You are what you eat

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by AllisonRose, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. AllisonRose

    AllisonRose New Member

    You are what you eat is an old saying. It's no myth. Even though we can't see how the food we choose to eat effects our insides, we can feel it. Eating healthy makes you less tired, more alert, more confident, and even extends your life. By making good diet choices, you are overall much happier.
    Many times when eating something that is "junk" we feel guilty afterwards. Many people don't realize that even small substitutions can make their meal much healthier. Next time you pick up processed or fast food, think to yourself, do I want my body to be made up of this crap?
  2. matthesteruk

    matthesteruk New Member

    I completely agree Allison. I have many friends over the years who always make up excuses for not eating healthy, or even worse, not caring. The “you only live once” paradigm is often abused to the point of personal negligence.

    Granted, when I was at university I did not eat well for the first year but then I learnt to cook and expanded my diet tenfold. It is so easy to eat right and not only is eating healthy better for your body and mind, it is probably better for your bank balance. Spending money everyday on food is such a waste, particularly when processed food can have so many unhealthy elements.

    I admit, in the past I have sometimes eaten ready meals but it was only for a short time and only once a week. It’s not that difficult to eat properly. Educate yourself and learn to cook! Sorry to sound like a preacher!
  3. mhague15

    mhague15 New Member

    The statement "you are what you eat", is very true when it comes to what kind of foods you choose to eat. My mother & I have started eating healthier & the results are amazing. We both have so much more energy throughout the day, we don't feel guilty after eating & the we have lost weight. Eating healthy can boost your mood & give you that extra sense of self-worth. We all tend to eat whatever we think tastes good but sometimes what tastes good might not always be good for us.
  4. Sarah Mccurter

    Sarah Mccurter New Member

    This is my favorite saying. I have never heard a saying with so much truth and meaning before. If you eat processed foods and lots of junk food it shows on the outside. What you eat affects everything about you from your mood to your physical appearance.
  5. Rose0000

    Rose0000 New Member

    I am also a believer in you are what you eat! Because of an autoimmune diagnosis 18 months ago, I quickly learned that my health depended on making healthier food choices. Soon after my diagnosis, my husband and I had discussed what types of changes we might need to make, and we realized that we should try to eat similar to how our grandparents ate; fresh fruit and vegetables (when possible) instead of coming from a box (think instant mashed potatoes). We started making more things from scratch instead of relying on overly-processed foods from a box, or prepared frozen foods that often have way too much sodium content. Occasionally we give in to some junky food and almost every time we regret it because we feel sluggish, or have digestive system upset.
  6. Kaitlynmau

    Kaitlynmau New Member

    I'm a strong believer in this too, Allison! My mom use to say this exact same thing to me as a child. You are what you consume! I think this applies to much more than just food too! If you watch dumb movies and tv or you read books that preach a certain message, you have the chance to become those things. It's so hard to eat healthy sometimes, but your body will thank you for it!
  7. Louise Jagus

    Louise Jagus New Member

    As an avid volleyball player, I can wholeheartedly agree with this! After switching to a healthier and more balanced meal plan, I noticed I had more energy and my mood was greatly improved. I ate healthier, and became healthier physically and mentally.
  8. Maritzpm

    Maritzpm New Member

    "Abs are made in the kitchen - not in the gym"

    The variation of 'you are what you eat' that we often use in the gym. Fact is, you can exercise all you want but your body needs proper nutrition to function properly. There is no getting around it. If you want your body to perform like the super 'machine' it's designed to be, you need to fuel it properly.
  9. soodito

    soodito New Member

    It is true. If you eat healthy food you can lead a healthy life. Eating healthy food gives you energy, it is full of nutrients, it even gives you a glowing skin. And if you eat junk food it will lead to various problems like obesity, oily skin, lack of nutrients, irregular blood sugar levels,etc.. Whereas, healthy food increases the immunity, it helps in proper growth of an individual, it improves the concentration power and it reduces the risk of health problems. So, whatever you eat is clearly visible through your body, face or even behaviour. That is why one should eat wisely.
  10. dkenny

    dkenny New Member

    Excellent point! I completely agree, I often feel bad if I eat junk food. However when I eat healthy food I feel great! Glad other people feel the same way! Thanks for sharing your opinion!
  11. Countryangel707

