Your Device Will Never Love You, Yet...

Discussion in 'Cell Phones & Tablets' started by SeaShelStew, Dec 12, 2018.

  1. SeaShelStew

    SeaShelStew New Member

    How much time you spend stabbing your chest plate with chin every day while staring into your phone while your soul is drained and precious minutes turn into hours and days of your life in that same pose?

    Is it our faults for not being strong willed independent thinkers or is it the blame of our corporate overlords for knowing exactly the type of tech we can't refuse and making us "mafia style" offers of being connected and included? There is no real answer it would seem and meanwhile my neck is sore as ever from managing multiple social media accounts, reading breaking news about stocks and science, swiping left or right on potential dates, and thumbing my Facebook feed.

    Heck least redesign everything so it's ergonomic. That way i can waste my life COMFORTABLY.

  2. ohoohooh

    ohoohooh New Member

    I feel you!
    How do we change this? I feel the need for checking my phone for notifications all the time...
  3. zeellou

    zeellou New Member

    Your device will never love you yet they help you in a lot of ways, a lot of things not just by earning but by means of communication. nowadays, communication is really important especially when your loved ones are in a long distance. like you need to travel thousands of miles away to see them then your device, your phone or laptop will help you see them by means of communication, video calling. though our device will never love us, our device will never feel the emotions we feel but we will be thankful to our device to help us connect and earned in any ways.

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