Would you watch a movie or read a book first?

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If there was a movie coming out that was based on a book you haven't read, what would you do?

  1. See the movie first

  2. Read the book first

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  1. marglai

    marglai New Member

    I do love watching movies. But if I have a lot of books especially historical books that tackle important events in history, I will sit down and read that book instead of watching movies. In books, I easily remember and learned, such as name of the place, person, and dates. If I have missed some details I can scan it backward easily not like movies. And in movies, I cant practice my reading and comprehension skills. In reading books, you have to use your imagination picture out in your mind what is written in the book.
  2. Wesdaasian

    Wesdaasian New Member

    If I had the choice between reading the book or watching the movie, I would read the novel first. This is due to a couple important reasons. First, books give more background information than movies. Since movies are usually only around an hour and a half to two hours, they cannot explain much and occasionally leave plot holes or other confusing situations. Novels on the other hand, can have many words explaining certain subjects in the story more deeply. Another reason I would read the book first is because the movie would still be entertaining after I read the book. This is due to the actors, soundtrack, and other factors contributing to the movie. However, it would be difficult reading the novel after watching the movie.
  3. arienzi3

    arienzi3 Member

    I mostly agree with you. I would normally read the books before watching the movies that are adapted from it, but if it's a book adapted from a movie - not even going to bother. I do this because I prefer to be creative with the characters and events. If I'd watched the movie before the book, I would simply picture the movie in my head while I read... which I'd rather watch the movie again to save more time (maybe I'll even watch it with subtitles of another language!). The only exception I've ever made was Harry Potter. No offense but the book is way too long for me to be intrested in, especially when most of it contains actions (which I'd gladly rather watch than read) and the list of spells which I have no intrest in remembering.
    I don't think by reading the story it means the movie is spoiled. It just simply means you get to relive the moments again but this time you can see everything infront of you. You might also pick up on details that you've missed when reading but the director emphasizes on it.
  4. Kcdumalo

    Kcdumalo New Member

    I would prefer to read a book first before watching movies since it is more detailed unlike in movies. I feel like I am in my own world where I can relate myself to the main character.
  5. If there was a movie coming out that was based on a book you haven't read, what would you do?

    I would read the book first before I watch the film adaptation of the book. Why? First, the story line and concept is more accurate in the book than in its film adaptation. Second, I can vividly picture out or imagine the characters, the setting, and the role of each character in the book. Third, film adaptations would not cover the entire story of the book. For example, there would be edited or "cut scenes" in the film. Therefore, I can say that books are more in-depth than film adaptations.
  6. muriel watawat

    muriel watawat New Member

    I think it would depend on whether the movie is based from a book like the Hunger Games or Harry Potter. If it is, then I’d rather read the book first and then watch the movie because books are more detailed and understandable. Movies tend to cut some parts which were highlighted in the book so the thrill might not be the same.
  7. Adrian Mar Perez

    Adrian Mar Perez New Member

    If I were to choose between watching a movie or reading a book first, I would choose reading the book first because the narrative on the book is much better. The conception in the book is also well interpreted more than the movie because the movie is just like the summary of the book.
  8. KariB

    KariB New Member

    I always say that the books are far better than any movie would be. If a new movie is coming out and its based on a book I will go and try and get the book and read it first before seeing the movie.

    With books, you can live yourself into it and there are much more going on in the book which they would never capture in a 2-hour movie.
  9. ken123

    ken123 New Member

    I'd like to watch the movie first. It is because when I have actually known the story before watching the movie, for me the excitement and anticipation just go away. In my opinion, the feelings and emotions encapsulated into the movie can be better felt and appreciated if the mind does not predict with affirmation what the scenes would unfold. For me, the stories in books become a great delight to the senses through movies. So why not watch it first before going deeper into reading it?
  10. rlsuarez

    rlsuarez New Member

    Honestly, I'd rather watch a movie first than read the book. It's not that I hate reading, I just don't have enough time to read a whole book. Actually, way back in my teenage life, I'm so fond of reading. I can still remember how I saved my 3 weeks allowance just to buy the first Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. I finished reading it for a week but when the movie was released it was just an hour and a couple of minutes. That's when I realized watching the movie would save a lot of time than reading the book itself. Though there are some cuts about the story in films than in the book you'll still be entertained.
  11. SebyStrik

    SebyStrik New Member

    I always read the book first before I watch the movie. I think it spoils a book more when you've watched the movie than it spoils a movie when you've read the book.

