Your best memories.

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Your best memories

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  1. Airessketh

    Airessketh New Member

    Your best memories
  2. Of course good memories. I want to reminisce good memories than the bad. Memories of my childhood years is the best. I could still me and my family going out and playing together in the mall.

    Moments that were together is want I want to remember most. I still want to do it with them in the future. I know someday I have my own family. I also wanted to do the same making memories.
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  3. MrsSBeaumont

    MrsSBeaumont New Member

    I don't really understand what this question is asking. Are my best memories good or bad? Well of course they're good - or else they wouldn't be the best would they? My best memories are mostly from my childhood, but I have a lot of wonderful recent memories with my friends and family too.
  4. watermints

    watermints New Member

    My best memory is me with my family, spending our time together, with no problems and worries. We were having the best time at the beach, I was 7 at the time.
  5. ansitech

    ansitech New Member

    I am a new dad of my daughter when I am with her that's are my best and greatest moments when she laughs, play with me it really adores me.
  6. Mj Andales

    Mj Andales New Member

    My best memory is the saddest too. I remember when I was 7 years old. I sleep on the street with my younger siblings. With the noise of the cars around us, I feel at peace and when I look up I see so many starts and start talking about our dreams. It was the best because it's the few memories I still remember with my younger brother ans sister, they died a year later. Sad because I wish I could turn back that time and be naive to see the real world, that even problems surround us I feel secure and happy.

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