Would you watch a movie or read a book first?

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If there was a movie coming out that was based on a book you haven't read, what would you do?

  1. See the movie first

  2. Read the book first

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  1. Vashi

    Vashi New Member

    I personally would always choose to read a book first as it allows my imagination to conjure up images of the characters. I remember when the Twilight saga came out, all my friends read the first book before me and would rave about how hot Edward was; for some reason I decided to watch the movie first before reading the book, and as a result was unable to form my own version of Edward, as my subconscious would automatically insert Robert Pattinson into that role.
  2. jayceegasa

    jayceegasa New Member

    Before I prefer to read the book first then I will watch the movie. Because, I thought that was better. I get to read the full details of the story. There are details in the book that are not shown on film. I get to understand the story better and visualize it in a more detailed way.

    Turns out, when I watched the movie after reading the book, I get disappointed. The movie doesn't show how I visualized it while reading the book. Some details are being omitted, sometimes the most important parts are not given emphasis. The turning points are changed or diverted into something else.

    The film may have had shown the totality of the story but not the specifics. So lately, if I am going to watch the movie, I am just going to watch it only and not read the book where it came from. Or if I am going to read the book, I am just going to stick on reading it and not watch it on movie so I won't be disappointed.
  3. markyv08

    markyv08 New Member

    Personal experience I want to watch movie first than reading a book because if I’m watching movie I already understand what is happening and also, I saw it with visual effects, I am a type of person love a visual effect I love graphics, but on the other hand reading a book is more important because it will help you imagine what the author want to say it will help us to develop our imagination and also this is Stress Reduction hobbies, no matter how much stress we have at work, or in our personal relationships or other issues we faced in our daily life, it all just slips away when you lose ourselves in a great story.
  4. tbna1024

    tbna1024 New Member

    I prefer reading the book first. I won't see a movie if it's based on a book until I've read it first. Of course, then I only watch the movie 50% of the time because I never want to be disappointed by it and I feel that I usually am.
  5. Rishie

    Rishie New Member

    I prefer to watch movies first and then read the book after. When I read the book first my mind imagines the characters and the scenes of the story the way they are described in the book. Now when I watch the movie, the scenes and the characters that you are expecting is different, and then it gets uninteresting. the characters in the story is different than what you see in the movie. Whereas if I watch the movie first, I already have seen the characters and so when I read the book I already have the characters in mind and scene in mind. I usually read the books after watching the movie when I think that they omit some scenes from the book, like for an instance if the book is thick than it should be the length of the movie.
  6. scrapcrap

    scrapcrap New Member

    An age old arguement... See the movie first or read the book first

    Let me make it clear;

    A movie takes long time and much more effort then getting a book ready but, you have only 1,5 hour or 2 hours (max.3, lord of the rings) to tell the story. At the point, telling the story via movie but based on a book, novel etc. is always challenging because, for example it took me weeks to read all LOTR. books, but its possible to see all of its movies in a day (it takes roughly 12 hours)

    Here is the point, the director, the producer, the senarists has to cut the scenes either important scenes or not, they often do that, and the movie turns out to be a bad summary of the book.

    Another thing that makes a movie based on a novel bad is, limited imagination of producers directors and scenarist, and at the end movie does not catch our imagined world based of the novel. And most important of all, those productions are made for making money, so no need to be harsh on the movie industry.

    My personel opinion over this arguement is don't go to movies based on a novel only if you don't want to get disappointed. But only, if you want to see the production get your hopes ready to fall in any cliff of movie disappointment, which make you less unhappy!

