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    BEIJING Cheap Nike Vapormax , July 31 (Xinhua) -- Dressed as Harry Potter, a young Chinese man caught the eye at a party on Friday in Beijing, where guests sat in four groups representing the four houses of the wizards school Hogwarts.

    Lin Pin and other Chinese Potterphiles costumed as characters including Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger were attending a bash for the 15th anniversary of their alter egos' arrival in China. They were also toasting British author J. K. Rowling and her protagonist Potter, who happen to share a birthday (she turned 50 on Friday, he would have been 35).

    The scrawny, bespectacled wizard boy has conjured up a big fan base in China and boosted development of Chinese children's literature since the first of seven fantasy novels was translated into Chinese and printed by the People's Literature Publishing House (PLPH) in 2000.

    The series has sold more than 16 million copies nationwide, according to PLPH, remaining an annual best-seller.

    "I didn't expect the series would be so popular in China. It's a miracle Cheap Air Vapormax Mens ," Wang Ruiqin, the editor behind the Chinese edition of the series, said at the party, organized by PLPH.

    She still remembers how her team beat a crowd of Chinese competitors bidding for the right to publish the books, and how they stayed up rendering Rowling's fantasy into idiomatic Chinese. But what impressed her most was the debut on Oct. 6, 2000.

    "When I got there at 9:30 a.m., people had lined up halfway around the block at Wangfujing Bookstore. Some of them arrived at 5 a.m.," she recalled.

    More than 1 Cheap Air Vapormax Womens ,500 copies were sold within two hours, setting a record for the bookstore in Beijing's main shopping district.

    After releasing the first three novels in China, Wang received an influx of letters from children across the country telling her how crazy they went for the magical world and how they read the books over and over again.


    Lin Pin, 27, calls himself a "super Potterphile." The doctoral student studies literature at Peking University. He has written essays on Potter.

    "I adore Harry. I study him and want to be like him," said Lin.

    Lin also plays Quidditch, a sport invented by Rowling.

    Students from Beijing, Shanghai and other cities are planning the first National Quidditch Cup Cheap Air Vapormax White , joining in the fun of their American peers who adapted the sport from flying on broomsticks to running on football fields.

    Lin is one of many enthusiasts who nickname Rowing "Luo Shen," or "Aunt Rowling." "Shen" means aunt in Chinese, while "Luo" is the Chinese abbreviation of the surname Rowling.

    "Hamifengzi," or "Lunatic Harry Fan," has 140,000 followers on microblogging service Weibo. The anonymous account posts news on the books and adapted film series, translates tweets by Rowling into Chinese and shares fans pictures and video clips.


    In the past decade and a half, Harry Potter has boosted development of children's literature in China.

    According to OpenBook Cheap Air Vapormax Black , a Beijing-based book industry researcher, children's books have dominated the best-sellers list in recent years.

    "Chinese children's literature didn't take off until 15 years ago," said Yan Xiaoli, a senior publisher. "Harry Potter broadened the horizons of Chinese writers and parents. They got to know what children really like to read. Meanwhile, publishers began to pay attention to outstanding books overseas."

    "Today, China has cultivated more children's authors and publishers. Many of them have had a good stab at blending magic elements with ancient Chinese fairy tales," she said.

    Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs, famously cruel and temperamental as the CEO of Apple (AAPL) Cheap Air Vapormax 2.0 , was equally humiliating to waiters, friends and even one of his 1970s hacker heroes, John Draper.

    Jobs insisted he and an early girlfriend, Chrisann Brennan, sleep in separate rooms when they lived together in 1977, Brennan writes in a new book about their relationship. Jobs let Brenann have the master bedroom – for a month. Then, out of the blue, he changed his mind and moved Brennan out so he could have the bigger room.

    “He was so graceless that I felt humiliated and outraged Cheap Air Vapormax 97 ,” Brennan says in an excerpt of the book, The Bite in the Apple, which ran in the New York Post.

    The couple first met in 1972 while they were high school students in Cupertino, Calif. Jobs and Brennan had a daughter, Lisa, born in 1978. But for several years Jobs repeatedly denied he was the father, despite a positive paternity test. He paid child support, however Cheap Air Vapormax , and later expressed regret for his denials.

    Known for his early experimentation with mind-altering drugs, Jobs and Brenann took LSD together, according to the book. Jobs tried to get Brennan to shout “Mommy, daddy, mommy, daddy” as a form of primal scream therapy when they used the drug, she says.

    Jobs also bragged that he was the “laziest man in the world” to Brennan despite working long hours at Apple.

    As Apple became more successful, Jobs sought to remove himself from doing mundane tasks at home. Confronted with a sink full of dirty dishes the morning after a house party Nike Air Vapormax Mens , Jobs wondered aloud what should be done with “it.”

    “He had entered into an elite world where others took care of the lower-level functions so that he could operate with more efficiency, on his presumably higher plane,” Brennan writes. “I not too happily cleaned them up by myself.”

    He was also cruel to staff at restaurants when the two went out on dates. If the host asked “two for dinner?,” Jobs would snap “No, fifteen.” And though he would frequently order the same dish at the same restaurant, he complained bitterly about the poor quality and service.

    “Steve was uncontrollably critical,” Brenann writes. “His reactions had a Tourette’s quality — as if he couldn’t stop himself.”

    Jobs made Draper a laughing stock at Apple. Carlos Vela Mexico Jersey Cheap 49ers Jerseys Cheap Portugal Jerseys Cheap France Jerseys Cheap England Soccer Jerseys Wholesale Croatia Jerseys Wholesale Colombia Soccer Jerseys Wholesale Brazil Soccer Jerseys Wholesale Belgium Soccer Jerseys Wholesale Argentina Soccer Jerseys

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