Would you watch a movie or read a book first?

Discussion in 'Books' started by AngelikaSo, Mar 21, 2016.


If there was a movie coming out that was based on a book you haven't read, what would you do?

  1. See the movie first

  2. Read the book first

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  1. Rose04

    Rose04 New Member

    I love reading books! So definitely I will read the book first. Although I enjoy watching movies as well coz my family and I watch movies as a form of family bonding, I will still prefer to read the book first if the movie was based on a novel or a book. I think reading a book is more appealing and fascinating. It helps me increase my imagination, expand my vocabulary and sometimes helps me relieve stress as well. It helps you escape reality sometimes also if you really went deep on what you're reading, which is beneficial to people who are too stressed in life. So, reading a book first is definitely my say.
  2. KalijGal

    KalijGal New Member

    I voted to read the book first. Just that sometimes, when you go see the movie and you end up not knowing what they are talking about. It can be a word or term, a place, a club etc. I don't like thinking of questions while I'm watching a movie. It's not like netflix where you can pause or rewind to find the answer. it's also a big let down when you watched the movie first and then you read the book and find out that they omitted certain scenes or completely changed one scene. If you're such a big fan of one book and this happens, you just wanna scream the frustration out lol. I just think it's more satisfying to read the book first. All the details are there and it is better explained and also, it forces my brain to work hehe.
  3. hwy_1600

    hwy_1600 New Member

    I would definitely read the book first before I watch it. I don't know, for some reason it feels like I can experience the situation when I read it than watching it. I can have my own scene in my wild imagination to the story it tells in the book. And it is more detailed in the book than to that in the movie.
    But after reading it, it is kind of thrilling though how they put things into action. Sometimes it matches how you actually imagine the certain scene and kind of frustrating when they turn it to something you didn't say in the book.
  4. guardiansirk

    guardiansirk Member

    Books are better to read first before movie due to movies being adaptations and many of the story being omitted by directors in order to cram up all the writings in a one and a half hour movie. so yeah much better get into books, comics, and novels before watching the full movie. Don't spoil anyone though when you go with a friend or group.
  5. kitty20

    kitty20 New Member

    Well! For me, I would rather watch the movie first because I really enjoyed watching movies. Watching that movie I can tell and feel if the story would give me a satisfaction. I would enjoy the movie if there was a Love Story, Comedy, Action and Scientific Fiction.

    I usually read books based on the title but sometimes I want to see the story first. We have a different way how to enjoy the story.I care about the story but It doesn't matter for me where the movie is based from.The only matter is the story would touch the feelings of the audiences.

    That's why I would watch the movie first.
  6. mitchellponce

    mitchellponce New Member

    Based on my experience, I would prefer to read the book first then watch its adaptation. But most adaptations do not reflect totally to what the book really portray. What I did with the Harry Potter franchise was I read the book first then watch the movie then read the book again. It has been like that for all the Harry Potter franchise. That way, I fully understand the content both the movie and the book.
  7. Jin1206

    Jin1206 New Member

    I usually watch the movie first then read the book version since i like to imagine the characters as how they were portrayed in the movie, like in the harry potter series. I watched the first two movies first and only then did i start reading the books. It's like using the movie as the basis of your imagination, though sometimes it pisses me off when i've read the all of the books and then when i watch the movie, they changed some scenes and i'm like "why bruh?" but overall i like watching SOME PARTS of the movie and then start reading the book.
  8. navera

    navera New Member

    Although I don't think the book is always better, I would definitely try to read it first out of respect to the original creator. If a book I wrote was getting a movie adaptation, I'd prefer the viewers to understand the nuances and details of the source material first. After all, the movie is the director's adaptation -- the original story belongs to me.
  9. Jkazzee

    Jkazzee New Member

    This really depends. Am I just dying to see the movie? Has the book been rated poorly but the film seems impressive? I would most likely watch the movie first. I enjoy movie theaters, so I am biased.
  10. anewor82972

    anewor82972 New Member

    I think it depends on what you usually like to do and how you spend your free time to something that you used and loved to do.some people like watching movies in the cinema or at home.and some are enjoy reading books to get some knowledge and to learn many things.thay preper to read alone in a quiet place and focus on reading.movie goers will always find theirselves inside the cinema with their friends or partners.its really depends on the character of each and everyone about their hobbies.
  11. Faith Lacy

    Faith Lacy New Member

    I would read the book. I've been that person to be lost during a movie and hear people compare the differences to the book and movie, wishing I knew what was going on. Now I read the book first because lets be honest, the books are usually better than the movie and with a better visual and story line. Although its annoying to see how the to will usually be different, its best to have the knowledge that way you wont be that one person who doesn't understand. Then again, watching the movie could ruin the book if you read first before watching.
  12. Steph S