    I watched Harry Potter before I read the books, and I love the movies, but when I tried to read the books, I just couldn't. I never finished the second one, because I already knew what would happen, and one of the best things about reading books is that you don't know how it will end. So I prefer read the book first before watch the movie.
  12. racqy

    racqy New Member

    I would read the book first before watching its movie adaptation. The book has a very detailed information with regards to everything. But movie adaptions sadly are very poor. Like there are a lot of the things I expected from a novel that isn't shown to its movie adaptation and there are times where movie adaptations are a bit different from its novel's actual story that just makes me sad.
  13. AB02175

    AB02175 New Member

    I would read the book first in order to create the images in my head which stimulates my imagination. It allows me to visualize the story by myself before I decide to see exactly how another person sees it in their own mind. The book also allows you to compare and contrast your own interpretation of the story to that of the screenwriter. It also provides more freedom in imagination with the characters, internalization and description whereas the screenwriter maps it out for everyone.
  14. drea77

    drea77 New Member

    This has always been a tough situation for me. I love to read, but don't always have enough time. In the past, when I have read the book first, and then seen the movie, the inconsistencies bothered me. The characters never looked like I imagined them and huge parts of the story were left out.

    If I see a movie before I read the book, it's doubtful that I will ever read the book. In truth, I am not a big movie fan and rarely watch them. Occasionally, however, my daughter wants me to go see a book based movie. Again, if I do go see such a film, it's doubtful I will read the book.
  15. gratzieachenz

    gratzieachenz New Member

    I always want to read the book first. Why? Some things in movies are implied so if you read the book ahead you'll at least have an idea what's the story about. Mostly, movies aren't exactly as the book entails and some are cut short in order to squeeze it all in their storytime. The reason why some movies are hard to know the actual meaning at first show. Also the reason why a lot of people tend to watch the movie over again just to get the idea. Hahaha! I sometimes do that.
  16. Arnavi Raj

    Arnavi Raj New Member

    I need to read the book first. I find that with movies I always want to know MORE. How are the characters doing living their normal lives? what's going on with them now? Oftentimes in books, the story world is more thoroughly fleshed out, offering more details and insight into what shapes the characters and events.
  17. Retch15

    Retch15 New Member

    For me reading the book first then go watch the movie for better understanding of story, and the characters. Books are far more detailed than movies. It allows us to get to know the characters better, to know what the characters are actually thinking. Most of the time in movies it's hard to get the whole concept clearly. There is a lot that we don't understand because they left it out.
  18. Wendyp870

    Wendyp870 New Member

    I definitely prefer to read the book first. I have a few reasons why...

    I like using my imagination while reading. Coming up with characters and how they look and act as well as how the scenery looks is, for me, part of the fun in reading. When I have seen the movie first, the actors and places in the movie are what I picture instead of what my mind may have envisioned on it's own. Generally, if I see the movie first, I probably won't ever read the book.

    The book provides me, as a reader, more information than the movie version ever does. When the movie version is made, there are usually things completely cut out or even characters that are found unnecessary to the story are removed.

    There are also times when the story is completely changed from how it was intended to go. For those that love a specific book or series of books, that can be disappointing indeed. For those that don't read before viewing, they won't know the difference.
  19. slallison

    slallison New Member

    When a movie comes out that is based on a book, I prefer to read the book first. I feel that books can really go deeper into understanding the motives and feelings of the characters in a story. I also find that I can savor a book, while a movie is over within two hours. I really enjoy reading books before the movie, so I can make comparisons and have a knowledgeable opinion on the quality of the movie.
  20. chinggamme

    chinggamme New Member

    I would definitely read the book first. When you read a book, you're the director,actor and producer at the same time. This is one of the reasons why when someone who has already read the book watch the movie,they almost always find the movie lacking.
  21. Suresh Devadas

