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    BEIJING Nike Air Huarache Sale , Nov. 10 (Xinhua) -- As the Singles' Day shopping season in November has become a new tradition in China, the massive waste left by its packaging has brought the nation a huge headache.

    With 1.5 billion packages expected to be delivered in this year's shopping festival, e-commerce companies are trying as many ways as possible to reduce the amount of waste left behind.

    It's a tough job, but the companies have several weapons at their disposal, some of which are inspiring ways to solve the puzzle of packaging sustainability.


    With a booming sharing economy, the Chinese people have accepted the idea that everything can be shared, and so can packaging. Recycling express boxes seems to be the most direct solution for e-commerce enterprises who want both sustainable packaging and cost reductions.

    JD Nike Air Huarache Utility , Suning and other e-commerce businesses have introduced plastic boxes that can be recycled and reused.

    Suning has already put 50,000 plastic boxes in use, and says it plans to use "shared boxes" in 13 Chinese cities, including Beijing, Chengdu and Hangzhou, for Saturday's Singles' Day sales.

    Meanwhile, as retrieving used boxes from customers may be inconvenient Nike Air Huarache Pink , companies are considering sharing packaging between logistics firms and suppliers.

    "Now we prefer boxes without logos printed on them, so that our logistics partners can reuse them freely," said Duan Yanjian, leader of JD's green packaging project.

    Duan said his company had also cut down on the size of tapes and express sheets, and put tape-free boxes and biodegradable delivery bags in use. Customers are encouraged to use electronic invoices to avoid paper use.

    By using express sheets 30 percent smaller than before, tens of millions of square meters of paper can be saved in a single year, he said.

    Sharing of express boxes also helps lower logistics costs. For Suning Nike Air Huarache Grey , a "shared box" costs the company 25 yuan (3.76 U.S. dollars), which cuts the cost for a single delivery to less than 0.03 yuan as it can be reused a thousand times.


    Yet sustainable packaging is only one aspect of the eco-trend in the industry. New energy vehicles, drones and big data analytics are all buzz words in today's tech world, linked with Chinese efforts to make deliveries greener.

    In a number of remote regions of China, drones are increasingly used in delivery. E-commerce giants like Alibaba and JD have both drones to deliver packages over water or mountains.

    "It improves delivery efficiency and saves energy use by avoiding long detouring into remote areas where only a few deliveries are made," said Zhang Zhitong Nike Air Huarache Red , a senior researcher with JD's data research institute.

    Zhang's company is also planning to replace all its vehicles with new energy ones in the next five years.

    Meanwhile, instead of human decision-making, Cainiao Network, Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba's delivery arm, is relying on algorithms and big data to plan packing, and delivery routes, helping save packaging materials and boosting efficiency.

    Test runs in rural areas showed that delivery algorithms saved vehicle use by more than 10 percent Nike Air Huarache Triple White , according to Cainiao.


    The Chinese government is also clear and determined about goals in greening the courier sector.

    A document released by the State Post Bureau and other government departments has made clear that by 2020, half of external packages should be degradable, 90 percent of bills electronic, and packing material for each parcel cut by 10 percent.

    Tape and woven bags should be gradually replaced, it said.

    The State Post Bureau said a courier package regulation system would be built, and there would be policies to support green packaging in taxation and credit.

    Xu Benxin, associate professor with Kunming University of Science and Technology Nike AirHuarache Triple Black , said shared packaging was an innovative option for environmental protection and resource saving.

    He said he expected a "green revolution" in the logistics industry, but it required more government measures to encourage green consumption.

    "We also hope green packaging will be a joint drive with the government and other institutions and companies," Duan said.

    BEIJING, Jan. 24 (Xinhua) -- Indian actor Aamir Khan's latest film "Secret Superstar" has taken Chinese audiences by storm within four days of its release, becoming a hot topic against the relatively cooler China-India relationship.

    Chinese filmgoers' appreciation of Aamir Khan's films reflects the common aesthetic pursuit of the two countries, which should be extended from the cultural aspect to broader areas, including politics and the economy.

    China and India Nike AirHuarache White , both ancient civilizations, share rich exchanges in history and lend each other valuable support in the international arena.

    More than a thousand years ago, Indian monk Bodhidharma came to China to spread Buddhist teachings, and Chinese monk Xuanzang's famed journey to the west during the reign of the Tang Dynasty brought Indian culture back to China, marking a flurry of cultural exchanges between the two Asian giants in olden times.

    The two ancient civilizations also share similar thoughts and ideas. Chinese cultural traditions resonate with many ideas embedded in Indian culture, such as non-violence and the harmonious coexistence of nature and humans.

    In modern times, China and India bolstered their friendship by supporting each other. China supported India's struggle for national independence. India Nike Air Huarache Black , for its part, sent doctors to help China fight Japanese aggression during World War II.

    In the cultural arena, Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore made tremendous contribution to bilateral ties, including establishing one of the oldest centers in India to st

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