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    TEHRAN, July 27 (Xinhua) -- Following are the results of the first week of Iranian Super League matches played on July 25-26 (home teams listed first):

    Tractor Sazi 2 Esteghlal Khuzestan 2

    Siahjamegan 2 Zobahan 1

    Esteghlal Tehran 1 Naft 1

    Saba 0 Sanat Naft 0

    Gostaresh 0 Paykan 0

    Sepahan 0 Padideh 1

    Foolad 1 Mashin Sazi 2

    Saipa 0 Persepolis 1

    If you love the action sports with a bit of fun element in it then paintball can be a perfect option. In this Cheap Nike Shox Avenue Mens , game individuals play against each other by tagging them and throwing paintballs at them to eliminate them. This can also be played between teams in a war form with each team having separate color of paintball. It is made capsules with water soluble dye and gelatin and needs to be thrown with the use of paintball marker. It is not just a game played between friends but is also used in military training for on field target practicing.

    The game of paintball can be played both indoor and outdoor. The backyard of your home or a field can be a perfect destination for the game. Any number of people can play this game and it can have different aims too. The game target can be to find something hidden or the winner can be decided when the last person remains there to mark. This is a non harmful game and can be enjoyed by children and grown ups together. As the balls contain mineral solution which are non toxic and can be washed with water they are completely safe for kids.

    Paintball is a famous game and it is played in tournaments or even worldwide leagues. There are professional players and teams which play this game regularly and people can enjoy this game. While it is about a tournament then the requirement of paintballs is huge as one ball can be used only once. There are companies who sell paintball and there are some who will sell bulk paintballs. The main benefit of buying paintball in bulk is that they are cheap and you can have a good stock of them whenever you need them in excess.

    The Tricky Layout of Tri Fold Brochures Published: 08.01.2010 | Author: katiemarcus | Category: Advertising

    While reading color brochures is easy, printing tri-fold brochures is another story, especially if you are new to it. The layout of tri fold brochures may look a bit tricky because of the folds.Some panels will be hidden from view in your layout as you try to design the various panels for brochure printing. Thus Cheap Nike Shox OZ D Mens , if you are new to brochure printing and want to understand how to make sense of your layouts, here are some tips.

    鈥?Knowing your panels 鈥?Of course, initially you must know all about your panels. If you unfold tri-fold brochures Cheap Nike Shox NZ Mens , you should more or less see that you will have two main faces, the front and the back. Each face will have three panels. The front face where the panels fold over will constitute your inner panels, while the back face will be your outer panels Cheap Nike Shox Mens , which includes the cover panel and the back panel. Keep this in mind as you design the layout for both faces.

    鈥?Knowing the 鈥渞eading path鈥?of readers 鈥?Now, to effectively design the layout, you must know the reading path that most readers typically follow. This path comes first to the cover panel at the back face of your design Cheap Nike Vapormax Off White , and then towards the inner panels at the front face of your layout. Readers will of course read panels from top to bottom, completing one panel at a time from left to right. The reading path will end at the back face of the design in the center panel, which is basically the back part.

    鈥?The best places for images 鈥?There are a few ideal places where images are best placed. Of course Cheap Nike Air Jordan 1 Off White , the cover e is where your main image must always be. Since this is the one to be seen first by readers, a big image at the top part of the cover panel is almost mandatory. When it comes to the inner panels though, you can pretty much place your images wherever you want. The only rule is to balance these locations out so that you do not have an area that is saturated with images Cheap Nike Presto Off White , while another area is just a big block of text. Try to space the images evenly to have a nice balanced layout.

    鈥?Using templates to make it easier 鈥?If you still find it difficult to layout, I find it best to use a brochure template. A template will have the proper guidelines and layout reminders that should help you build a good layout without too much trouble. Moreover, most printers will appreciate the use of templates since they are very compatible with most of the software and machinery that they will be using. The only problem with using templates though is that you will be limiting your creativity to a certain extent.

    Great! I hope these tips can help you get around the tricky problem of designing a layout for tri-fold brochures. Just try to be patient and visualize how it is printed and folded to get a better picture of what really is happening. Good Luck!

    Katie Marcus writes about the brochure printing technologies used in the production of business brochures.

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