    Read the book first, use your own imagination, not someone elses.
  7. Amhyre

    Amhyre Member

    I prefer watching the movie because I like to see the totality of how the story goes. I also like reading the book where the story originated, but it takes more time. I'm only reading it if I like the movie adaptation or if I feel like i didn't grasp the gist of the story.
  8. charmousity

    charmousity Member

    I will read the book first so that when I get to watch the movie, it would be easier for me to distinguish any differences between the two. Movies usually are quite different from the books they are based on. Some parts mentioned in the book are omitted. So it would be better to read the book first as it tells the original story.
  9. leonardo0903

    leonardo0903 New Member

    In my opinion and from experience, I prefer to read a book than watch a movie. Reading stimulates my imagination and allows me to paint a better picture in my head. The feelings of the characters are captured more accurately allowing you to gain a better understanding. There will be no bad acting since the scenes are played out inside your head using your preference.
  10. geemojica

    geemojica New Member

    Personally, I like to read the book first if I have available time. Based on my experience from reading the Harry Potter series', the books are bursting in ideas, imagination and it took me to a place I have never been. It gives the whole picture of the story and what is really happening in the author's mind. The pages literally flew from turning it because of excitement. Also, I am a fan of Nicholas Sparks. He made me cry, laugh and stumble into bed because of excitement. I will then go see the movie three months or more after reading it. It gives me a different point of view in the story. I do not feel like watching it immediately after reading it, because I will tell you, the movie will not give its full justice to the book. You will just feel a little frustration because you will find some relevant parts of the story missing in the movie.
  11. Jeyteegee

    Jeyteegee New Member

    I would ALWAYS, always read the book first before watching the movie (if there were any).
    Books contain the real deal. The essence, the originality, the idea, and the feels are all packed in that book from which the movie got its inspiration from.
    From my standpoint, movies are mostly created for entertainment and profit rather than aim to tell a story-- the story of the characters. Of course the movie would tell THE story, but it wouldn't be quite the same. The producers and directors would often put priority on how the movie would be well-accepted to the public and how it could receive positive receptions and/or top the blockbuster, without really being faithful to the original story in the book.
    Another thing is that one cannot ascertain what the character actually feels at the moment, what he thinks of his circumstance and what his mindset and personality actually are. The books tell you those. The books let you feel those.
    When you read the book, say Harry Potter, you would feel like you were the character itself. You would feel like you are Hermione herself. You would feel like you were the one being seized by the giant (Hagrid's half-brother; c'mon--who doesn't know him?) because books let you immerse in its characters emotions and point-of-view, even.
    In the movies, however, I always feel like I'm just an audience, watching before my eyes how the story unfolds and how the character develops into a strong, independent individual.
    I feel like I'm just experiencing the story second-hand, rather than first-hand... of course, that's just my own opinion from my own experiences.
    I am an avid book-nerd, and 100% of the time that I watch book-to-movie adaptations, I would always find something that annoys me or doesn't sit well with me, such as: plot twists that weren't in the book, cuts that didn't make it to the final cut because the directors found them quite unnecessary even though readers would argue that it was, indeed, a very important part of the story, actors that didn't do the character/part justice, awkward scripts that, again, weren't in the book, and so much more.
    However, I do find a good movie adaptation satisfying, as long as it did the book justice.
  12. eunice251

    eunice251 New Member

    Well i think everyone of us refer watching the full movie even i got lazy on reading the books of the story it self and i will prefer the movie that have a good subtitled on it so you can full understand the plot of the whole story cause in books you would only create an imagination but in the movie you will see it visually and there is a sound that make you goosebumbs some times and it can affect to the climax of the story . so i will recommend watching the movie 1st
  13. AitanaCatalina

    AitanaCatalina New Member

    Reading the book from which the movie was based is much adequate for the reason that the latter is an adaptation of the former. Another reason is that, most movies don't accurately express what is the content of the book and the details are minimized so normally people would have contradicting feelings about the two. I am reading the Harry Potter books at this moment and I seem to be shocked at how far the details were to the film.
  14. 20Neon

    20Neon New Member

    I definitely prefer watching a movie. Reading sometimes gets so hectic and unlike watching reading requires full concentration. Visualization is much better than perusing through pages. A story is best told when acted than written. Written lines open up wide for story interpretations. This freedom of interpretation can mess the true interpretation and make us interpret stories in a deceived way. Watching is best, we get the intended interpretation.

