Your best beauty secret?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Kally, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. romilda

    romilda Member

    The best beauty secret for me is to have a good sleep and a pure heart.
  2. snesz08

    snesz08 Member

    My beauty secret is sleeping early, because it makes me feel better, boosting my immune system, mood
    and eating healthy fruits and vegetables that will help my body maintain and prevent constipation. They are good source of vitamins and minerals that our body needs. Doing everyday exercise keeps me strong. Another tip is, don't stress yourself for it will make you look older and can cause wrinkles. These things helps me a lot to look younger and pretty.
  3. michpiong

    michpiong Member

    Well, my beauty secret is so simple. I drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday to keep my skin moisturized and hydrated, I sleep 8 hours a day to prevent wrinkles and keep my face glowing, I think only on positive things, I eat lots of vegetables and fruits, and have a proper diet and exercise to our body fit and healthy. I believe that these are powerful tips for you to have blooming appearance and strong body.
  4. marcbarredo13

    marcbarredo13 Member

    My best beauty secret is a clean diet full of anti-oxidants. Foods rich with vitamin E helps you achieve by reducing free radicals which havoc our body and vitamin E helps in moisturizing our skin which results to soft skin. I also eat foods high in vitamin C which boost our collagen production thus eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C also boost detox our body from free radicals and boost our glutathione, the master of anti-oxidants which results to clearer and brighter skin. I don't advise women to rely on cosmetics and skin moisturizers because most of them are filled with parabens and other chemicals which irritates our skin and it can also cause dry skin. Focus on being healthy on the inside first then your body will do its job to make you look like a healthy-looking individual. Cosmetics and concealers are just a temporary thing and will not benefit your body in the long term and will drain your money.
  5. merci

    merci New Member

    The first best beauty is inside our heart. And secret of being beautiful outside is proper hygiene, caring yourselves and be healthy. Eating fruits and fresh vegetables is the one I recommended.
  6. joanarc321

    joanarc321 Member

    My best beauty secret is a night moisturizer. Moisturizer really is very important in achieving a healthy and youthful glow especially at night when your cells are in a "repair" state. It is one of the things I learn from the Korean Beauty Secret aside from other beauty products they put in their face like emulsions and serums. Moisturizer is really very important for me especially that I am using kojic soap in my face which dries the skin.
  7. vernixcaseosa

    vernixcaseosa New Member

    I sleep 8hrs a day. Eat healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, drink milk and avoiding junk foods, fast foods and fatty ones. Drink plenty of H2O. And the best secret of all is to be beautiful not just outside but inside every time, every minute, and every second of your life.
  8. mvillere

    mvillere New Member

    My best beauty secret is staying hydrated. Many people do not drink enough water during the day, instead drinking sodas and juices. Skin needs hydration to glow and stay clear of acne.
  9. sylviajasthy

    sylviajasthy New Member

    My beauty secret for skin and body: -

    Tip 1: Practice water fasting
    Fasting 2 times a week, improve health benefits. It's also a detox for the body to replace the old cell to a new cell. Fasting at least 24 hours. (Please consult your doctor if you are in good health).

    Tip 2: Skin Scrub
    Face and body scrubs are an important element to replace dead skin and remove dry skin. Any beauty products do not work as long as the dead skin is not removed.

    Tip 3: Vaseline
    It works as a skin moisturizer agent. Use on lip, elbows, face, and feet before using socks at night. Vaseline also helps raise breasts, practice every night and see results in a month

    Tip 4: Trampoline workout
    Jumping helps the body to detoxify by enhancing lymphatic circulation and burn calories too.
  10. My beauty secret? Actually its not a secret, we all have that. A smile. When I smile ,it makes me more beautiful without make up. Im not a fan of make up. I only use baby powder and liptint, that's it! I smile to be beautiful. I think we should always do that .Plus it makes us younger. Less stress,more beautiful.
  11. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    Just being myself. It is when you see a person in his or her honest self can you see their inner beauty. Sometimes too much cosmetics or fancy outfits obstruct rather than enhance beauty. I am firm believer in beauty in simplicity. That for me, is beauty in its purity. Nothing beats that in my book.
  12. vebselpo

    vebselpo Member

    I'm lucky to have fair skin that I got from my mom so I'm not putting so many stuff on my face but just the following:
    1.Washing face before bedtime using mild soap.
    2. If I have acne I go for toner with salicylic acid or tea tree oil. Both can reduce the swelling of acne to get rid of it fast.
    3. I only put powder on my face and just a little amount. I do not put foundation as it may clogged our pores.
    4. I also wash my face every after I go outdoors. There's a lot of germs outside that can be accumulated by our skin.
    5. Use umbrella often times if you don't have sunblock especially sunblock are not that cheap in the markets.
  13. pkfolk

    pkfolk New Member

    I've struggled for a long time with acne problems, and that made me realize how important is to have a healthy skin. Try always to clean it and applying some cream before going to bed!

    Also comb your hair thoroughly, it really makes a difference.