    Suresh Devadas New Member

    I prefer reading books rather than watching movies.Watching movies just entertains but has disadvantages such as weak eye sights , CineDisadvantages and for students it may affect their studies. We can avail portability in reading books but not in movies.
  22. mmats22

    mmats22 New Member

    I've always been an avid book reader. I've seen movies based on books, but I always find it disappointing. There's just something about a book that the screen couldn't capture. The movies are always lacking of something that only the books have. There can be a lot of mistakes and a lot of scenes from the books can be left out, and it sometimes won't just do the book any justice. Not all movies, but majority of what I've seen, yes. So I always find a way to read the book first before watching the movie.
  23. rossinimarie

    rossinimarie New Member

    It's nice to watch a movie because it's faster and you will be able to finish it in a few hours. It's also very interesting to watch your favorite actors and actresses on the screen. You will also see in the movie the action that they are doing.
  24. quen29

    quen29 New Member

    I would prefer to read the book first. So that I could judge if the movie did give justice to the book. Books are more realistic, than watching motion pictures because in books you imagine your own heroine and hero, while in movies they give the role to the actors who did not meet the expectations of the readers. hahaha, anyway, that's just my opinion.
  25. I prefer to read book first.

    I have a hard time with this question. Some of my favorite books have been turned into movies, and I absolutely hate them! Movies fail to capture the essence and detail of the books, and most often directors will cut out scenes from the book that don't seem relevant (but as an author myself, and an avid reader I understand their significance because of character development or the small details they miss out on explaining in those scenes.)

    However, if I watch a movie that was based off the book first, I generally like to see the movie first. My philosophy is generally the book is going to be better, the movie is going to fail to follow the story line to a complete accurate standard. So I watch the movie first so that I do not absolutely hate it and want that hour and a half or whatever of my life back.

    Then I will pick up the book, and chances are, I will enjoy it even more than I enjoyed the movie.
    Most books tell the story through the eyes of the protagonists. We get to experience their goals, feelings, desires, and memory's. It creates a stronger bond between the reader and the character. Some movies have voice overs and flashbacks, but it doesn't have the same originality as reading a book. It's better to read the book and know what the protagonists is feeling while watching it happen on the silver screen.
  26. oppa12345

    oppa12345 New Member

    I prefer reading the book first before watching the movie since by reading I am able to expand my imagination and deepen my vocabulary. It does not only activate my mind, but it also enhances my understanding and passion whenever I'm reading a book. Also, I am able to read the various parts of the book which was sometimes not included when watching it as a movie alone. Aside from that, I can also compare the things the I've read whether it's correct or not during watching the movie. In my own opinion, it would only be great to watch a movie first whenever one person is in a hurry and won't have that time to read the book.
  27. Ceres

    Ceres New Member

    I prefer to watch the movie first and savor the visuals and then read the book afterward rather than reverse. I enjoy reading books but some stories vividly color my imagination that I have great hopes for the movie adapted from it. There are lots of times I finished the book and went to the cinema expecting and was left kind of hanging. I know for sure that the casts cannot, of course, deliver the exact masterpiece but still, there is a great excitement and anticipation for me whenever I go watch that movie.
  28. Doadex

    Doadex New Member

    I am all about the visuals. I can't stand to read a book these days. It makes me fall asleep and I have a ridiculously short attention span when it comes to reading a book. This wasn't the case always though. I remember I used to enjoy reading novels lot when I was younger around 10 to 16 years old. I used to hide my novel under the desk and read during class in school. And sometimes I get into trouble for it. Even at home I rather spend time with a book then go out and do other activities. It felt good to lose my imagination and be in a different world. Ah well! those days are long gone now :laugh:
  29. Islarpee

    Islarpee New Member

    Read the book first because it is more detailed than watching the movie first.
  30. Philip Melton

    Philip Melton New Member

    In my experience, reading the book before seeing the movie makes me much more critical of the movie, especially if I consider the book to be a good read. I actually read the Godfather before watching the movie and both the book and movie were great as it is evident Francis Ford Coppola made a strong effort to stick with the source material almost word for word. However, I recently watched The Dark Tower movie and while I enjoyed the film itself, I was disappointed at how it changed a lot of key elements from Stephen King's book that makes it such an interesting story.

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