Would you sacrifice graphics for story line?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Tevye101, Apr 11, 2015.

  1. Tevye101

    Tevye101 New Member

    I recently played through my favorite game for the second time. "To the Moon" is easily the best game I have ever played, and the graphics are nothing special, by any means. It is a 2D scroller, with pixel graphics. Yet, even with these minimal graphics, the story made for it all. It's brought me to tears twice now, and I have zero regrets buying it.

    So, what do you guys think? Would you sacrifice graphics for a story?
  2. Leonardo DeLima

    Leonardo DeLima New Member

    Yes, but only to a certain degree. I wouldn't play a game with ultra high definition graphics if it had super linear gameplay. Even today, one of my favorite game series is Pokemon, and it was originally an 8-bit game. With that being said, I feel like the Pokemon of today has sacrificed original content for pretty graphics.
  3. Air3

    Air3 New Member

    I believe that game developers should make games in stages. Create a nice and open story line and plan how the game will turn out, then build up their graphics for the levels or worlds. After this they can build it all into a final game. I think that if they do it in stages like that then they should not have to sacrifice graphics and storyline. Both can be included, if the game is built properly. However, I know that they don't do this, and today I think I would sacrifice some graphics to include a better storyline, and if developers want to produce a visually stunning game then they should produce it as a showcase of what they can do, then try to include it into a game with some depth of storyline.
  4. crosswalker

    crosswalker New Member

    Absolutely. Like Air3 said, they shouldn't have to sacrifice graphics or storyline, but to me, the story is what's more important. What's most important, though, is that the game is still fun. Some games have trouble successfully incorporating their story and end up with too much exposition.
  5. DavidRooney

    DavidRooney New Member

    Yes, I would.

    Graphics don't make a game nearly as much as plot, characters, and gameplay do. I like lengthy games, as they have much more to them, and take more time to complete, making them easier to enjoy longer. Although, I doubt very seriously that the graphics would go back to the N64 stuff, since this is a new day and age. It's also very possible to make a good, lengthy game with good graphics. That aside, I would still sacrifice graphics for a longer game, any day.
  6. Meghan Nicole

    Meghan Nicole New Member

    I value graphics more than storyline. If I am playing something and the graphics are poor, I'm completely turned off from the game altogether. This is 2015, and there's really no reason to have ugly, unappealing graphics. I mean, that's not to say the storyline can be utter garbage either. If I'm paying for a product, I expect it to be well-polished all around. Solid storyline, even more solid graphics. That's not unreasonable to ask for. I'm happy playing open-world games where there is very minimal storyline but the graphics are captivating. As long as I have something to fuel my imagination, I can come up with any story I want in my mind.
  7. versicorange

    versicorange New Member

    I will definitely trade off graphics for a good story line. While I like a game to look nice, graphics aren't what makes a game fun for me. I play a lot of RPGs, and the story needs to be good to keep me interested. It doesn't matter how hype realistic the graphics are if the game reads like it was stapled together from the leftover plots of every other game in the genre. I'll happily take something designed on a budget if the writers knew what they were doing.

    Game-play mechanisms are another issue entirely. I wouldn't trade them off for a story like I would graphics.
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  8. xSentaru

    xSentaru New Member

    Yes, I would, definitely! What makes a game good for me is in fact the story line and the overall gameplay and not the graphics. Of course, they do matter, but when it comes to trading story line for graphics, I'm all in.

