Would you rather be rich or healthy?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Natalyatarasenkova, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. Tamesha

    Tamesha New Member

    I would honestly rather be healthy than rich. Because you can always makes some money. However, you only live once on this earth. Therefore, we must take advantage and enjoy life to the fullest.
  2. xhotrod

    xhotrod New Member

    I think I would pick healthy, what's the point of being rich if you can't enjoy it? I always try to take good care of my body.
  3. raowens19

    raowens19 New Member

    I would much rather be rich than be healthy. If I am poor and healthy, there is no point to life. Being poor is one of the worst things that a person could possibly be. I would love to live a rich and short life. It would be better because I would be able to purchase whatever I wanted to. Money can buy happiness, depsite what poor people say.
  4. dawn_al83

    dawn_al83 New Member

    I'm going to say rich. Most would say money isn't everything and I agree. Those who have never had the added stress or worry due to the fact that you don't know how you're going to stretch your money, even with working multiple jobs, may not realize how that can affect your health. With that newfound wealth, I would definitely be healthy. I could afford to build the home gym I've always wanted, I'd have a massive garden where I would grow all my own food. The two really can go hand in hand.
  5. luisscs

    luisscs New Member

    I'm not really certain about how to answer this question, it's pretty tricky. Of course the main thing is being healthy but if we think about it, without money we wouldn't be able to cure ourselves. In this generation everything must be paid, meaning that if we don't have any income/money it doesnt matter being healthy as we are exposed to bacteria everyday being a target to viruses which can only be treated with expensive medications/surgeries.
  6. ShyGuy

    ShyGuy New Member

    I would go with the simple answer of "some wealth", as this is the base form of being able to purchase the fresh and most nutritious products. many might disagree and say, but many healthy products are cheap, but lets be honest here, you don't want to eat carrots everyday of your life. So for the sake of variety AND health to be tossed in the same bowl, we could all agree that a little money goes a long way.

    I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of ten. This majorly altered my life as i could not do most sport or in fact I could not do most of anything at that time. I was put on drugs of all kinds and trust me when I say, wealth ain't everything. These drugs had side-effects and they did not help my condition much and my family and I were getting nervous and desperate. In the end some genius busy studying my condition posted the most significant article I have read till this day. It was about eating the right food and drinking the right fluids, yes the lifestyle he mentioned in his article did require some patience AND OF COURSE every lifestyle has it's costs, but I will return to my original statement "some wealth" goes a long way. Today I am a healthy and fit young man all because of a healthy diet which was assisted by "some wealth". :thumbsup:

    You can't really have one without the other, if you think about it a little.:thumbsup:

    I feel everyone could relate or agree with what i have said.
  7. psychosalad

    psychosalad New Member

    I'd pick health over wealth anyday. I think it's better to be healthy than to be wealthy. Sure, you can probably pay for treatment, but you can't fix some things with treatment either. Also what is the point of being rich if you cannot enjoy it because your bed ridden?
  8. dotzkie00

    dotzkie00 New Member

    I'd rather be healthy than to be rich. If your healthy you have less expenses and you can do anything you want in life. I also want to be rich but being healthy is the very important thing in our life.
  9. iMatt

    iMatt New Member

    I'd much rather be healthy! I've always believed that the meaning of life is as simple as living, which is clearly extended by staying in good health. I can have all the money I'd ever need along with the possessions that my wealth has afforded me, but if I'm unable to enjoy my life due to poor health, there's not much point to it. I'm a very active person. For instance, I enjoy nature and so I walk around town, go on hikes, canoe, and tons of other things couldn't even begin to go into. I wouldn't want anything to hinder my love of going outdoors from time to time, especially something that can be as debilitating as poor health.
  10. MamaBearJoy

    MamaBearJoy New Member

    Good point! I find that I need a balance in life. I also feel that happiness is primary, no matter what your status, wealthy or very fit and healthy. I'm finding that you definately need money if you get sick, cause insurance only covers so much of the bill and if you have the right amt of money, you get treatments that others cannot avail themselves to. So really, one needs a good helping of both. I pick both, but find the ultimate fulfillment in being happy, no matter what the situation brings on. I am known for my never ending smile through it all.
  11. Patruska

    Patruska New Member

    Oh healthy by all means! Riches do not bring happiness or contentment or spirituality or anything of any value. It can't even buy security, since there is no such thing for mortal creatures. Healthiness, on the other hand, can facilitate happiness, contentment and spirituality. Money would be nice, but if you can live without it and be happy, then the world is your oyster.
  12. Joeyzlive

    Joeyzlive New Member

    I would rather be rich than healthy, if you were rich you could probably buy yourself the necessary things to help you become healthy, and at the same time be rich. I much rather wanna enjoy a short but great life, than a long and hard one.

