Would you rather be rich or healthy?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Natalyatarasenkova, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. Haxofe

    Haxofe New Member

    i would rather be rich than healthy because then i would afford to do some stuff which would make me healthy. Of course some stuff doesn't cure you just becaues you have money but that's a hit i gotta take. I'd much rather live my life crazy for a year knowing i'll die. I think i'm probably the only one who thinks like that but i'm just me. I'd rather experience alot than just being healthy and experience some stuff.
  2. Staci

    Staci Member

    This is a great question. I'd rather be healthy because if you're rich but not healthy, you may not even live very long to enjoy your riches! I also would like a long and healthy life to see my little ones grow. I don't want to miss out on anything pertaining to their lives! Sometimes money and healthy goes along hand in hand, which makes things hard. I've noticed that healthier foods and workout equipment and such can be pricey. Of course there is always just counting calories and walking/running in the environment to stay healthy, so it IS doable!
  3. Sashe

    Sashe New Member

    I would definitely prefer to be healthy! :) I have seen family members that have suffered through illnesses, and it didn't matter how much money they had, they could not enjoy it. To them at the time, it didn't matter that the sun was shining, or they had an ocean view. Pain, suffering, and illness is not a choice that I would ever choose just to have money.
  4. KeithMe

    KeithMe New Member

    Situational really, I'm not saying that being rich can compensate for poor health but you have to admit that money does go a long way to solving life's problems. On one hand if you have perfect health but no money, there's really very few activities you can do for fun. When you think about it even the simplest of things like say flying a kite for example is still gonna cost you the price of the kite. On the other hand, if you had all the money in the world but had some sort of life-threatening disease you're not gonna be able to enjoy life either. Say your a billionaire, but you have an incredibly rare disease that robs you of sight, hearing, touch and taste (no its not death), what use is money then?
  5. billgate

    billgate New Member

    I rather be rich actually because once I'm rich, I don't have to stress myself out trying to make money and then lose my health and mental health over it. Once you have wealth, you will be healthier cause you will have plenty of rest, good dieting, and relaxation and low stress so in turn you will be healthier than someone who try to make money all the time but don't have it. Health is easy to achieve but wealth is very hard. Some people work all their lives and still have nothing.
  6. litetender

    litetender New Member

    Can't I choose both? Boo-hiss! However, if I cannot have both, I would choose to be healthy!
  7. JosephFreemen

    JosephFreemen New Member

    This is a very broad question. I think many people spend a great deal of their money trying to improve their mental and physical health. Therefore, I would choose health over cash. It is quite difficult to enjoy your money if your not well.
  8. Grace Singleton

    Grace Singleton New Member

    Great question! Makes you think...

    Healthy takes it... it would be hard to enjoy wealth being sick all the time. Plus, I assume healthy means getting enough to eat... and honestly that makes you rich by the standards of a significant portion of the world!
  9. Simurgh

    Simurgh New Member

    Health is wealth, the healthier we are the easier it is for us to gain and keep wealth. Also there are so many compound benefits to being healthy, like feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed.
  10. People that never had any health issues would run dead for money ;-)

    I would pick health since I'm dealing with 3 chronic conditions and can tell, that health is the utterly most important wealth we have, money is secondary. If you're not healthy enough, you can't make money, so which one would you choose?
  11. ColeCaptainCole

    ColeCaptainCole New Member

    Being healthy is the way to go. There is probably no point in having a lot of money when you're ill, you could just be gone the next day. Aside from that concept, I don't believe in materialistic values. I don't believe that having an exceptional amount of money or materials truly makes one happy, and you can't really be healthy if you aren't truly happy. Sure money is a good way to hide how you're truly feeling and you can hide behind money to cover up your personal problems, but in the long run that is exactly what's going to destroy you. As you know what some people say, "more money, more problems", that is precisely true. The more money you have, the more things that you can buy that you must pay off later, which leads to extra money from interest and debt, it's really not a good way to live. I would rather live with less problems and less things to worry about.
  12. Amankee

