Write a short horrendous fictional story

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Who is really the monster

  1. The monster is always within you, possibly yourself

  2. Joke is on you

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  1. Keibah

    Keibah New Member

    It started to choke me, i felt it grip my neck like a chain embroided with spikes and nails.
    I wanted it to stop. I was in the woods, the clouds were grey and it was dusk. It started to turn dark as shadows came flying through the sky.

    I ran as fast as I could, I kept running even when I felt like my heels didn't touch the earth.
    The earth was scorching hot.

    The sound in the air,the voices in the wind, the bellowing, "oh my God! What is happening " I screamed.

    I was still running, it almost felt like I was floating as I collided with everything in my way. I screamed out with everyone bone in my body as I halted impulsively. My bones cracked as I looked down, my feet were bleeding. I looked up again, the shadows were forming a halo over me.

    In front of me was this image, i could see myself, like a mirror, all i saw was fear, pity.

    I should have known, regrets filled my eyes.
    Those eyes! Those eyes! It felt like they weren't mine anymore, they were changing, changing into something sinister.
    This image of me was starring straight into my eyes. Suddenly, it stood up in front of me and against me. It started to laugh at me. It was laughing so hard at me. My pain deepened as the laughter grew loud and wild.
    Then i recognized that "mockery" and as soon as i did, it stopped. Everything stopped.
    I made it stop.
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  2. sunflower101

    sunflower101 New Member

    thats creepy
  3. C.J.

    C.J. New Member

    Tap, tap, tap. There it is again. the sound of which robs me of true rest. Tap, tap, tap. I close my eyes in a feeble attempt to chase the sleep which I so sorely need. Tap, tap, tap. This being the the eleventh night in a row that this sound has kept me from sweet and precious sleep, I finally loose it. I know where the sound is coming from. The attic. Perhaps the lack of sleep has finally killed off enough brain cells to warrant this a good idea. And so I step, drowsy and stumbling, up towards the attic.
    I can see next to nothing in the darkness. I start to question whether I had been hallucinating, or perhaps going mad, as I gaze into the void. Until. Tap, tap, tap. There it is again, but this time the all too familiar sound is accompanied by a pair of eyes, burning a hole into the back of my head. Now I am awake. The fear starts to creep up my legs, slowly, as if the roots of a tree, through my torso, and finally to the top of my skull, where it holds me motionless, helpless.
    The tap, tap, tap draws closer, and louder until I can feel a rank warm breath running down the back of my neck. "What the hell was I thinking?" I thought to myself, as a pair of mangled, withered hands creep around my body, caressing in some sadistic manner, until they found what they desired most. A fresh, beating heart, for which they thrust into my chest bone to retrieve, to hold out in front of me, so that I may witness its last thump.
    The darkness takes hold as I drop, lifeless, to the floor.
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