have illness because you need money in your treatments or even worse in your operations. So better be healthy and just be contented in what you have. Money doesn’t define our lives. It is the happiness and contentment that we felt with our family.
  17. Yelyel

    Yelyel New Member

    I choose to be healthier rather than rich, I'm not be able to be happy if i always sick and i can't enjoy my wealth. Health is the most important than wealth. Healthy first before anything else.
  18. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    I would rather be healthy. What good is all that money if you are too sick to spend it? The only thing you'd be spending it on is maintenance to keep from getting sick from the stress of wealth. Still, it does not hurt to have some cash on hand. Health with a little wealth is just fine with me.
  19. IceBane2019

    IceBane2019 New Member

    Health is more important than wealth. As the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 6:19, “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own”. Through scripture, we can find God’s guidance to good health, as it is rated of high importance. We need both of them in order to live happily. But it’s a certain fact that we can’t buy health with money. Even today, there are still some diseases which have no cure. Wealth doesn’t always make life more healthy and happy. If for example, you are a billionaire. Most of the time, you feel unsafe. Afraid of being kidnapped, or even killed for your fortune. Yes, you have wealth. But if the pressure of keeping that wealth and gaining more of it leads to stress and threatens your health, is it worth it? There are many cases where rich people, suddenly get sick and eventually lose their wealth. Furthermore, without being fit, how can you enjoy your wealth? Or how can you even get wealthy if you’re not physically and mentally well to be able to perform your job? It is clear, therefore, that one must remain healthy to earn money at full potential.
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  20. queenerica

    queenerica New Member

    I would rather be healthy than rich, most people who are rich but suffer from series of illnesses seem to not even enjoy their money at all,most of it are spent on hospital bills than on shopping and everything else we desire.
  21. Georgeliner

    Georgeliner Member

    I rather be healthy first because when am healthy i can be able seek that wealth and riches.
  22. ginaneriza

    ginaneriza New Member

    I would rather be healthy than rich, because first of all what can you do with your money if your ill? health is wealth as saying, In everyday life you should consider your health not the money your earning.
  23. Isakft

    Isakft Member

    I would rather be healthy than rich, but money really is something I appreciate. A life without funds, can always be good, as long as you have friends, family, and a healthy life. Enjoy your life, no matter how much you have in your bank.
  24. Majae

    Majae New Member

    I would rather be healthy. A healthy body will give me rich mind, and rich soul. Being healthy will also make me rich.

    RICHDADDY Member

    Interesting question. On the one hand, having wealth “should” allow me the opportunity to find out what is really going on in my body at least in theory. I honestly don’t think having money should factor into a doctors decision on attempting to find out why I am not feeling well.

    In all honesty, I really don’t look at wealth as a means to make me happy. I was happiest when I was feeling decent, enjoying what I was doing with my life and taking the time to enjoy life. Sadly, most others don’t see that as a happy life and see wealth as a way to make them happy.

    Ultimately, I would prefer to be completely healthy.
  26. Ipostthings

    Ipostthings New Member

    I would choose healthy because as long as I am well, I have time to gain riches. However, true wealth isn't materials or money, it is wisdom and understanding.
  27. Michael1478

    Michael1478 New Member

    This question is really tricky because you can be both. If you are healthy, you probably have a good routine set up, also a self-confident, self-disciplined person. It helps in life as well as it does to your body. If you are confident, have a good discipline, you will reach the skies and also make yourself wealthy.
  28. jamomandre25

    jamomandre25 New Member

    If i choose to be health or wealth? Definitely i choose to be healthy. Health is most important to all human being if your healthy you can do all you wanted to do health is the most important you can work daily to have a money and to be rich someday but if your sick? Money cant buy a healthy body. You cant do all you wanted to do, You cant work, You cant travel and of course you are useless. But money cant buy a healthy body what is the use of your money if you are sick So i choose to a healthy person than to be wealthy person.
  29. Miel1106

    Miel1106 New Member

    Healthy of course! Even if you're rich enough it will never reciprocate being healthy. All of us wants a lot of money so we can afford lavish things. Happiness is not about how much money and things you own. Happiness is about acceptance of what you are right now and be contented with it. Being healthy is one of them. If you're healthy, you can do the things that you wanted like getting the job that you really wanted. From that you can save enough and be contented with it. Health is a must.
  30. weeshieng

    weeshieng New Member

    I choose both. First, you need to be healthy to become rich. Being healthy you can do things as many as you can. Yes, it's true health is wealth. Provide ourselves food that are energy boosting. Eat a lot of food especially vegetables. Add fruits to your meal.
    Sometimes we got sick and that we need to do something to ourselves to be well. Natural remedies are very helpful, but sometimes there are diseases that need to be treated with the help of medical profession. Seek for medical help. We need to have money for the payment for our medications and treatment.

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