Would you rather be rich or healthy?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Natalyatarasenkova, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. lord1027

    lord1027 New Member

    In most cases, if you are rich you also are healthy. Money will solve many health problems that the poor would not be able. But if we are talking about Cancer or AIDS or something that's uncurable, then I'd rather be poor and healthy :)
  2. Heavensdevil

    Heavensdevil New Member

    I'd rather be rich, at least I'll have the means for treatment when I do get sick (touch wood). What's the point of being healthy when I'm poor to the core? If I were to live miserably the rest of my life, I'd rather die early than live to 100 years old.
  3. amandajcole13

    amandajcole13 New Member

    I pick being healthy over money.

    I get my enjoyment from simpler things in life: family, friends and staying active. There isn't a sum of money in the whole world that can get me to trade in some years of my life for.
  4. Water Lilly

    Water Lilly New Member

    This is tricky. I am not sure if I could give an answer. I say that because in this world, if you get sick you sure better have wealth. If you do not have money then you will not have the same quality of life than someone who became ill and had money. Yes, I would love to have great health but the truth is life is not so black and white. There are many shades of grey and many variations. If we live long enough, there will come a point that we are sick. Illness like death is unavoidable. I would much rather have the finances that I need in place to be sick but live well. If I do not have money I would not even be able to afford medication if I become ill.

    I know that money cannot buy happiness; however, money can buy what you need to live a happy life. I am not sure how happy I would be living in my car or a shelter... Bottom line I guess good health and happiness is not even possible with out some form of wealth.
  5. everlastingpower

    everlastingpower New Member

    Health to me will always be more important than being rich. You can be the richest person alive but if your health is not good you wont be able to enjoy it. Also you can be healthy and not rich and be happier than a rich healthy person.
  6. sbrown93117

    sbrown93117 New Member

    I would rather be healthy than rich. To me, wealth just isn't that important. I lived in extreme poverty as a young child, and as an adult I went through periods of having nothing and being hungry. That being said, I live on a tight budget, I am thankful for what I have, and am content with food, clothing and shelter. If I were to become wealthy, I'd just give it away. I am a generous person and I love to help people in any way that I can. It is better to give than receive! There's nothing wrong with having money, but if I had to choose, it would be health. What good is having a fortune if you're not healthy enough to enjoy it, right?
  7. Connie McKinney

    Connie McKinney New Member

  8. Connie McKinney

    Connie McKinney New Member

    I would rather be healthy than rich. I knew a very wealthy businessman whose daughter got cancer. He literally took her all over the world for treatment. In the end, nothing could save her. This may be a cliche but its true: Money can't buy everything.
  9. AZ1

    AZ1 New Member

    To me, being happy and healthy is being rich. The saying "he was so poor, all he had was money" is very true. Money cannot buy you everything. If you are happy, you will feel rich, just in a different way!
  10. cherza

    cherza Member

    I would rather be healthy than rich. I was sick last year and it was awful. I was in the hospital for weeks. I am happy to be healthy today. I would like to have wealth one day. I prefer to be healthy than rich.
  11. ursell

    ursell New Member

    I would rather be healthy and happy. Of course I would like to be rich. Why can't we have both?
    I'm not healthy I have diabetes and all the money in the world can't cure me of that. So I would
    really rather have my health.
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  12. Okojay

    Okojay New Member

    For me, if I'm healthy the riches will definitely come. I'm not the lazy type, I work hard to earn money and being sick will leave me broke so I'd choose health over wealth cause health brings wealth. Like someone said above, it depends on what you mean. I'm not sure if you mean having one at a time because that'll make your question kinda difficult to answer.
  13. Nettee

    Nettee New Member

    Of course healthy. What's the point of being rich but unhealthy.
  14. aellen_09

    aellen_09 New Member

    I would definitely want to be healthy rather than rich. But then again how can you buy food or medicine that will make you healthy if you are not rich enough, does it make sense? :) But how will you also enjoy your richness if you're not healthy enough to live that long?

    Just like what most people say, health is wealth. For me maintaining a good health is more important because that will help us do things that will make us happy and that includes earning money which I believe eventually will make us rich.

    Be healthy. :thumbsup:
  15. prince948

    prince948 New Member

    I would rather be healthy than being rich.Money can't buy happiness really. But feeling fit and healthy is worth more than money can buy. Actually having lots of money brings lots of problems.