    Although both ways strain the eyes, watching is worth it. It is interesting and saves us the cost of having to create mental images as we do when reading. I am not dismissing written work to be nonsense as it is also descriptive. Reading is also a beautiful art as watching is but personally, I prefer watching, its great. Reading is tiresome, watching is comforting. We can watch from any sitting angle.
  15. kaisernquezada

    kaisernquezada New Member

    I prefer reading the book first because it is more detailed and exciting. I can create the characters in my head, know their thoughts and feelings, visualize the scenes, and put myself in the world that they are in. Watching the movie before reading the book would just let you think of the characters portrayed in the movie and does not let you have the freedom of creating the characters yourself in your head. Also, many events written in the book are omitted in the movies to save time and money. Hundreds of pages in a book are being placed into an animation that runs for only an hour and a half.
  16. Norman1

    Norman1 New Member

    It's better to see the movie first. Watching the movie before reading is kind a unique and trying to be different as most commonly they read first than watch. The characters and events in books are sometimes not same with the movies and quite fans are in chaos of why it did not follow the original description or content.

    Movies is much easier than book to imagine. It is not like being lazy but sometimes, just thinking that it is more comfortable.
  17. CatherineEsco31

    CatherineEsco31 New Member

    Watching the movie. It gives a realistic feel of the book. But in some cases, the movie tends to destroy the creativity of the author because of lack of creativity in the film. Most of the time there are parts that are existing in the book but not in the movie interpretation. It may be because it's being compromised because the duration of the film or other factors affecting film makers. But technology is advancing their interpretation of these is improving.
  18. Susan-Marie

    Susan-Marie New Member

    For me, it would depend on whether or not the book the movie is based on is fact or fiction. If it is a book based on a true story, I would much rather read the book. If it's a book based on fictional characters and events I would be fine with watching the movie. Hollywood doesn't always depict the actual events, so if I want the facts I like reading the book.
  19. john ariel

    john ariel New Member

    I would read the book first.The book is imagination based. So what I read is what my brain interpret. When I watch a movie, I watch something that the screenplay writer interpreted.
    This way, instead of “This scene on the book is very cool! the moment is fast paced and the reveal is perfect!” I would go “yeah, I remember that scene from the movie”.
    It would lower the book reading experience.
  20. Steve5

    Steve5 New Member

    I would rather read the book first.

    Books contain vital information regarding all elements of the story. How would you know if the movie accurately portrayed all that was written in the novel? The problem with movies inspired from books is time. They only have an hour or so to make the most of it.

    There's also immense pressure in upholding the book's quality. A movie adaptation is an author's greatest dream and fear at the same time. They would be beyond grateful if the movie succinctly captures what was written. But if not, there's a high possibility of their book being tarnished by the failures of the movie.

    No one wants that. Not the readers. Not the viewers. Neither the director nor the writer. It's bad news for all.

    But I'm always open to seeing where things go. Some movies are surprisingly better than their book counterparts. You can never say unless you watch it for yourself.
  21. justLouisse

    justLouisse New Member

    I rather read the book first. It is much better to read the books first because there is some scenes or scenario that the movie didn't include. When I am reading, I imagined it the way I want it to be. It's like I am the director of it and only follows a given scripts by the author. In watching the movie adaptation of the book, sometimes I get dissappointed. It happened when I watched the movie adaptation of twilight saga before I could even read it. Yes, the movie was good but when I've read it, I was like "Why this is not in the Movie?!" "Why they portrayed Bella like that?". So many changes happened. To watch the movie is good but reading the book is always better. The truth is it's not movie vs books. It's more like your own imagination vs. the imagination of the directors of the movie. Plus, you could share to your friends what really happened in the book. Great isn't it?
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  22. EncarDM

