Your Dream Car?

Discussion in 'Cars, Sports, & Outdoors' started by Wilvelo88, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. AwesomeHero

    AwesomeHero New Member

    My dream car is Koenigsegg Agera R but more realistically it's gonna be a Ford Mustang GT or Chevy Camaro SS. I'm really fan of american cars so i guess that's it!
  2. Gustavo1

    Gustavo1 New Member

    My dream car currently is the audi R8-it cost 115k and thats not with the side panel i would most definately have to get for another 10k to be 125k-i figured out that with nothing down and a seven year financing deal it would only cost me 7k per month for the car-i wouldnt have a place to live so it would probably b inside the car living but at least i would have this beast-Its really an animal and i dont think police in any state would be able to catch me until the next day, its that fast; Really!
  3. FrenzieSun

    FrenzieSun New Member

    My dream car would be simple just as Toyota Grand Ace. For me I would be happy if I had that.
  4. doriangrae

    doriangrae New Member

    I'm into the Audi R8. I mean it's pretty close to perfect.
  5. TKaliber

    TKaliber New Member

    There's a large variety of cars I'd love to own but as of recent I've been really into the Porsche 918 and most cars that have been put out by Koenigsegg in a large chunk of their time as a car manufacturer. However if I was to be realistic I'm very much interested in buying a Nissan Silvia S13 and engine swapping it with an RB26DETT motor. If only I had the money to find a decent S13. One day though...
  6. Darrelhardman700

    Darrelhardman700 New Member

    Dream car my dream car is pagani or ford mustang that's my favorite sports car
  7. John0520

    John0520 Member

    My dream car is any kind of Audi brand. I like Audi brand designs and models and anything of the cars which is Audi brand will do.
  8. wale-4gNw

    wale-4gNw New Member

    There are lot of car producing from different companies yearly, my dream car at this point in time is Toyota Camry, because I want product that easy to maintain and durable. Not limited to that..... I like something simple that easy and cheaper to maintain.
  9. neromare

    neromare New Member

    I'd say Tesla. Any model. Something on renewable energy. Electric motors are so precise. All of our appliances in our homes run on electric motors. Even your nose trimmer. It's the future. Electric motors also have instant output. You don't wait for the turbos or some pistons and cylinders to kick in. You have instant torque from the start.

    Great for the environment too.

    If you own a solar roof, or a small photovoltaic power plant, you're gonna drive for free and trees and plants and nature will be happy; thank you.


    Oh yeah, and the Teslas are also quiet. Happy quiet travel. And their Tesla Model 3 achieved the best safety rating of any car tested. Insane. And their autopilot system and the anti-collision system is just the cherry on the top.
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  10. jimmycrickett99

    jimmycrickett99 New Member

    I can never choose a car for this question. The 3 that most often come up are the 1959 Chevy Corvette, the 1969 Chevy Impala and a Delorean with a Back to the Future body kit. However, I do really like the looks of the 1940's-50's MG's and the 1940's Rolls Roice. But I can pretty much say that I will never have the money for any of these cars, Not even replicas.
  11. Deadlegs

    Deadlegs New Member

    My favourite car is a 69 Chevrolet Corvette 454 big block, Muncie four-speed, black on black, t-top. The Chevrolet Corvette is one of the most if not the most recognisable cars on the planet with its long sleek front-end flowing lines and that throaty growl emanating from the exhaust. The Chevrolet Corvette is a classic sports car and Chevrolet's finest creation was the manual 69 454 big block. Customises, hot rodders, drag races, and road races have modified nearly every Corvette available so if the opportunity arises to get an original Corvette of any year it would be a wise investment!
  12. Ejbading789

    Ejbading789 New Member

    i only have 2 options here, ford mustang any model will do, or toyota a86, that looks dope,
  13. Rjyu

    Rjyu New Member

    My dream car is Lamborghini, it is awesome but I can't afford to buy it. Im just an ordinary person who have working 8hrs a day ,48 hours a week
  14. Black822

    Black822 New Member

    I am not dreaming for any brand of a car, I just want a car that I have tittle with. I just want to own a car because I am so tired of commuting everyday and all of the dust that would stick in my hair and face because I am riding an open window and door vehicle whenever I go to school and it’s kind of heart breaking because I got out of our house with a decent smell but enter the classroom with bad dusty smell and super hate it.
  15. courtney00

    courtney00 New Member

    For me, I doesn't matter on what brand. All I want is to have a car. Own car. because it's hassle to commute here in our place because driver need to fill it up all the passenger seat, it takes 20-40 mns. Time consuming
  16. magz25

    magz25 New Member

    I want to have my own car but not a expensive car I choose to those cheap cars but brandnew the important is you can use it for travel land base and can use it to go somewhere you want by driving.
  17. RonLegend10