    All that matters in the end is if you had fun with the game or not. A good and very popular example would be Minecraft. When I was younger I used to play it with my friends. Do you think we would care for the graphics as long as we had fun and a good story line to accompany us? No, of course not!
  9. Wolflord

    Wolflord New Member

    The best games have a good balance of both. I'd rather not play a game that looks and feels horrible no matter how good the storyline is, however we've seen AAA games have really good graphics but TERRIBLE storylines time and time again, and those games are usually gigantic failures in the eyes of the community(such as games like Watch_Dogs)

    This only really applies to single-player games though, as you really can't expect multi-player based games to have a great storyline due to the fact that it's not the focus of the game.
  10. Cambria21

    Cambria21 New Member

    Yes I will. I still play the old school Castlevania regardless of its graphics. I wouldn't waste my time looking at good graphics and get bored because of cliche and unnecessary scenes. A good game though would have both. Unfortunately, you can rarely find a good game.
  11. Gavca

    Gavca New Member

    I think that too many game franchises sacrifice story lines for graphics. I have been playing video games for around 25 years, and the older games were always built around a solid story, which would often feature plot twists and surprises. These games have basic graphics, just enough to let you see what was going on. Modern games, however, simply try to blow their players away by using the latest graphics available; they often have a very basic story line.
    I would always prefer to play a game that has been well thought out and involves an engrossing story line to a game that tries to dazzle you with great graphics, and little else.
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  12. forward280

    forward280 New Member

    I don't mind the graphics in the video games that I play if it has a good story line to go with it. That being said I feel like its very important for the game to at least have an appealing and interesting graphical style
  13. Keyvan

    Keyvan New Member

    The game should obviously satisfy a certain balance between graphics and story line. but still, if I had to choose I would go with the one with a good plot.
  14. Architect

    Architect Member

    Story-lines are very important to me however the game play itself must be better. I'm fine with simple graphics if a game's good then the graphics won't change the replay value and that's the most important aspect for me in gaming. If I can't see myself playing the game again after beating it or after so long, then it doesn't matter how good the graphics are.
  15. Llano

    Llano New Member

    I personally don't care if the graphics are bad if the storyline is great. I've played many great indie games and RPG's with great stories that make me totally forget how bad the graphics are. I rate games mainly on storyline, so some new games with amazing graphics aren't that great to me because their stories are boring or predictable.
  16. Rado.ko

    Rado.ko New Member

    A story is what makes a good game for me. Graphics are just cosmetics. Ofcourse, a better looking game is more enjoyable, but the story is the most essential part. A boring game, no matter how good it looks, is trash. I'd rather play a game with a great story and bad graphics than a boring one that just looks great.
  17. bavinnie

    bavinnie New Member

    Well, in my opinion this widely decided by the genre and nature of the game, for example with an ARPG (see diablo 2) the stories are usually meh, cool aspects but take it or leave it because generally they are all about smashing monsters and getting gear and making builds, so with a game like that - you might as well be looking at something beautiful if you are spending so much time looking at it and not being indulged in any sort of story. But if you were to take a single-player game that isn't just about grinding (most) the story will always trump the graphics, one thing I can't do is text-based games, never could get into them
  18. evercrest

    evercrest New Member

    Of course. Always Story over Graphics. Sometimes, I enjoy the pixely scenes better than the HD quality scenes, simply because the Pixels have much more meaning than the HD. Few games can actually combine both HD and story into one game. But... some games are not meant to have a story, like MMO's or MOBA's. You may find a game with quests for a storyline that you can play online, but those storylines are shallow and are basically only for the people who care about the people in the game, which usually doesn't apply to most players.
  19. redexogen

    redexogen New Member

    I would sacrifice graphics for a solid storyline without hesitation. I've played many games where the graphics were little but huge pixels and funny-looking sprites, but the story was fantastic. Those games are the ones that will stick with me, and those are the ones I will play over and over. If the game is meant to have a storyline (for example; most RPGs) then it should have a solid one. Any game that could get away with a linear storyline (like a FPS or the like) should have the gameplay and graphic capability to keep the game engaging.
  20. RagingOrator

    RagingOrator New Member

    I think there is a balancing act to be found between both. Obviously if you're an indie company, and you don't have a lot of money to spend on fancy graphics then you shouldn't go bankrupt doing it. Still there is something to be said for the immersion that great graphics can bring. Take Bioware for example, their games are consistently graphically amazing, but they also have a reputation for amazing storylines. Ultimately if I had to choose I would sacrifice graphical capability for a better storyline, but I think it's important to remember just how much great graphics can enhance storylines.
  21. SRM21

