Your best beauty secret?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Kally, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. abby002

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    Skincare is the most important thing to do to take good care of your skin. It is important to know your type of skin before buying any kind of product. For me, since I am a combination type of skin, I am using Glycolic acid toner and hyaluronic acid serum at night and sunblock gel at daytime, also I am taking vitamin E to regenerate my skin cells to have a glowing and healthy skin.
  2. Weszleyyyyy5

    Weszleyyyyy5 New Member

    So my best beauty secret is just simple, an aloe vera gel. Aloe vera gel is diverse when it comes to its benefits. It contains many vitamins such as Vitamin A, B, C, and E. It can be applied to your skin, hair, and even weight loss!.
    Before my face was so oily and full of pimples, when I heard about the benefits of the aloe vera gel, I suddenly buy it from local stores and surprisingly it was cheap. I apply it on my face after I wash it with soap. I feel fresh whenever I put aloe vera gel on my face and after a week, I notice a drastic change on my skin. It was so soft, less oily, pimple-free, and I notice that my pores are shrinking.
    For my hair, I notice that my hair is so thin after I colored my hair. So, I was so nervous and have a thought of being bald. Then, I applied aloe vera gel and after weeks, I notice that my hair is getting back to its original state from thick, shiny, and strong.
    For weight loss, according to scientific researches, it may contribute to maximizing your diet as it contains vitamins and amino acids in aiding your weight loss.
  3. jhemjeff

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    i cant say it is a beauty secret but what i usually do is to drink a lot of water. i make sure that i am really hydrated all the time. for me water is the fountain of youth
  4. yetyet

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    According to my doctor, having enough time to sleep is the best skin care. Time from 10pm-3am is the time that all our cells heals. Drinking a lot of water also helps our skin not to look dry. Having time to exerciser within a day also helps improve our beauty. Eating healthy foods is much more better than drinking food supplements.
  5. mahleen

    mahleen New Member

    The best beauty secret that works for me are sleep, water and cleansing. They are effective and easy to keep up with. I think beauty is not just exuding in physical state but it also comes from within. Beauty for me is being clean and well.

    Sleep is the best time to achieve that healthy cells again which will reflect on your skin. They call it the baby skin because it is soft and youthful. You want to achieve that anti-aging look then better correct that sleep.

    Water is the agent that will flush out your toxins. All that bad things that's keeping you from being healthy and beautiful will be gone. It will also bring more oxygen to your body which is the reason you live.

    Cleansing is the last step to maintain that physical beauty. Washing your body clean and removing the outer dirt. It also improves your hygiene which is a prevention from spreading germs and illnesses.

    We all have different ways to achieve that beauty.
  6. Shawty05

    Shawty05 New Member

    My best beauty secret is sleep early at night, water therapy, eat moderately. I used to exercise once a week and watching comedy film to make relaxing and stress free.
  7. 20kevin20

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    Sleep time, water and (obviously) products are what affects my skin the most. Unfortunately I don't sleep as much as I should per night and my tap water is hard and contains lots of substances that are bad for my skin, so I have to use micellar water for face washes to get it smooth and clean.

    As far as I know, this is a french beauty secret and it's not as weird as it sounds to wash your face using bottled/micellar water. However, going for the bottled water is way too expensive and does not hydrate the skin unlike micellar.
  8. ultimateuser

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    My health is all about my daily routine throughout my busy day which keeps me fresh and gives energy to work better i starts with waking up earlier and get fresh up and take a healthy balanced diet if possible i use to do exercise for at least a hour which keeps my blood flow maintained and gives my body a natural good look food and fitness is anywhere must to anyone's beauty .

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