    Amankee Member

    Do we have to pick one or the other? That doesn't seem fair.
  13. anmassun

    anmassun Member

    I would rather be healthy. What's the point of having money if you're not healthy and able to use that money for adventuring and doing things?
  14. Hannah Hayes

    Hannah Hayes New Member

    I would say that I would rather be healthy. Money is important, it keeps the world spinning, but then where is the line? Being rich and sick is a waste. I can imagine you'd have all of this money and you'd be spending it on drugs to keep you alive. But with your health, everything is open to you. There are more ways to be rich in life than with bucket loads of cash.
  15. matthew trahan

    matthew trahan New Member

    I've never really been rich and I've been happy my whole life. I would definitely pick healthy because for me happiness doesn't require money, however life requires being healthy.
  16. Cadyn Wilson

    Cadyn Wilson New Member

    I would much rather be healthy than rich; okay, sure--- having a boatload of money does sound rather tempting at times, especially when there are student loans and regular bills to consider paying off. However, even the rich have to pay their bills, and I'm sure they're not as "chill" about it as we may perceive them to be. That being said, since money creates a bunch of stress anyway, why not have an outlet? The ubiquitous "eat right and exercise" mantra knows what it's talking about, people: if you take care of yourself, the stresses of the world will seem less. . . stressful. Money will always exist, and I will always exist--- so why not make the most of that existence? This calls for a run!
  17. Albert Wells

    Albert Wells New Member

    I have known some very wealthy people who sacrificed their health to achieve their wealth. They will tell you, without hesitation, that they would rather have their health and be able to enjoy their life, than the wealth they thought they needed to gain all the material stuff, that brings only short-term pleasure. However, I also have known those of great wealth who also had excellent health and got to enjoy both worlds. There is really no need to sacrifice one for the other. The mind/body connection is very powerful. Using your wealth for good brings happiness to the mind and health to the body. Just because one can afford expensive foods, does not mean one has to indulge in the unhealthier ones. Healthy food cost less than junk food. Of course, if they so desired, a wealthy person could hire a top Chef and eat at the most expensive restaurants. It seems ironic that the more you pay for food at a high-end restaurant, the less shows up on your plate. The wealthy people I knew, only rarely attended a fancy restaurant, and most lived in modest homes and drove regular vehicles. The money they saved was used to invest in their businesses or in the stock market. To understand this mindset, read "The Wealthy Barber" by David Chilton. All of us can be wealthy and all of us can be healthy. No need to choose one over the other...
  18. yayo01

    yayo01 New Member

    There is always the chance that what you do for fun with passion encourages someone to pay for being a part of it. As long as you can sincerely share your capabilities with others, thereĀ“s a chance you can also receive a financial reward. The word "rich" can be misunderstood. "Rich" is not the accumulation of goods, but the lack of worries. It would not be enough to be healty if you have other worries. Financial Health is also important.
  19. GemmaRowlands

    GemmaRowlands New Member

    I would much rather be healthy, but at the same time I wouldn't want to be poor. I work incredibly hard for my money and I would hate to have to struggle with everything that I do. Maybe if I chose the money option I would be able to afford private health care, so I could deal with it that way. But there's no point in having a lot of money if you're not healthy enough to enjoy it.
  20. BonnieA

    BonnieA New Member

    Healthy. It's an illusion to think that money can buy health. Money can buy plastic surgery and perhaps a trip to another part of the world for the best doctors, but money does not cure incurable diseases. That is proof by the millions of dollars raised by charities every year to find the cure to cancer, aids and other diseases with limited success.I've known very wealthy people who have lost children to cancer, and I promise you they would have traded their money for the health of their child 100% of the time.
  21. KateK7

    KateK7 New Member

    I would rather be healthy than rich. Although money could possibly buy the best doctors, fitness instructors, dietitians, etc. I would still choose health over wealth. Plus if you are healthy you would be happy and that is worth much more than money. Money doesn't buy everything and money can't fix all problems, although sometimes it seems like if I had that extra money I would be a lot happier.
  22. Tribie

    Tribie New Member

    People have the tendency to think of extreme cases when faced with a question like this. If it is a question between dying due to an illness or being rich, I would choose being healthy over being rich. If it is a question between being really healthy or dying due to poverty, I would probably choose being rich over being healthy.

