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Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by Warren1967, May 2, 2019.

  1. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    Writer's block is a writer's worst nightmare. Whenever, it strikes a writer, it turns him or her into a zombie. No ideas are coming in and you don't know to get things moving. The worse part is when you are under pressure to come up with a written piece asap. I would like to ask other members how they deal with this situation?
  2. Ysoscel

    Ysoscel New Member

    Just take a break, do anything to get out of your own head space: take a walk, listen to some new music, do the laundry etc. Inspiration comes from the strangest places. Personally I always try to take a shower or bath to get rid of writers block, this method is scientifically sound, Arhimedes jumped out of his bathtub and ran naked around Syracuse when he made an important discovery, the brain works better in relaxing environments.
  3. jaepeels

    jaepeels New Member

    When I'm in a writer's block, I try not to pressure myself into writing; it won't work out either way. If that happens, I find the time with taking care of myself. I try to relax as much as I can, eat my favorite food, read some good books, watch some movies, and listen to calming music. Take a stroll to clear your mind and take a deep breath. Go to a place that is relaxing and don't forget to take a notebook with you. Jot down some ideas when an inspiration kicks in.
  4. Miallie23

    Miallie23 New Member

    These ideas helped during times of need. I hope these ideas will also help you work through your writer’s block

    (1) You can go for a walk and you’ll see along the way there may be ideas or inspirations that'll appear.

    (2) Change your writing environment maybe go to the park, a library or a coffee shop.

    (3) You can also read other books or short stories if you don't have that much time.

    (4) Try to listen to genres of music you’re not into. You can listen to classical or jazz they can spike your brain :D

    (5) Draw some inspiration from your lover, friends or family or a stranger!

    (6) List all your ideas, you might need them

    (7) Maybe inspiring quotes will jumpstart that writer’s block of yours

    (8) Just write write write!

    Don’t stop writing and procrastinating, keep things positive. That’s all. God Bless You!
  5. anthonyhurtadox

    anthonyhurtadox New Member

    Writer's block is very easy to deal with, you should list your ideas for subjects ahead of time. Don't try to come up with ideas on the spot when you want to write. Take some time off and from now on always record ideas that come to you while you do anything else. Next time you decide to write, choose the best idea you listed. The idea itself will generate ideas that you want to explore and all that's left to do is organize them into your written work.
  6. Nims

    Nims New Member

    Writer's block is primary situation that a writer faces in his life. But when one is going through this situation never pressure himself or herself into writing. Take a break for sometime and get relaxed. Even you can change you environment for getting relaxed. It will help you bring you blossom new ideas and thoughts. If you wait for the right time you will get the right idea for your masterpiece.
  7. donald78

    donald78 Member

    Writer's block is a condition, a primary associated with writing in which an author loses the ability to produce new work, or experiences a creative slowdown. The loss of ability to write and produce new work is not only a result of commitment problems or a lack of writing skills. Other causes for the condition include; environmental changes, mental illness, relationship troubles, increase stress, or perfectionism. Sometimes they are pressured into writing a piece of content with a specific deadlines.
  8. Pajbot

    Pajbot New Member

    Writer's block happens to many people. I would suggest taking a break from your main ideas of your story and take it easy. Just write something every day. It does not have to be to do with the story, it's just about practising consistency through the period of writer's block.

    Eventually, ideas will start coming, for some it will come quicker than for others - you just have to keep writing.
  9. elliethegypsy

    elliethegypsy Member

    It's just natural to have a writers' block from time to time. I think that's what our brain send us signal that we need to take a break and breathe from writing. If you are experiencing it, try to give your self some time to rest and just do and think nothing for a couple of minutes. Doing this helps me a lot when I write some stories.

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