you are playing music while sleeping?

Discussion in 'Music' started by edcel, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. edcel

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  2. fermar15

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    Actually, most of the times I had a moment about singing a song in my dream. I always have a dream that I am performing in front of many people just like a concert. And I would say, yes I am playing a song while I am sleeping.
  3. Carlo28

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    Yes tonight, I start off with my sleep playlist, based on the most popular sleep songs according to Spotify, and then modify it. Then turn off all notifications (especially social media, emails, and text messages) on my phone, and place it face down so I'm not exposed to the blue light, which has been shown to disrupt sleep. Then set up my phone sleep timer so that the music goes off long after I've arrived in slumber land.
  4. tommylacroix

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    I cannot play music while I sleep. I find it too exciting and it wakes me up.

    Podcasts and even television shows do not keep me awake however. I have no problem drifting off to sleep while listening to even the most disturbing true crime shows or even hilarious comedy podcasts. Something about the human voice I find very comforting and soothing. The only probelm is when a tv show or podcast uses music at the end of the broadcast. It instantly jars me out of sleep.

    I do sometimes hear music in my dreams though, but thats a different matter altogether
  5. Fernanllaban

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    Yes because as you know music changes our mood, it makes us feel better comfortable. So when we go to sleep there is lots of stress due to the work, family which doesn’t give us a good sleep and by which you will be awake all night. Good sleep is must for our health by which we feel relaxed in another day so listening to the soft music changes your mood and makes you stress-free and gives you good sleep.
  6. jmzipagan

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    Listening to music makes us feel more relax. After a long day of work and a active day. It is an ideal thing for me
  7. michaelaingles

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    Listening to music makes hit my internal snooze button. Every time I am going to sleep, I always listen to The Carpenters, the sound of their voices are very calming and they really put me into a good sleep. Studies show that good music can really help you sleep whenever you have a problem sleeping.
  8. carz07

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    Yup i do play music, ambient music recently, this helps me sleep more. When I was younger I used to play the songs that I like. Way back it used to be a recorded cassette tape looping fro side a to b, and now thanks to technology, digital shuffle of music in the playlist. But as i grew older i need to help myself to sleep and listening to relaxing music is my choice when I go to sleep.
  9. reacobe

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    I can't sleep without listening to music. Especially my favorite Korean singer even thou most of songs are rock music. It's like my lullaby. He sings different genre but I really love his rock songs. Maybe I just really love his voice and his choice of songs is really good. I have this habit sleeping with my headset on. So I decided to buy bluetooth head set because the life span of my headsets only last for several days.
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  11. Remziel

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    Yes. Right now I'm listening 5SOS Songs.
  12. Keoteu

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    Definitely, i always listen to music before i sleep because it just relaxes me until i fall asleep, i listen to instrumental music when sleeping, when i sleep while listening to music i don't have nightmares and i don't actually dream, i really recommend listening to music while sleeping to those who are afraid of having nightmares :)
  13. CenterlessG

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    Yes, I've done a few experiments with this, playing things either loud on a telly, or with earphones on. One I got to work a couple of times was when I was looping things and playing them as I slept. I had a loop going and managed to get to sleep (sometimes it was impossible to sleep with them playing).
  14. Joyce1231234

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    I play music very often, when i am travelling, cooking, doing household chores, taking a bath, studying and so many to mention except in sleeping. I don't know why, but when I listen to music, my brain is like becoming alive that I can't sleep or maybe I am really just into listening music that's why I can't fall asleep when a song has been played. I think sleeping is the only thing I do where I don't want music. I just want the lights off and the environment to be silent.

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