    What most people don't see here is that you could be rich but at the same time be "happily unhealthy" or healthy but at the same time "happily poor". :)
  23. SpeakMyMind

    SpeakMyMind New Member

    $$ Rich $$. This world runs on money and economics ever since they invented paper currency. If you were born rich you have access to or can afford premium items that have valid reasons why they are pricier than others. At the supermarket's vegetables section, why do you think an "organically grown" tomato or lettuce is more expensive than the regular ones? Simply because of the extra care , no pesticides...etc. that was given to the product. You may think eating a regular tomato will make you healthy, but in the long run, those pesticides, fertilizers will make you sick. It is true that "Health is Wealth", but nowadays, it takes a little more "Wealth to retain a good Health". What really gets people sick is "Stress", think of how stressful it can be when your bills come rolling in and you haven't got a penny to pay any of it.... this will get any healthy person cause a breakdown or get sick all the time.
  24. manmeet2121

    manmeet2121 New Member

    Definitely, healthy. This is because if you are healthy, you can make a lot of money. If you are not fit enough, you might not be good for anything. Besides, even if you had a lot of money somehow, you could not do much with it if you were not healthy. You will eventually have to spend a lot to get healthy first.
  25. DeidreC

    DeidreC New Member

    I rather be healthy than rich. Rich can have different meanings depending on point of view. All the money in the world wouldn't mean a thing if you are not healthy as well as happy enough to enjoy it.
  26. KLG

    KLG New Member

    I would prefer to be healthy. There is a lot of money out there in the world, and if you're willing to work hard you can go out there and get it. You can't always go out there and get better health. I'd rather be healthy and live a long life with my children.
  27. Tessie

    Tessie New Member

    If you are healthy , you can continue working for the money and with hard work and luck maybe become wealthy. My choice is to be healthy. I am aware that to be healthy requires thoughtful, careful planning and a commitment to a lifestyle focused on such things as proper nutrition, physical exercise, and adequate financial resources.
  28. Charlemagne Borabo

    Charlemagne Borabo New Member

    I prefer to be healthy because when you are healthy you can also be wealthy.

    Just enjoy life and always be positive. There are lot of things that could help you stay healthy without doing much effort. ;)
  29. hydrogen

    hydrogen New Member

    Health over wealth any day! There is no point in having a fortune if you won't be around to enjoy it. In my eyes, being healthy is the same as being rich. If time is money and being healthy buys you time, then health leads to wealth!
  30. Katrina Rausenberg

    Katrina Rausenberg New Member

    This question is kind of a catch 22 for me honestly! I am very overweight, and I have medical issues on top of it. Of course I would absolutely love to be healthy again, but in my situation it would take being rich to be able to be healthy! I am technically supposed to be on a gluten free diet due to possible Ciliac's disease, but that isn't cheap. I also have a very difficult time losing weight, and have an extremely active toddler and a special needs 7 year old. This means first of all it would take a very rigorous excercize regimen for me to lose enough to be healthy again, and I would have to have good child care to be able to execute that. Again, this involves money. Last, we are on an extelremely tight paycheck-to-paycheck budget that requires as cheap and filling of meals as we can get to stretch out. Most cheap, filling meals are full of carbs, sugar, etc. Again, not beneficial to getting healthy, and another need for money in order to fix it. I guess my answer would be that I would prefer to be rich enough to become healthy and comfortably support my family and the causes that I do volunteer work for. I do not in any way need or want riches beyond my imagination, however I would love to be able to spend a few dollars here and there in order to make our lives better.

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