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    Games has always been a part of my life. As a kid, I would always wait to get my hands on those educational CD's my father used to give me. He'd set up the computer and I would play all day long. Eventually, I would discover more games on the computer, like Pacman and Pinball, and it was amazing. My childhood wouldn't be the same without our old school computer.

    However, as time gone by, my father decided to buy a laptop-which introduced me to windows 7 and the internet. I would play games all day through Y8 or some local game sites like Kongregate. I didn't even know Left 4 Dead existed but that was up until middle school came. My classmates would always ask me out to play games. We would play LAN games on internet cafes. Those times were the best and I would never forget my level 76 assassin from Adventure Quest.

    When I entered highschool, I was introduced to playstation games and other online games due to the fact that my friends were fortunate enough to have those and my family wouldn't buy me those stuff because they think it was irrelevant. I started playing League of Legends, Patapon, Mario Kart and other video games that people would also call their childhood. Those highschool friends of mine whom taught me how to just chill out sometimes were the best and I wouldn't be the same anti-social friend that they have today.

    Now that I am in college, I think I'm going to stick with gaming, specially with DOTA 2 and probably more games to come. I'm taking Game Development course and I hope that I'll get successful in my field. Games were pretty much everything and I think they helped me cope up with my anxiety issues. Now that I have told you my story, what's yours?

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