    They say when you don't have health you don't have anything. Think about Howard Hughes, the rich man of his day. He was miserable, definitely not healthy and died a recluse. He was anything but happy.
  16. Clanderson1

    Clanderson1 New Member

    As much as I would love to be rich, I would have to choose my health over wealth. Although money can buy the best doctors and medical treatment, some health issues can't be fixed with any amount of money. What is the point of being rich if you can't enjoy it because of your poor health.
  17. Manojnn

    Manojnn New Member

    I prefer being healthy than being rich. With money, we can buy anything in this world, but when health is lost, we lose everything.
  18. matrixor

    matrixor New Member

    I'd rather be healthy than rich. Being rich is super awesome and good. But if you are rich and your health status is bad, then being rich won't help you at all. Being healthy is the number one thing in life. If you have a disease or a virus then you will feel terrible and it will make you very unhappy and sad.

    If you have like a small disease that you can live with then it's not much of a problem. So if I had like a small disease that is not as effective as other big viruses or diseases then I'd rather be rich.
  19. VanessaSaver

    VanessaSaver New Member

    I have to say healthy... what good is it to be rich and not enjoy it with great health.
  20. AnnaElisa

    AnnaElisa New Member

    I would much rather be healthy. There are so many people who cannot really fully enjoy life because of health issues. They could have all the money in the world but not really be able to enjoy it.
  21. montgomeryguy

    montgomeryguy New Member

    There's no contest to my mind. I'm on the back end of a seven year period of nervous illnesses and am now on the way to regaining my health. Money I can make with ease when I'm healthy. Give me good health that includes nothing worse than a cold once during the winter and I can easily earn enough to keep me happy, and enjoy every minute of living.
  22. chicagobulls6769

    chicagobulls6769 New Member

    I would definitely choose being healthy over being rich. Your health is not guaranteed, and even though you have enough money to pay for medical treatment you are not guaranteed to solve whatever illness you are suffering from. If I am not healthy I do not feel good mentally or physically, and no matter how much money I have.your health is the number one necessity in life.
  23. HalfCrazedWriter

    HalfCrazedWriter New Member

    I would rather be healthy, hands down. After surviving breast cancer twice, I do not value possessions. I want to be comfortable, but I do not need any excessive things. I am already rich, as far as I am concerned. I also have my life, of which I am very thankful.
  24. Liz0224

    Liz0224 New Member

    I'd rather be healthy than rich because having lots of money while being sick is just no fun at all. Being healthy will enable me to work my way to riches, anyway. So when that time comes, I won't have to choose between these two anymore.
  25. Sazzieh

    Sazzieh New Member

    I would rather be healthy than rich. I figure that if I was healthy it would enable me to work harder and to my full potential. If I had to choose rich over healthy however, I would not be able to enjoy spending my money. I might be able to afford to research a cure to my illness though?
  26. Tigressa

    Tigressa New Member

    Definitely healthy. A healthy person has all options open; whereas a sick and rich person can only marginally enjoy life.
  27. diamond9

    diamond9 New Member

    Now that is the million dollar question! We all want health and we all want wealth. But sometimes we have to sacrifice one for the other. Without a doubt, I do believe health is a vital part of living a full life. Wealth can buy health in some cases. But overall it is important to maintain your own health on a daily basis. Without health, we are much of nothing. As my dad told me years ago, you only have one body; so take care of it.
  28. Tigressa

    Tigressa New Member

    Well said, diamond9 :)
  29. livvie007

    livvie007 New Member

    In a world of ideals I think I'd rather be healthy because as a healthy person I can aways work towards becoming rich (besides as a healthy person I might outlive a few unhealthy rich family members and inherit their riches;)). Sure as a rich person I could possibly buy some level of 'health' but money doesn't cure terminal illness like cancers, auto immune diseases like MS, it may ease the discomfort associated with the illness and possibly prolong life but the illness most likely will still be there. Give me health and I'll create wealth.
  30. Jazma

    Jazma New Member

    I would rather be Healthy, because if you are rich and and not healthy. I'm pretty sure you will be miserable and won't live a long life to enjoy you wealth due to you being unhealthy. So health should always come first, because you have to be alive to enjoy the rest.

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