Would you rather be rich or healthy?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Natalyatarasenkova, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. Reyes_Dani

    Reyes_Dani New Member

    What if riches can pay for good health?
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  2. shallaamor

    shallaamor New Member

    I pick wealthy primarily because healthy food such as organic foods are much pricier here in our country. Also wealth can give you more time to be with your family and loved ones. You have more time to do your passion and aspirations and what you truly love to do. If you are happy I believe you becomes healthier too. Plus if you are wealthy you can afford to have an array of herbal supplements and medicines that can enhance your health.
  3. legendkyller

    legendkyller New Member

    Healthy and happy! Because money can't buy happiness neither health, but if you are healthy and happy you can work and have a life as you wanted it to be. At least, money is not that important if you have your family with you and if you are still able to enjoy the little things in life.
  4. EllieH

    EllieH New Member

    My motto: Healthy and Whealthy
  5. joan mutheu

    joan mutheu New Member

    I suppose i would choose health instead of riches.One can have all the riches in the world but may not get the time to even enjoy his/her money,if they are almost always sick.So really whats the use of all that money?
  6. Charlotte Hunt

    Charlotte Hunt New Member

    I would rather be both, but I would choose health over wealth. As long as I am healthy and feel good, I have the ability and energy to work toward wealth. When I do not feel good, it does not matter if I am wealthy since I would not enjoy life.
  7. alexxgmurphy

    alexxgmurphy New Member

    Well, if you have enough money, you can live pretty comfortably, depending on how you define "health." That can mean a lot of things! Also, if I chose health over wealth, would I be impoverished, or just not wealthy? Middle class and healthy would be preferable to me, but wealthy with, say, diabetes or HIV (which is largely manageable with the expensive cocktail of medications, e.g. Magic Johnson) would probably be more fun. Wealthy with pancreatic cancer, though? No thanks.
  8. Leah Shimi

    Leah Shimi New Member

    I would have to choose being healthy above being rich any day! A lot of people think money brings happiness, but often times it brings more worries and stress into their lives. Many lottery winners have found themselves flooded by new 'friends' after a slice of their wealth. My theory is, the more you have, the more you have to lose.
    No matter what joys are in your life, you can't live to the full with ill health.
  9. Nivlac

    Nivlac New Member

    Your health is your wealth , without good health that wealth is just as gone . So in short I prefer good health over wealth anytime.
  10. queaks

    queaks New Member

    I would rather be healthy. If you are healthy then anything is possible. However if you are rich and unhealthy, its difficult or impossible to get your health back . To be honest, i would rather be both rich and healthy.
  11. sushiking89

    sushiking89 New Member

    I would rather be healthy as money cannot buy health. Being healthy allows me to earn more money and live happily with my family members. I have seen many rich people dying because when you are rich, you will tend to be lazy and not exercise thus lead to obesity and eventually becomes unhealthy. So I rather live longer and enjoy life.
  12. MackieMac

    MackieMac New Member

    I would rather be healthy that way I can be around long enough to enjoy life and all it has to offer and at same the time work on being rich so I can afford all the amenities I desire.

    Being healthy and rich is just the perfect combination, rich enough to afford almost anything I want and being healthy to enjoy it.
  13. kitkat0124

    kitkat0124 New Member

    If i really have to select one between healthy or wealthy, I will pick being healthy. I am not saying that to be rich is not important. There are things that money can't buy. Some of those are happiness, love and health. I know that money is needed to be cured in a particular disease to be healthy, but that is not always the case, because no matter how much money you have if there is no medications or treatment that can improve your health condition to be better, then your money is no use. Sometimes, it is easy to lose money, but hard to healthy. If you are healthy, there is a chance you will get rich by working. There is also a chance that you will end up broke because you spent all your money for your treatment and medications to get well.
  14. czardilyn buyawe

    czardilyn buyawe New Member

    i will go for both,:) being wealthy is being healthy. Today if you don't have money you cant go to doctor. you cant be cure. Well that is here in Philippines
  15. Storme Palas

    Storme Palas New Member

    Ever since I was little, my dad has never failed to remind me of Virgil's quote, "The greatest wealth is health." In the U.S., I believe that there are a lot of misconceptions that being rich or having many material things will make us happy. If this was true, I don't think our celebrity actors, models, and music artists would be driven to the point of drug overdose or suicide. Clearly, having money doesn't reassure anyone with a sense of self-assurance and content. Being healthy, however, is definitely a state of being that many people take for granted. While an occasional cold or fever may come around once in a while, there are some individuals who can't even get out of bed or enjoy a walk outside due to a serious illness. Taking care of yourself and having a healthy body allows you to enjoy life to the best of your ability. Some may argue that money may be the source of success, but it has also been mentioned to be the "root of all evil," and for a good reason. There's a ton of money out there, mostly wasted on insignificant things. Health is much more valuable and much more difficult to save than money.
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  16. koushikba

    koushikba New Member

    I would like to be healthy first. Actually if you are healthy then, you would be capable of achieving anything. Healthy means you are mentally and physically strong. If you are healthy then, you can earn huge money. And obviously money means a lot to me. To sustain life you need money. You can do nothing if you are weak. So to enjoy a long life you need to be healthy first.
  17. Zen

    Zen New Member

    Why not both? What is stopping one from being healthy when he is rich? It's mostly a matter of eating right, exercising and controlling your state of mind. If I was to be unhealthy when I'm rich, how much time do I have until I die and to what extent am I ''unhealthy''? Sorry but your question silly in my opinion and I can't answer it seriously.

