Would You rather Eat Out Or Indoors?

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Would you rather cook own food or eat out?

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  1. Cook own food

  2. Eat out

  1. Where you eat matters a lot. Eating out eases the hastle and bustle of cooking. You eat food either in a restaurant and enjoy being served. It can enhance relationship.

    Eating outside may be expensive. You also do not know how the food was cooked. Cooking yourself ensures the right ingredients, calories and nutrition you need.

    Many people eat out and end up eating junk food. Junk food is as dangerous as poison. It kills you slowly.

    Will you prefer to eat out or cook your own food?
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  2. gina1

    gina1 New Member

    I would rather eat out to be able to taste and experience different kind of cuisine. Eating out gives us a certain kind of happiness because we are able to see beautiful sorroundings and mingle with other persons. It also feeds our minds about the culture from which the food came from. It's cool to eat out.
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  4. I agree with you on this one. It should be done occasionally though. When you cook your own food is when you will select your own delicasy
  5. mythalot

    mythalot New Member

    Personally, would rather eat indoors because at least they can change the temperature inside. Where you eat is mostly up to you my friend.
  6. Madamdyosa

    Madamdyosa New Member

    I prefer to eat indoors because I don't want that other people will be staring at me because it's bothersome sometimes.
  7. jhonuarin03

    jhonuarin03 Member

    I like to do both. At home I can make meals the way I like them exactly. But if there's something I'm not good at, then I like to get that at a restaurant.
  8. prescilla

    prescilla New Member

    Cooking our own food that is the best thing to do. If we are the one who cook food to our own family then at least you know that the food is clean, you know the process when you cook it.And cooking is the best exercise too. Especially if you are a married person and then you will be the to cook for your husband or wife then it is indeed great!
  9. Cherubim145

    Cherubim145 New Member

    I prefer home-cooked meals than eating out because it is more economical, not to mention the choices you have over what seasonings you put into your food.

    Eating out is an option if there are special occasions.
  10. Angelondrei

    Angelondrei New Member

    I would rather eat indoors. Beside from eating cheaper, you get to cook your own food and you know exactly that you eat a healthier meal. If you eat outside you pay much expensive meals than cooking your own food. You can save much more money if you eat indoors. That's a plus when you are on a tight budget.

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