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  13. mrsyoung

    mrsyoung New Member

    I'd rather be healthy because good health equals mental and physical stability. If you work hard and invest well, the money will come, but overall good health is priceless.
  14. way2go

    way2go New Member

    This is the type of question we all have to ask ourselves throughout every stage of life. The ability to be strong without any major illness/disease is indescribable. We are able to obtain wealth through healthy lifestyles. It is so important to educate and love ourselves. The synonym of rich is wealth. We need to be in good health mentally, physically, and emotionally. This balance allows us to be far beyond limits thriving success. Money will always come and go but balance of our mind, body, and spirit are certainly our sole responsibility.
  15. billyboy2016

    billyboy2016 New Member

    I react to this with wonder as to why one would have to pick one over the other.At the possible expense of sounding greedy or politically incorrect,I choose both.It's my stance that both can interact freely and even make a contribution towards the health and integrity of the other.In fact,I would even hold that being whole equals balance and too much of a good thing cancels the joy of it.With sheer frankness I cannot see the point of one without the other or why anyone would conform to partial well being.
    Egotistical as it may sound to some,having more just means you have much more you can share.This would not only apply to riches and health of course,but to the many facets that compose true health and complete wealth.
  16. kala99

    kala99 New Member

    I would rather be healthy. Why be rich and unhealthy? Makes no sense. If your health was waning how would you enjoy the fruits of your labor.
  17. xDUMLE

    xDUMLE New Member

    In my opinion, I prefer being healthy over rich because there are people that are rich and are having health problems around the world which isn't a good thing but on the other hand, being healthy could get you further in life and open up numerous paths to life. But being rich has its benefits, but oh well.
  18. Mallory

    Mallory New Member

    Depends on how unhealthy we are talking about or how poor, because let's be honest being poor does nothing to help you stay healthy. I mean I would rather but healthy but being poor is not walk in the park. Health doesn't just maintain it's self as you age you have to actively work to keep it. And all that work usually takes money. Such as investing in healthy food and supplements can get expensive.
  19. denesworker1

    denesworker1 New Member

    I would rather be rich instead of being healthy without money. In order to cover health expenses, and nutrition you need money, and without money you would eat cheaper food, with no nutrients that would probably give you some serious diseases. Money cannot solve everything, but it is very helpful in our life.
  20. klmchip424

    klmchip424 New Member

    In this world, everyone is consumed by the all mighty dollar. Sure, it would be nice to have a lot of money, but for me the answer is my health. Without good health, I would not be able to enjoy my three young children or the life that I have with them. Children today do not know enough about staying healthy and active, and we should all be better role models for them for the sake of their futures. Health is more often than not related to happiness.
  21. Bobbo

    Bobbo New Member

    Good question. Well, I think I would rathere be healthy than rich. No-one wants to be unhealthy. But then there are degrees of healthiness. If you mean that I should look like an adonis and be as fit as an athlete, then no, I don't particularly want that level of fitness. That would be too much effort to maintain. So given that choice, I would rather be rich. However, If you just want me to be Mr average with no health issues growing into old age, then health would be choice over wealth.
  22. quickwriter

    quickwriter New Member

    Would you rather gain the whole world and lose your health? This is one interesting question and in as much as all of us wants the money to spend with our friends and families, it's very important to stay healthy. Trust me, the first time i went for a date and was asked this questions i would chose rich. But as time went on i realized that being rich would sometimes lead me to unhealthy lifestyles. I might be dating one of the McDonalds, the point is, money and reaches have no value compared to your health and productivity.
  23. quickwriter

    quickwriter New Member

    Quite interesting and correct, one thing about being rich is that you can decide to stay healthy, but due to hunger and pressures.. we do nothing about it so that is why it's better to be healthy and well off.:)
  24. Health means wealth so, I'd rather be healthy first because wealth would eventually open its gates for me sooner or later. Being healthy will let you have a longer life and it will let you enjoy the things you are fond of doing, such as playing sports, doing outreach programs, and others. And, I can earn as much money as I can and become rich in the future if I am capable to do my work - that is the important perk of being healthy.
  25. Colfgg

    Colfgg New Member

    I pick health over money any day pf the week. Maybe it is because of the free univrsal healthcare we have in Canada. If I am healthy I will have one less thing to stress about and it will be easier to concentrate on whatever it is I am doing about my life at the moment. Can't say if I would say the same thing if I was from the United States though...
  26. Definitely healthy. With your health you can do anything else, including getting rich. A healthy body is aligned with nature and the environment and simply feels much better.
  27. Moqorro

    Moqorro New Member

    It depends on what you mean by "healthy," if the health problem is a terminal illness like cancer, HIV etc. then obviously I'd rather be healthy, but if it were something like being in a wheelchair, I'd consider being rich if the amount is big enough (10 million?)
  28. lilian r.mugo

    lilian r.mugo New Member

    i would rather be healthy because you cannot enjoy life if you are not healthy.
  29. Markemory

    Markemory New Member

    Rich. I am fairly healthy now and have been for most of my life. Assuming I can keep my health at its current state, having a nice sum of money on the side would not hurt at all. Also with all that money, I'm sure I could afford decent healthcare and treatments to assist me.
  30. Patrick Alan

    Patrick Alan New Member

    I would much rather be healthy than rich. Being rich won't last very long if your body falls apart. But being healthy will help you have a lifetime of fulfillment.

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