    RonLegend10 New Member

    Since the topic is dream car, my dream car is TOYOTA GT86, my friend have this car, when we drive in the highway they looking to us, but my simple dream car is honda civic, this is legend for me.
  18. Michael1234

    Michael1234 New Member

    My dream Car is Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR I love the angular definitions lines and the sleek bonnet scoop. But the best part about the car is the price to performance ratio. You can get a 2010–2012 Lancer Evolution GSR w 50k miles for 24k, and with that you’re getting a car that instills a special sense of confidence in the driver. The Evo has all sorts of electronic wizardry working within it’s S-AWC system that allows you to attack corners with ease, even when you come in too fast. It’s differential, torque vectoring yaw control system, stability control, etc. are all integrated. So even if you’re not a good driver, you can push the Evo to its limits very comfortably, because the car’s computer sorts everything out for you. And the Recaro seats are great on many models of the Evo X. It’s my dream car! It’s sad that Mitsubishi discontinued making them :(
  19. wellapalada

    wellapalada New Member

    Buying a car, especially your dream car always comes with a price. Unless you won the lottery and had millions of cash. Mine is just simple. My dream car is somewhat I can drive with my entire family especially with my kids and a dog. I want my dream car to be comfy, big, and a hassle free so I would prefer a large SUV Ford Expedition.
  20. m36ad3th

    m36ad3th New Member

    My dream car is a 2nd gen Toyota MR2. It just looks so awesome, not too expensive too. There's just something about old, cheap sports cars that appeals to me. Maybe one day I'd buy one if I find one that's still in pristine condition.
  21. AdrianMD

    AdrianMD Member

    My favourite car is Audi Q8
  22. fernando22

    fernando22 New Member

    I think that there is something special about coupés. Here in my country, Argentina, that kind of car is not easy to find on streets, because most of the people from here rather be driving a little and cheap hathcback, especially women.
    However, if i had the money i'll buy to myself a BMW 2-series coupé. Unfortunatelly, in my country this outstanding vehicle is only available in its M version (high performance), so the price is really high for a middle class worker. Maybe in my next life.
  23. amosgwapo

    amosgwapo New Member

    BMW M2 of course! It costs not as expensive as the other sportscar, it fits 4 people inside, and plenty of space for my luggages. Nice enough for a daily drive car.
    It has a 3.0L inline-6, offering 365 hp up for grab. 0 to 60 in 4 seconds.

    Okay, it might not sounds as good as another supercars, but I might feel confident without all the fears of driving a supercar or hypercar when driving that. It’s a BMW 2-series after all.

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  24. Caguioa747

    Caguioa747 New Member

    As a kid the Corvette Stingray. It was the closest thing to the Bat Mobile as you could get and they still look fucking sexy today, if they've been looked after. I'm not a fan of the rebirth models.

    Later I fell in love the Ford GT-40. The styling is what gets me and the performance is just an added bonus. I've considered buying a Carbon Fibre kit to put onto a more reliable car because I like the styling so much.

    And I'll always have a soft spot for my first car: a 1974 Honda Civic. I've never had more fun on 4 wheels and I wish I had seen the value in keeping it. Probably the second dumbest decision I've made. I had restored it to mint condition with a few modern upgrades like seat belts and when I decided I wanted a more powerful car to keep up with my mates i traded her in. At the time she was worth squat and the dealer even tried talking me into keeping her. His buyer valued it at $600, simply because they had no hope of reselling it. He ended up giving me $1k for it after some back and forth.
  25. WallEPug

    WallEPug New Member

    McLaren F1. That thing tore all the speed records when it was launched two decades ago. It's an art piece, to be honest. Just the fact that it has driver's seat at the middle flanked by two passenger seats in the back is enough to make it my favorite car. It's also really fast so that helps too.

  26. Litz

    Litz New Member

    My favourite car is the BMW 2 Series Convertible,i just love the fancy look and i like a better view as i drive,,,,so that car would really work for me.
  27. jonjon1980

    jonjon1980 Member

    Ferrari, and BMW
  28. gagarindes

    gagarindes New Member

    My dream car is a Lamborghini. I love the way they look. There was a time when I liked Ferrari until Lamborghini Aventador came in. I wish to buy one in far or near future.
  29. SamV

    SamV New Member

    The Ferrari has always been my dream car no matter what. It is fast, looks nice and sounds amazing. One of the reasons I love the car so much is because it is an Italian company, and I am Italian. I also enjoy Ferrari stuff such as the Formula 1 team and other secondaries.
  30. plambev

    plambev New Member

    I like the Audi RS6 concept. Practical and fast!

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