    SRM21 New Member

    Gameplay is the only feature I really concern myself with on most releases. The others fall somewhere way behind gameplay. If the gameplay just isn't fun then it's simply not worth my money, I can tolerate bad graphics and story much easier.
  22. Brit333

    Brit333 New Member

    Graphics are nice to have but I would definitely sacrifice them for a good story line. I like RPG's better than most games. They are like mini movies that you get to be the main character in. I would rather be playing a game with graphics straight out of the 80's as long as the story line takes my imagination on a magical journey. I have bought games in the past with very nice graphics but ended up not keeping those games because the story line just plain sucked. The graphics are there to help play up the story, not over power it.
  23. Mikhail

    Mikhail New Member

    I might, but I can't be certain. I guess it'd really all depend on what the gameplay was like, and whether the sort of gameplay involved would be hampered by the lack of graphics. I certainly wouldn't sacrifice graphics in a First Person Shooter because I'm not playing an FPS for story. I'm playing it for the visuals and the gameplay... but for an rpg, something like final fantasy or pokemon where the story is my primary concern then definitely I would. I even play text based rpg's in which there are no graphics, so generally it matters little to me if it's not what I'm there for.
  24. Gotchased

    Gotchased New Member

    I definitely agree on your point, too many games have sacrificed storyline over graphics. Marketing of AAA games have gone to this road already, for example, the usual rpg from the early consoles can usually last at an average of 30hrs above to finish. Right now it is hard to find games having excellent quality graphics that have a very profound and deeply elaborated storyline, i miss those lenghty games. Those sleepless nights haha.
  25. keithgower

    keithgower New Member

    I feel that the aesthetic of a game is never important when you compare other elements, like story, mechanics and combat.
  26. OrigamiCrane

    OrigamiCrane New Member

    I would absolutely sacrifice graphics for storyline. Some of the most profound games have simple 16 bit graphics. From a developer standpoint, having simple graphics gives them more time to focus on the narrative. Don't get me wrong, graphics ARE important to me, but they aren't completely necessary for the game to effectively communicate with the player.
  27. kruno98

    kruno98 New Member

    It depends. It should be ballanced, with a great storyline i think that you must enyoy graphics to. It will improve the expericence of game, i know when i played mario bros :$ ahhah, but now with this technology game graphics should be great and with a great story line. That's my opinion :D
  28. fatguy39

    fatguy39 New Member

    If the story is worth it, absolutely! One of the best games I played was Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions, known as Final Fantasy Tactics back in the PS1. It may not boast the best graphics nowadays, but it sure has one breathtaking story. If I remember correctly, it was a spinoff from, other than Final Fantasy, the Tactics Ogre series, which itself boasts games that has good plots. Other games which I have played only for the story and fun would be Diablo and Diablo 2.

    I didn't include the older Final Fantasy games. As much as I like them, I played them around when they were released, and just replayed them again as an adult, which will make the result biased, haha! So I only included the ones fresh to me above and not from my childhood ones.
  29. Sheggy6

    Sheggy6 New Member

    Neither, I'd sacrifice both for better gameplay however. The leading factor about a game should always be game play, give me solid tight controls in favor of a story or graphics. This sets apart a good game from bad. Take Mount and Blade Warband, graphically speaking it is abysmal, and story wise it isn't exactly going to win a Pulitzer award either. However, the game is set apart by its game play. The variety it brings, and the careful thought you have to give it to make be able to achieve greatness in it.
    Game play, is, and always will be, the driving force behind any game, any one who states otherwise is delusional.
  30. Slothstronaut22

    Slothstronaut22 New Member

    Absolutley, story is very important to me. I love playing games that have me thinking about it long after I finished. A decent story does that much more effectivley than impressive graphics. I thnk a good story is underrated today, people don't appreciate is as much as they should.

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