    Finally, I am not a big fan of make-up, but some mascara always makes you look sexier ;)
  14. shangj27

    shangj27 New Member

    My Best Beauty Secret is having a Good Heart .
  15. Alzack50

    Alzack50 Member

    This is not called secret for me, it's natural to do for me to drink lot of water before sleep, and do excercise and im running out of oily food.
  16. jvhlxi

    jvhlxi Member

    WATER!!!! SLEEPPP!!!
  17. Dietjay

    Dietjay New Member

    MY BEST BEAUTY SECRET is natural. It comes from within. It is very simple. The first thing to do in the morning is to look in the mirror praise myself with beautiful words. Why? Because remember if you believe that you are beautiful you are half way there. NEXT, making yourself always clean and happy. People who always feel clean are happy. And if someone is happy, her eyes glows and her smiles makes her prettier. Smiling always can make a person's face more vibrant and beautiful.
  18. inspirit0610

    inspirit0610 New Member

    My best beauty secret is to be happy. When we are happy, I believe it makes us glow from the inside. Also, another beauty secret is to keep your skin care routine as simple as possible and think thrice before buying a beauty product 'cause I ended up wasting money on stuff that did not matched my needs.
  19. hlabajosa1966

    hlabajosa1966 Member

    My beauty secret is a simple LIFESTYLE, drinks a lot of water, sleep at least 8 hrs, meditation, and prayer. I have a new regimen for my skin and face; Baking Soda with lemon juice for underarms, face then Tomato rub it on your face it is good for oily skin then leave at least 15-20 mins then rinse it, really effective.
  20. pdfdownload

    pdfdownload New Member

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  21. aditya8485

    aditya8485 Member

    My best beauty secret is very simple. Eat properly at the right time, drink lots of water, avoid soft drinks completely, have good amount of sleep for eight hours that too in the night only, a strict no-no for late nights should be your motto, and of course maintain the balance of mind, try not to lose cool in irritating or tough situations, and meditate regularly and try to spend some time with nature whenever possible.
  22. tjmay

    tjmay Member

    best vacation
  23. ruthc

    ruthc New Member

    For me the best beauty secret is to keep your body hydrated it helps a lot to detoxify your body and to produce healthy elements that your body needs.
  24. My best beauty secret is eating healthy foods like vegetables and fruits.
  25. elliethegypsy

    elliethegypsy Member

    Honestly, I don't use any beauty products apart from aloe vera. I apply it on my face right after shower. It makes my face look glowing and hydrated all throughout the day. Of course, it's not enough without proper hydration, which means, drinking water as frequently as possible is highly recommended. You also have to eat nutritious food such as vegetables and fruits. And don't forget to do some exercise for much healthy well-being. If you can, avoid wearing too much make-up. But if not, don't go to sleep wearing it all night until the next day because it can irritate your face and can cause acne.
  26. ArseniAMD

    ArseniAMD New Member

    I have been doing facial massage in the evening for several months,simple movements when applying the cream from the center of the face to the periphery , super result , tightens the skin ,improves skin color ,wrinkles are smoothed,and most importantly do not need anything extra ,only the face and fingers )
  27. terryse2019

    terryse2019 New Member

    I subscribe to the theory that when you eat healthy foods , you achieve a higher level of well-being and you become more good looking too as a pleasant bonus.
  28. laizajavier

    laizajavier New Member

    Water is very important to rehydrate our skin it is the best beauty secret for me but aside from that I am using tomato serum every morning after i take a bath and every night before i go to bed, tomato contains antioxidants that helps the skin to feel nourished and also vitamin c to make skin very glowy. Using tomato serum is very beneficial especially that it is all natural so it wont harm my skin, it is very gentle and good for everyday use, even early teenagers can already use it, it is safer compared to othet skincare products that contains harmful chemicals for the skin.
  29. jeda30

    jeda30 Member

    Beauty is being comfortable and confident in your own skin. But what are your secrets to maintain your beauty?
    We all know that beautiful and glowing skin is one of the elements of personal beauty and our skin is the first line of defense against the outside world. I was very sad at first of having dry skin and I've been working so hard to improve my skin texture to achieve beautiful and glowing skin. I found aloe vera, aside from it nourishes within, it enhances the health and beauty of our face, skin, hair and more. It soothes sunburn, a good moisturizer in our skin, accelerates wound healing, fights to age, reduces acne, lightens blemishes, promotes healthy growth of our hair, prevents dandruff, nourishes and conditions the hair and scalps. It's all natural and has been proven as a healthy herbal remedy so nothing to worry about side effects.
  30. RaffyXsammy018

    RaffyXsammy018 New Member

    hi kally!
    the best beauty secret that I think I could share is drinking plenty of water, having enough sleep and a balanced diet and exercise, taking good care of your body will result to a good glow in your skin. Other than that, I love to use products that are alcohol-free because it will prevent our skin from drying. Another tip that I can share is using cold water when washing your face because I think it closes the pores in your face. But since we have differences in skin type, you might as well try my beauty tips if your skin type is dry to oily. That's all ladies, always remember that our greatest beauty hack is drinking plenty of water so stay hydrated everyone!

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