Would You rather Eat Out Or Indoors?

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Would you rather cook own food or eat out?

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  1. Cook own food

  2. Eat out

  1. Where you eat matters a lot. Eating out eases the hastle and bustle of cooking. You eat food either in a restaurant and enjoy being served. It can enhance relationship.

    Eating outside may be expensive. You also do not know how the food was cooked. Cooking yourself ensures the right ingredients, calories and nutrition you need.

    Many people eat out and end up eating junk food. Junk food is as dangerous as poison. It kills you slowly.

    Will you prefer to eat out or cook your own food?
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  2. gina1

    gina1 New Member

    I would rather eat out to be able to taste and experience different kind of cuisine. Eating out gives us a certain kind of happiness because we are able to see beautiful sorroundings and mingle with other persons. It also feeds our minds about the culture from which the food came from. It's cool to eat out.
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  4. I agree with you on this one. It should be done occasionally though. When you cook your own food is when you will select your own delicasy
  5. mythalot

    mythalot New Member

    Personally, would rather eat indoors because at least they can change the temperature inside. Where you eat is mostly up to you my friend.
  6. Madamdyosa

    Madamdyosa New Member

    I prefer to eat indoors because I don't want that other people will be staring at me because it's bothersome sometimes.
  7. jhonuarin03

    jhonuarin03 Member

    I like to do both. At home I can make meals the way I like them exactly. But if there's something I'm not good at, then I like to get that at a restaurant.
  8. prescilla

    prescilla New Member

    Cooking our own food that is the best thing to do. If we are the one who cook food to our own family then at least you know that the food is clean, you know the process when you cook it.And cooking is the best exercise too. Especially if you are a married person and then you will be the to cook for your husband or wife then it is indeed great!
  9. Cherubim145

    Cherubim145 New Member

    I prefer home-cooked meals than eating out because it is more economical, not to mention the choices you have over what seasonings you put into your food.

    Eating out is an option if there are special occasions.
  10. Angelondrei

    Angelondrei New Member

    I would rather eat indoors. Beside from eating cheaper, you get to cook your own food and you know exactly that you eat a healthier meal. If you eat outside you pay much expensive meals than cooking your own food. You can save much more money if you eat indoors. That's a plus when you are on a tight budget.
  11. Gabriellove

    Gabriellove New Member

    Is very import that you know what you are eating. So, it will be very nice to cook your own food. Eating outside can be dangerous, which means anything can happen. You don't actually know how the meal or what you are eating was prepared. Cooking your own meal gives you confidence both health wise. But if you must eat outside find a restaurant and stick with it, eating from one restaurant to another can implicate you. If you must travel then travel with your food, or be very careful how you eat around when you travel. You don't know who is your enemy.
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  12. iambeth

    iambeth New Member

    I prefer a home cooked meal than dining out because it is more economical. It's a lot cheaper than eating in a restaurant where the cost of the food includes the overhead expenses of the establishment. Another reason is comfort, you can be at ease just wearing even your pajamas when you're eating in your own house. And lastly, when you personally prepare and cook your food, you know what's in it. You're sure that there's no added salt or other additives that can be harmful to your health.
  13. acd

    acd New Member

    I prefer to eat indoors because it is giving more value and it is also fun to eat indoors together with your family for chatting and sharing things out.
  14. Medalina

    Medalina New Member

    I would rather choose eating indoor and cook my own food.For safety reason and to eat more nutritious food. You're in control of the food you cook and the food you consume. And cooking at home will give you peace of mind you need in knowing you have the freshest ingredients.
  15. John0520

    John0520 Member

    I mostlg eat indoors. Cooking food is fun and enjoying the food you eat is satisfying. And eating indoors, you can set aside manners and eat all you want. Unlike indoors, you need table manners thus, eating indoors is more fun and satisfying.
  16. jamesbaya

    jamesbaya New Member

    I would rather eat out than eat indoors. From my standpoint, I believe that time is money, and we should always put our best foot forward to avoid wasting time. Cooking is time consuming, and thus wastes a lot of time. Additionally, after cooking you'll also have to clean the dishes.
  17. feramine

    feramine New Member

    If you ask my Mom this question at a challenging time, she would definitely say outdoors. This way, she'll be relieved from meal preparation and tons of dirty dishes. Yes, my Mom cooks for us every single day, since day one of my life, and I'm 30 years old. So, if I were to answer this question, I'd prefer to eat indoors. It gives me and my family a sense of privacy and comfort. Meal time is family time in our home, it's our chance to share ideas, concerns and bond amidst our busy days at work. Most of all, we get the confidence that our food is served at its highest possible quality.
  18. Zircrenzo

    Zircrenzo New Member

    I eat outside so that I can find a new favorite food. Foods from restaurants are more delicious than my cooking because I am not good in cooking. It also takes a lot of time and effort to cook aomething. That is why I prefer to eat outside.
  19. AiraBalbin