    ''It's better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing, than a long life spent in a miserable way''-Alan Watts

    Life is not a competition where the goal is to live long. After all, when you die you won't even know you're dead, so it doesn't matter.

  18. tipay

    tipay Member

    I want to be healthy to be rich :) that's my outlook in life.If you will take good care of yourself specially your body it is your wealth too :-* you will be able to do the things you really love to do and you have less expenses on hospitalization and medicines ;)
  19. DancinKarmaBear

    DancinKarmaBear New Member

    I would rather be healthy, at least if I have my health then I can work hard and try to have wealth as well one day. Without my health, I would have nothing. I have a son and I want to be healthy so I can be there for him and make sure he grows up happy.
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  20. sophiaseo

    sophiaseo New Member

    I would rather be healthy because what's the point in having a lot of money if you do not feel good about yourself? To me, being healthy means being emotionally, physically, and mentally stable and healthy. To many people, happiness and success comes with money, but there are many, many things that are more important than money. One of those things is health. There is no point in having a lot of money if you cannot spend it happily and healthily. There is no point in having a lot of money if you will not live enough to spend it. Some people may say that they would rather be rich instead of healthy, and just undergo surgery to fix whatever is wrong, but the results of surgeries are precarious and is not not entirely certain that you will be completely healthy after the surgery. Besides, who enjoys undergoing countless surgeries anyway? Also, surgeries are only capable of fixing physical things; most surgeries cannot change emotions or thoughts.
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  21. Carneita2000

    Carneita2000 New Member

    Health is top priority. It wouldn't make sense to me that I am wealthy, and yet physically miserable. It is never the desire of any one of us to be healthy though, and financially miserable. If it were at all possible, I would want to strike a balance. However, in this unbalanced world, we must fight for what we want and settle for what we don't want some times.
    I'm just trying now to live a life that is not only healthy, but happy with or without any money in my bank account or pocket.
  22. Zwiv

    Zwiv New Member

    I would much rather be healthy than happy. As other users have said, if you work hard enough to be wealthy or happen to inherit good fortune and aren't healthy, you cannot enjoy your wealth so what's the point? If by being happy you mean being truly happy, then wealth doesn't matter... It would be great to be "happy". :)
  23. yang canezal

    yang canezal New Member

    I'd like to be rich because it if you are rich you easily pay your hospital bills unlike being healthy but in the time of accedent like car accident can a poor healthy pay for their bills the answer is no so I'd rather like to be rich because you can buy anything
  24. Paul Looper

    Paul Looper New Member

    You are nothing without your health. I'd rather live a healthy life for 100 years rather than be sick and filthy rich for 10 years. A thick wallet cannot guarantee a heathy mind or body. If I want to be rich then I will earn it with hard work and a flawless heartbeat.
  25. Crystal Finley

    Crystal Finley New Member

    I would rather be healthy than rich. If one was to choose being wealthy over health and later became very ill, he or she would not be able to enjoy spending the money. If one was wealthy enough, he or she may be able to obtain a cure for their illness. However, if one was to obtain a cure for his or her illness, how would they know if it really cures and not cause any other illness?
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  26. DavePearce

    DavePearce New Member

    I guess it depends on what you mean by healthy?
    I think I would pick money, but I guess it depends on how long I am going to live! Money could cure all kinds of problems, though :)
  27. nastarcia423

    nastarcia423 New Member

    Don't know what you are implying. If you are implying being guaranteed to have excellent health for the rest of my life or wealth, I would choose health. I would want to be here as long as I can for my kids and husband. Although money probably have to ability to purchase cures for illness and disease, I would not be able to enjoy the money if you are constantly ill.

    If you are implying having health with no guarantee of having good to excellent health the rest of your life or wealth. Then of course, I would choose wealth. Even though I may not get to enjoy my money they way I want all they time, I will stay have the power to add 1 or 2 more days to my life if I become ill.
  28. maKDem

    maKDem New Member

    "Health before wealth!" The motto my mother, a Certified Nurse (CN), echoed throughout my youth. I agree with her, however, I see the paradox within that statement. In my youth, although constantly under threat of an asthma attack, I had security in my health. Health insurance was literally a life saver. In examination of this paradoxical phrase, I've created a new motto for my family; "Health is wealth!"
  29. MagentaMondays

    MagentaMondays New Member

    I also would choose health. I think the reason so many people also choose health on this thread is because everyone would prefer to live longer and happier (both are characteristics usually resulting from consuming a nutrient-dense diet and getting 30 minutes of exercise 5 days per week), if given the chance.

    However, your question brings up several other dilemmas: riches can supply you with money to allow you to afford a gym membership and healthy diet; and being healthy is a challenge when you have to struggle to scrounge up pennies to pay for vegetables/fruit. Another dilemma here is that when you're struggling financially and only able to afford a small amount of food/vegetables, you're not getting an adequate amount of nutrients and, in effect, starving yourself. Fast food provides a cheap way for people to consume an adequate amount of protein, carbs, and calories in a meal but it also supplies people with unnecessary fat and salt in their diet (which can lead to developing type 2 diabetes or becoming obese) and deprives people of nutrients and fiber in their food. Because fast food often lacks fiber (which makes people naturally feel full and tells the brain to stop eating), it is often hard to stop eating unhealthy food because people don't feel full after eating a burger and fries (because there is no fiber in their food).
  30. ladydeonne

    ladydeonne New Member


    Thanks for sharing such a personal story. It is one that many individuals need to read as it reminds one of the importance and value of good health. Without good health, one cannot fully engage in living. The inability to live life to the fullest impedes upon one's happiness. The obvious response to this inquiry is to choose health over wealth for happiness.

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