Would you rather be rich or healthy?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Natalyatarasenkova, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. Samche

    Samche New Member

    it is health that is real wealth ..u can live without good wealth but without good health.. its imposibble to survive. Secondly if u are healthy then u can earn wealth but if u are wealthy and caught by a deadly or chronic desease because of not considering your health as priority your wealth will be of no use..
  2. amorkayee

    amorkayee New Member

    I would rather be healthy than rich, to be honest. Health is wealth. You can't live your life if you're sick. You can't enjoy and spend time longer with your loved ones if you're unhealthy. One's health is more important than material things. You can work hard to sustain your needs while being healthy. Material things are not the only things that give fulfillment to one's life. Furthermore, being healthy and living a meaningful life is more important to be fulfilled.
  3. srki93

    srki93 Member

    I would rather be healthy and enjoying life. You must earn some money, but you can live well without being rich.
  4. kezelkheo

    kezelkheo New Member

    Definitely, I would rather be healthy than being rich. If sickness comes in, money will just vanished in thin air. It's never been happier than being healthy with no any illness being carried your whole life. What matter is that you are happy because you are healthy and you have hurt no one.
  5. rbeat7

    rbeat7 New Member

    I used to think being rich was more important but as you grow older, you realize being healthy is more important. I look at it this way, being rich and being in had health is pointless (unless you have money that can cure your problems) but having good health offers you the opportunity to work and earn a good living and just maybe, be rich one day!
  6. Kyan03

    Kyan03 New Member

    I would rather be healthy than to be rich because being healthy is a priceless wealth that cannot be stolen anyone. Being healthy will also make you rich since being the former able you to do everything that will make you rich such as doing businesses, doing works, recreational and among others. Moreover, if a rich person is unhealthy, his wealth will be exhausted by your medications which will make you poorer soon
  7. mahleen

    mahleen New Member

    I'd rather be rich and make people healthy. I'd donate my money on medicine and cure for all sickness because I can't do research or even the knowledge where to start. I'd be healthy but I can't help people get healthy. I'd be healthy but I'm still trying to be rich. If I choose to be healthy but poor, I won't even realize that I'm even healthy at all.

    What are the difference of being rich than healthy? Pro, a person can spend on anything. If being rich means I'd be dying, then at least I'd share the wealth to those in need. I'd be satisfied dying being practical and generous. I mean what I am being rich for. If the reason for being rich means for personal pleasure and material things then there is no point.

    What are the difference of being healthy than rich? Being healthy will make you immortal. Scientists can research on your body and/or your lifestyle on what's keeping you healthy. Maybe you can inspire people to be healthy. Health is wealth because if you can live longer, you'd be spending more time to live with your family, friends and colleague.

    On a personal note, both are beneficial and positive either way. Wealth on physical, mental and social level. If life gives you an option to choose one from the other, it is still a win-win situation.

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