    Countryangel707 New Member

    I completely agree! Science shows that our body creates new skin cells every month and can you guess what is makes the cells out of? The food that we have consumed in that month. You can easily test this by going Raw vegan for a month and you will see dramatic changes within a month or so. I think that the human body is truly amazing. Have a God Blessed Day ! :)
  12. olir1234

    olir1234 New Member

    You are what you eat. I agree with that, because we need to consume proteins, vitamins, fat, carbohydrates, minerals etc. For an example: if you eat only meat, you won’t consume any vitamins. If you eat only chocolate and sweet things, you won’t consume any proteins. I think we need to eat everything in small amounts.
  13. edz26

    edz26 Member

    Ingestion of food essential for us in order to live with energy, not just about satisfying your hunger. But you have to choose with anticipation in the benefit of your health. If you eat high fiber and rich in carbohydrate foods that gives you energy you will not get lazy. Most diseases usually came from the food we eat so if you inclined to eat fatty foods and rich in cholesterol may be you are prone to hypertension heart attack and liver disease. So teach your self to eat healthy so that you can enjoy your life.
  14. Shasmile

    Shasmile New Member

    'You're what you eat' simply means the influence of your diet on your health. Experience has taught me that if I eat healthy foods, i'll stay healthy and on the other hand, if I eat poorly l'll be in and out of hospital.

    The most alarming thing is rich people who have the money to eat healthy often don't understand the importance of eating quality food. They feed on junks and other irrelevancy. So, eating poorly has nothing to do with your financial status but your orientation.

    Don't give the excuse of having little or no money for your poor feeding. You can still eat high nutritious food even with little money. If you must settle for anything as best food it should be fruits and vegetables; natural ones. They work like magic in the body.
  15. It is recommended to eat less salt, sugar & oily foods in order to have healthy skin. And if you still want your food to still taste good you can try this alternatives:
    steamed food
    baked food
  16. Theophilus

    Theophilus New Member

    "You are what you eat” may sound like a proverb, a saying or a myth, but it is the reality. The outward expressions shows what the inside contained. The body physique can only show what has been embedded in it. Apart from the physique, the level of immunity is stronger when you eat good food with correct proportion and composition of the classes of food. The ability to fight pathogens depend strongly on how strong is an immune system. Many have stayed for months without visiting the hospital, clinic, seeing a doctor nor taking medications. No one is saying this is the right thing to do, but it shows their body is stronger than the external forces attacking them. These are clear evidence of how healthy one is inside. You are really what you eat.
  17. babyjane12

    babyjane12 New Member

    ou are what you eat is an old saying. It's no myth. Even though we can't see how the food we choose to eat effects our insides, we can feel it. Eating healthy makes you less tired, more alert, more confident, and even extends your life. By making good diet choices, you are overall much happier.
  18. Androxtor

    Androxtor New Member

    Eating greatly affects our body. The thing we eat becomes our nutrients that aid us on daily activities. Eating healthy makes us look fit and happy. Eating unhealthy foods will make us sick.

    This saying is a very relevant one because in our modern society fast food and instant food are there and we usually encounter. This saying reminds that we are what we eat. Being healthy is eating healthy all times. Having also a healthy lifestyle is a relevant one in the modern times.
  19. jimboyperez

    jimboyperez New Member

    I strongly believe you are what you eat. Your health conditions will greatly depend on what kind of food you consume. Eat high cholesterol and fatty foods and pretty sure you will get hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and later kidney disease. On the other side, eat green and leafy vegetables, fruits and nuts, plus protein and you will prevent all diseases to visit you. Whatever you ingest will surely have big consequences on your overall health conditions.
  20. Roslyn

    Roslyn New Member

    "You are what you eat!" totally agreed to that. I always tell my family and friends not to skip meals during the day to avoid getting hungry. It is the onset of hunger that triggers the avalanche of food cravings. So if you're invited to a party, make sure you take a snack beforehand to avoid eating too much unhealthy foods while at the party. For me, skipping a meal is the mortal sin against healthy diet. Always start with a salad. Eating a healthy dose of leafy veggies is already a good start. High in fiber but low in calories, salad can make you feel fuller faster and healthier. Have a good start!​
  21. pristine

    pristine New Member

    you are what you eat... that's why I wanted to consider what I eat, but sometimes, I cant help but eat chicken and pork and fish and beef. What I wanted to eat more is fruits than vegetables, it makes your skin to have a more youthful glow.
  22. romilda

    romilda Member

    Yes, you are what you eat. all you eat will manifests on what you feel after eating.
  23. Elsa77

    Elsa77 Member

    You are what you eat, so eat what you need! Life follows its course and the years pass by. It is up to you that your body and mind do not experience this change more than you should.

    Hydrogenated vegetable oils seriously harm the brain. They are most often found in cakes and processed foods such as confectionery and will compromise brain activity if consumed in high doses.

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