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    LONDON, Jan. 1 (Xinhua) -- Following are the English Premier League standings after Sunday's matches (tabulated under matches played, won, drawn, lost, goals for, goals against, points):

    Chelsea 19 16 1 2 42 13 49

    Liverpool 19 13 4 2 46 21 43

    Arsenal 19 12 4 3 41 19 40

    Tottenham 19 11 6 2 37 14 39

    Manchester City 19 12 3 4 39 21 39

    Manchester United 19 10 6 3 29 19 36

    Everton 19 7 6 6 25 23 27

    West Brom 19 7 5 7 25 23 26

    Southampton 19 6 6 7 19 22 24

    Bournemouth 19 7 3 9 26 31 24

    Burnley 19 7 2 10 21 29 23

    West Ham 19 6 4 9 23 33 22

    Watford 19 6 4 9 23 34 22

    Stoke 19 5 6 8 22 32 21

    Leicester 19 5 5 9 24 31 20

    Middlesbrough 19 4 6 9 17 22 18

    Crystal Palace 19 4 4 11 29 35 16

    Sunderland 19 4 2 13 17 35 14

    Hull 19 3 4 12 16 41 13

    Swansea 19 3 3 13 21 44 12

    LONDON, Nov. 5 (Xinhua) -- Following are the results of the English Premier League on Saturday:

    Bournemouth lost to Sunderland 1-2

    Burnley bt Crystal Palace 3-2

    Chelsea bt Everton 5-0

    Manchester City tied Middlesbrough 1-1

    West Ham tied Stoke 1-1

    Playing on Sunday

    Arsenal vs Tottenham

    Hull vs Southampton

    Leicester vs West Brom

    Liverpool vs Watford

    Swansea vs Manchester United


    A foreign language test system was introduced in Shanghai yesterday to help people seeking employment with international companies demonstrate their proficiency.

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