    AiraBalbin New Member

    There are some interesting reasons why eating out is inviting. One of those many reasons is not having to cook your own food but just wait while other people cook it for you. It is effortless and easy. However, I would prefer cooking my own food because I know first hand how it is bring prepared, how clean and well cooked. I can also decide what kind of food I would like to prepare. What kind of dish I would like to serve. Cooking your own food needs your time and effort but it is more practical knowing you can save a lot of money in a long run if you have your own groceries and cook your own food. Let's be honest, most restaurants are way more expensive than they are worth. It's understandable of course, because people who are working are getting paid but it is just not practical if you are trying to save.
  20. chickfillay

    chickfillay New Member

    If my date would ever ask me what do I want, I would just prepare a home-cooked meal. Since if its cooked by me, i would know what the ingredients are and how healthy it would be. Plus as what they are saying, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." So its more convenient and you'll save a lot of money rather than spending it on pricey restaurants yet the servings are smaller than a booger.
  21. jonjon1980

    jonjon1980 Member

    most likely eat out because of busy schedule of my work just only during vacation I can cook off my own food
  22. Scyllune

    Scyllune New Member

    I'm a very busy person, but I also work on a limited budget. Eating out is a treat to be savored, and I save my money for those rare occasions when my schedule permits me to actually enjoy the meal. There's a stellar ramen place near my workplace that serves the best tonkotsu broth I've ever had the pleasure of having outside of Japan. Nothing will beat Ichiran, but locally, the branch of Mendokoro near me is one of the most memorable places I've ever eaten.

    I like cooking for myself, but the sheer amount of preparation needed to make healthy meals leaves me exhausted. I like to cook one-pot meals when given the chance, or pre-cook my meals on days off.
  23. Flinn

    Flinn New Member

    I do enjoy cooking my own food and I do it mostly everyday.
    I would still rather buy food outside and eat it inside. They're a better cook than me and having such a busy schedule, I have no time to cook food at the morning.
  24. kervymestiola

    kervymestiola New Member

    Eating at home is how to maintain a good health. Eating at home is of course better in everything for example service, service at home is usually better because you can serve your self without waiting for someone to serve you. You can get how much you want whenever you want. But some individuals would have domestic helpers for their house work, also they may serve the family their meal.
  25. nadebum

    nadebum New Member

    I'm not really good at cooking so I usually prefer eating out especially when I'm alone and no one else is able to cook. Although I know that it's not really practical or advisable but until I learn to cook then I don't have other options but to eat outside or buy readily cooked food. I only know how to fry but I really like to learn how to cook other than frying and grilling. Cooking is one of the skills that I really like to learn but I haven't have the time yet to learn and no one also has the time yet to teach me. :) Hopefully someday I'll be able to learn but for now my option is just to dine out or buy ready to eat foods.
  26. nadebum

    nadebum New Member

    I'm not really good at cooking so I usually prefer eating out especially when I'm alone and no one else is able to cook. Although I know that it's not really practical or advisable but until I learn to cook then I don't have other options but to eat outside or buy readily cooked food. I only know how to fry but I really like to learn how to cook other than frying and grilling. Cooking is one of the skills that I really like to learn but I haven't have the time yet to learn and no one also has the time yet to teach me. Hopefully someday I'll be able to learn but for now my option is just to dine out or buy ready to eat foods.
  27. fmvillaruz

    fmvillaruz New Member

    Basically, it depends on my mood. I'm good at cooking and I love to do it especially for someone very dear to me. It make me really happy especially when I hear great compliments, feels like I've achieved success in life. The beautiful expressions I see when they start to taste what I made fills my heart with joy.

    Though that gives me the feeling of happiness, I still choose to eat out. Why? Because I normally dedicate most of my time experiencing and learning things outside the comfort of my home. Who would not want to have a romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant or bonding with friends in a food court inside a mall where most of the people gather and talk with each other without worrying too much about thinking what to cook, preparing it and getting nervous of what will be the result.

    I'm not saying that cooking your own food is tiring or a waste of time. Doing it yourself at the comfort of your home is also a good choice even if you're not really good at it but for most people who does a lot of things like me, I would prefer eating out because it saves me time to do other things that would make me satisfied.
  28. Dimitri-ov7O

    Dimitri-ov7O New Member

    I much prefer to each Indoors. I could be biased though, because I ate out, almost exclusively, for about 8 years. After I got serious about my family and my budget, I started buying healthy food and learning how to cook my favorite foods from all over the world. I use my prior experiences eating out as we pick dishes. I appreciate the process: going to the store, walking and talking, seeing and touching the produce, choosing healthy options, and of course, cooking. It’s so much more fun, in my opinion. We even go to the homes of friends and family members, setting up shop. We get everybody in involved.

    I really enjoy the intimacy of cooking with family and friends. We put on our favorite music, so sometimes we’re doing more dancing and singing than anything else. Other times, we converse about the deeper things and crack jokes. Funny thing is, we’re eating the entire time, and so, by the time we sit down, we are half full. But that’s one of my favorite parts of the process.
  29. Impalals01

    Impalals01 New Member

    I think that eating out is over rated. Eating at home you get better quality food thats not processed. I used to eat out and thought it was a way off life, but really all it was doing was making me unhealthy and all the food was salty. When I cook at home I use vegetables and spices and it really makes my mouth water!
  30. Jothamsk

    Jothamsk New Member

    Eating out is not just about food. It's an experience that everybody should taste once in a while.
    Think of the environment, waiters and aromas that you may catch in a restaurant setting.
    The people you may see out there as well as the buzz in a busy eatery that occasionally rises above the soft music.
    It is worth every coin.

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