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Story from Experience or Imagination ?

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  1. Unique123

    Unique123 New Member

    To write an interesting and suitable play ,we must know that the story or scene can either any of these:
    ~Story from Experience: This type of story or scene tends to be more active, Worthful,and always interesting because the story is a presentation of reality and the type of story capture the attention of the audience.

    ~Story from Imagination: This is a type of story from human imagination. The beginning to the end is human work ,this kind can be written be anyone who can think versatile.
  2. maryloida

    maryloida New Member

    Writing Stories is always fun and healthy on your brain, I personally preferred Story from Experience cause it has more feelings than the imagination, but don't get me wrong i also love imagining story lines and scripts, however what i love about the story from experience is i have a chance to share what the lessons that i learned from that experience or tell about how good the situation is.

    But in the end, They both fun to write and share to other people.

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