    Steph S New Member

    Whichever I happen to discover first. That additionally decides if I will enjoy both. In an instance that I see the film first and after that learn it is based on a book, I will typically read the book as well. In the event that I read the book initially, I usually don't watch the adaptation.
  13. joelpark

    joelpark New Member

    I like to read first the story of the movie before I gonna watch it. Because I wanna do my own imagination of the story and I love drawing into my mind the scene per scene of the book the I read. It makes me think and create my own world using the book itself. Because of the span of time given to the movie production is to short, some of the important details written in the book is not portray in the movie. That is why I love reading first the book before watching it.
  14. koenjiemily

    koenjiemily New Member

    I really try to divorce movie versions of things from the books. If you compare between the two you'll always end up disappointed and so often they're not even really the same story at all.

    It can be really wonderful though how people adapt works with the intention of being nothing like the original. I have a friend who taught her 6th graders Hamlet with the Lion King one year.
  15. junrose123

    junrose123 New Member

    I think, I would love to watch movies rather than reading the books, because reading a book entails a lot of time to finished, unlike in watching movies you will not consume so much time especially when the movie is just short compare for reading a book that is sometimes very long and played by chapters that makes the story very hard to finished.
  16. rosebusiness8

    rosebusiness8 New Member

    I would rather read the book first before going to the movie theater to see the movie. That is because most of the time they will need to edit out a scene or should I say SCENES, or not include a specific character to squeeze the story in a two hour regular movie running time. Which somehow makes me feel appalled since, I believe, that the writer of the story did not just include those characters or scene in their stories just because, I believe that they have their reasons which is substantial to the storyline.
  17. ana22

    ana22 New Member

    I always try to read the book first. When I already watched the film, I tend to get lazy on reading the book because it takes more time reading than watching. Unless the story is captivating and you just can't let go of that world and its characters, I read the books even if I watched the films.
  18. martian_shark

    martian_shark New Member

    I'd try to read the book first before seeing the film, if I can. If it's not possible, I just read the book afterwards. It's not a big deal for me.
    One example is the Game of Thrones TV series. I've heard about it for so long from friends and the internet, so I got interested in watching. However, I then learned that it was based on a book series. As I had already acquired the pilot, and I didn't yet have the book copies, I watched the first episode before I read the first book.
  19. Subzero3

    Subzero3 New Member

    Generally, books contain a lot more detail, and you could be imaginative while reading a book. Also, reading a book is an active process, while watching a movie is passive. Movies are time limited, drops a lot of plot detail while adds a lot more visual detail. Thus, watching the movie version is like listening to a comprehensive summary of the book. Also, after watching the movie, your imagination will be limited to visualize based on the movie depiction.

    Whenever I watch a movie first, my interest to read the book version decrease dramatically. It can differ from person to person. On the other hand, after reading the book, movies seem little naive.

    So, if you are really passionate about the story, read the book first.
  20. genelle

    genelle New Member

    I always try to read the book first before I watch the movie version. It might not be a good idea though because sometimes, they make some changes on the movie that it wouldn't give any justice to the book that will leave you disappointed. But in my opinion, it is better to know the original story, which is based on the book, first, so you would really know what is going on in the movie.
  21. kcfeliciano

    kcfeliciano New Member

    The ideal way is of course to read the book first. But just like what most of you commented, the movie adaptation (most of the time) ruins it for us especially when you are a big fan of that book or book series. Our imagination of the characters, the settings and the flow of events will always be the best set-up for us for the movie. When the movie falls short from our expectations, we focus on that parts rather than the efforts of the director to have the movie come to life.
    Sometimes it's really unfair for their part because that is their perception on how the movie should be. I think the best way to adapt a book into a movie is to look for directors that are actual fans of the book and take notes from the author and the fans as well on how the movie adaptation should be. I remember when i watched the Harry Potter series. The Third book, Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban was my favorite among the series. I was so disappointed with the movie that I stopped watching the remaining series. So if your not that big of a fan of the book, I think watching the movie first is ok. But if you are, be open to disappointments.
  22. jusumortal

    jusumortal New Member

    I, personally, am not a fan of watching movies that are based on books. Though I have watched some. But movies or series that based on books just lack details. There are times they also change the atmosphere of the story as it was in the book. The thing I hate about movies is that it limits my use my own imagination of the scenes, and of the characters. So, I really prefer watching the book first and compare it with the movie adaptation after.
  23. Anton12

    Anton12 New Member

    Depends on the quality of the book or the movie. for me i read books most of the time but i also like to watch movies especially the good ones, but there are also times that i like to be alone and have some time for myself and what i do is read books in a quiet place. Both of them is different but for me they provide the same type of entertainment for everyone. You just need to know the right time, company, and content for a movie or a book for you to enjoy.

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