    EncarDM New Member

    I'm a book worm so I would definitely read the book first, and if the reviews for the movie is good then I will watch the movie. I have issues on movie adaptation of my favorite books since they don't really portray the story, and I get disappointed when they cut out the main events in the book. It's just sad to watch those movies.:(:(
  23. Hanna Anonuevo

    Hanna Anonuevo New Member

    Most of the people I know would really go on watching the movie first before reading, or not reading the book at all. They say it is better and easier way to understand a certain story. But as for me, who loves to read books, 'bookworm' they say, I find it more appealing and one reason why I love reading a book first before watching a movie is because there is a 'feeling' and what do I mean by 'feeling'? It is like while I am reading a book, I really feel and appreciate the character's point or view. From that, I am not only just understanding the context itself, but also can relate on what's the character is feeling. Yes, there's a thin line between a book and a movie, but I would probably choose something that is I can relate to from the very beginning.
  24. davidusadz

    davidusadz New Member

    The thing is most days individuals like to have a day sitting before the TV viewing the most recent movies and TV appears; a few people even simply stare at the TV for staring at the TV and they're willing to observe any old garbage. Furthermore, it's more typical to discover individuals that want to sit before the TV throughout the day than it is to discover somebody that needs to sit at home perusing throughout the day. I adore perusing with an energy; I cherish giving my creative ability a chance to run wild and envisioning what every one of these characters look like and how they're feeling. Movies don't do that for you yet books do! All books that progress toward becoming blockbusters get transformed into films and some of the time the movies truly satisfy you and once in a while it can be soul-obliterating!
  25. MamaSue83

    MamaSue83 New Member

    I have a personal rule that I have to read the book first whenever possible. There are certain details that cannot be conveyed the same way through cinema that a book can do. Both books and movies employ strategies to convey meaning; however, they are very different strategies. Books rely on words and details to convey meaning, while movies can utilize different visual techniques to help bridge the idea from dialogue to full interpretation. If the movie is based on a book, it makes sense to go back to the original source to get the main details.
  26. bradex31

    bradex31 New Member

    I would not read the book because I'm more of a visual person. I love reading books with pictures. I am more interested on watching the movie and not reading the book because I love the action scenes. Its just like I prefer watching the anime than reading the manga as anime provides a lot of their skills and their movements are very awesome. I'm going to be sleepy when I read a book. That's why I choose movies over books.
  27. stranger_07

    stranger_07 Member

    I would prefer to read the book first because for me it is more informative and you can also feel the emotion that the character wants to portray. It also very good for one person to read it first so that they will know some details that are deemed unimportant by the movie but gives different kind of feeling when read.
  28. aehranne

    aehranne New Member

    I always prefer to read the book first. But the risk in reading first is knowing that the movie has deconstructed the actual scenes and story line of the book/ novel. These usually happens in a scifi movies. Knowing that their are scene that are almost impossible to achieve when translating to a visual versions. However, watching a book adaptation movies gives some of the readers a clear picture of is really happening.
  29. Aaron James Arce

    Aaron James Arce New Member

    A lazy person would always choose the movies. But a wise book worm would always read the book first. For the record I'm both of that person. Sometimes I just felt like reading books for leisure and entertainment. And other times I just too lazy to read books and rather watch TV or a movie. When a movie is based on a booked, It is often times that you would say that the movie version has a lot of skipped part that makes it unsatisfying. Its inevitable because most movies only last 1-2 hours.
  30. eunice251

    eunice251 New Member

    Well i think everyone of us refer watching the full movie even i got lazy on reading the books of the story it self and i will prefer the movie that have a good subtitled on it so you can full understand the plot of the whole story cause in books you would only create an imagination but in the movie you will see it visually and there is a sound that make you goosebumbs some times and it can affect to the climax of the story . so i will recommend watching the movie 1st

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