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Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by LJ17, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. LJ17

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    Personally, I love writing novels but the "fear of rejection" always a hindrance for me to send it to publishing house. Some writers said that "Anyone can write." and "You can only be a writer if you write.", but publishing a novel is not that easy, it needs a courage to finally send it to publishing house. Some editors may find your novels good and some might laugh at it, that's why I talked to some writers via their FB accounts and seek for guidance, at first I hesitated coz I thought they're snob and not easy to talk to but some writers actually entertained my questions and gave me some tips to become a writer. Later, I realized that your biggest fear can be your biggest strength and opportunity for growth.

  2. simonsez29

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    You could always write under a pen name and self-publish on Amazon. You have nothing to lose if you already have the content written!
  3. NeilCenaPostLoop

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    Congratulations on having the courage to talk to them! Can you share some of the tips those publishers gave you?
  4. profound_jack

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    Don't be afraid to publish your own work because in the first place, it is your masterpiece that needs to be recognized by the people who will appreciate your works. It is alright to make people degrade you because it is the part of your growth and learning. There are tons of publishing house that will entertain you. The thing is that, if you love what you are doing, you will achieve it.
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    i love writing but im not good in english
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    Does this mean you started sending your novels out after talking to writers on Facebook? I hope so, because everyone deserves the chance to give it a shot. It may be difficult to face the idea of failure, but that's much easier than facing never trying! Imagine how it will haunt you if you always wonder "what if?"

    That advice seems like I should be giving it to myself, though. I tend to not send out my fiction because I lose my nerve at the last minute. Usually, I'm totally sure I'm going to be rejected! ...and, let's be honest, I am most of the time. But I really feel better for having tried--and there's always next time!
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    I agree and echo what LodKe and profound_jack wrote. In this life we have no time to be restrained and doubtful of ourselves. It is too short and time passes too quickly for us to feel that way. By sending your work, you have nothing to lose, and always something to gain, no matter what their reaction may be. If they laugh then to hell with them, better to sound out their unprofessionalism in its bud than to end up collaborating with rotten/crooked people.

    The fact that you reached out to writers is already a noteworthy achievement that shows how serious you are! It shows your dedication and how you strive for what you want!

    I wish you all the best on your endeavours, and if you want to share anything with me you can always do so. I would be happy to read it.

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