Your best memories.

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Your best memories

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  1. clairebalubal

    clairebalubal Member

    One of my best memories was when I gave birth to my son. I am always excited to see him and hold him in my arms, however, I never imagined that before I could see and hold him, I will experience extreme pain and exhaustion. I gave birth via normal delivery. I remembered my mom that moment, this is exactly what she experienced when she gave birth to me. Now I know all the sacrifices of a mother for her child. A mother who loves her child will do everything to protect and provide for her little one. Now I realized that I should have been a better daughter to my mother.
  2. Aleona

    Aleona Member

    The best memories are the ones that aren't capture by photos or films. It's the ones capture and kept by the heart. If you'll ask me mine, a lot I must say. Memories that keep popping out of my head every minute of the day and just make me smile out of nowhere. My siblings tell me I get wierder and wierder but what can I do? I just can't stop myself from feeling the butterflies in my stomache everytime those memories keep coming back. I can't name just one because everytime I do, another one would appear just right after and all keeps coming back to me until I can't decide wether which one should I consider best. Well anyway, all of that is just because of my ever loving fiance and my family.
  3. Littlegirl933

    Littlegirl933 New Member

    The student days were the best times in my life. Although there were many difficulties and hardships during that time, but I lived with the whole of my youth, without any regrets. And my friends, I miss my student days, how much I miss my friends and teachers. I remember that school, which had imprinted our whole youth and how many emotions kept coming back, intact just like yesterday. Remembering the first days of being a student, I kept myself in my own guise as there was no one around me. But then I quickly integrated into student life, and gradually became acquainted with friends, eased homesickness.

    We eat together, study together, play together. Party with friends, interesting picnics ....

    Even though it's now far away, but my memories of my youth will remain in me forever. It makes me happy, when I remember it.
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  4. Ayhie

    Ayhie Member

    The best memories that I had when me and family went in a beach vacation. We stayed there for 2 days and its really fun, we went island hopping, ride in a zip-line, kayaking and snorkeling where I can see different kinds of fishes and corals. That is really amazing and best experience ever for us.
  5. donjandex

    donjandex New Member

    When I think back to the days when I was a child, I think about all of my wonderful childhood memories. Often I wish to go back, back to that point in life when everything seemed simpler. Sometimes I think about it too much, knowing I cannot return. Yet there is still one place I can count on to take me back to that state of mind, my grandparent’s house and the land I love so much.
  6. bads05

    bads05 Member

    my best memories was when i was a child, when there is no internet and i did'nt have cellphone. just spending my time playing with my friends with traditional physical games and we were so happy that times, the time when no more complicated things, like you don't need to think about where to get money, food to feed your children, you just enjoying the every moment with your friends, running on wide land of grass, playing with kites, just so beautiful.
  7. Kryptonian

    Kryptonian Member

    Best memories are the ones that trigger an emotional feeling when they do come.For me the best ones is the moment i finished boarding school.The feeling was great,never waking up at odd hours just to read things that would probably never ever cross my path in life.
  8. zionekathleen

    zionekathleen New Member

    Best memories are the ones you couldn't forget after decades of making new ones and forgetting some old ones. They are the ones you carry and remember when you feel helpless and lonely. Mine are memories I spent with my family when I was a child. Innocence and appreciation maybe are the main factors why I always remember those little things. There has never been more wonderful experience than your first times at your early years in life. We may have extravagant and almost perfect experiences as now we are older but we never forget the genuine happiness we felt on the petite things we thought that are perfect before. Memories are the foundation of the self we are trying to live for every single day. So, treasure each moment!
  9. Shadzwrite

    Shadzwrite New Member

    My best memories are the ones that make life meaningful on days i really just can't do life. If i'm being honest thinking about them now,they're fleeting. But in the moment, my heart was so filled with unexplainable joy, high on life and certain that these were the moments that make the difficult times worthwhile.
  10. donald78

    donald78 Member

    My childhood memories are very memorable. Everything that I thought in my childhood has been my life today. My knowledge and experiences are very satisfying. My parents raised me as an independent person, they thought me how to live equally. Provide my guidance for being responsible in which I won't be reminded of. All those memories are having an interest in my journey today. I should continue to follow what my parents thought to me.

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