Your first concert?

Discussion in 'Music' started by drunkenwaltz, Jun 22, 2016.

  1. drunkenwaltz

    drunkenwaltz New Member

    What was the first concert you ever went to? Mine was Bon Jovi, in Dublin, June 2011. I went with my two best friends, and my boyfriend at the time (who paid for all the tickets!). It was an amazing experience; the band really knows how to put on a show. I'll also never forget one of the opening bands, "Vintage Trouble", they really got the crowd going!

    So, what was your first ever concert? And what are some memories you have of it?
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  2. cafwen

    cafwen New Member

    I was incredibly privileged to have my first concert be by (I believe) one of the greatest live performers to grace a stage - the one and only Adam Lambert. If he's good enough to fill the boots of Freddie Mercury, you know there's got to be something special going on there.

    Being a massive fan, I could almost not believe the news that he was going to be touring in South Africa. I thought it would always be out of my reach to see him perform live. In fact I embarrassed my friends terribly by dancing right there in the shopping mall when I bought my ticket! Needless to say, the concert was indescribably brilliant and filled with memories that will last forever, not to mention the joy of being able to meet fellow devoted fans just as excited as I was - truly an experience I will treasure to the day I die, no exaggeration. Thanks for introducing this wonderful topic and bringing back some awesome memories for me! :D
  3. cafwen

    cafwen New Member

    I'm afraid I can second this experience. I went to Rihanna's show in Cape Town last year and was disappointed - no costume changes, lip syncing, and we too had to wait forever for the show to start. I do love her music, Disturbia is one of my favorite songs in fact - but the live experience just didn't measure up. A great pity.
  4. sasaclubber1

    sasaclubber1 New Member

    The first concert I went to with my friends was an Avril Lavigne concert when most of us were 15. I did not really like Avril Lavigne in particular back then but my friends did and one of my friends paid for all our tickets and transportation so I went anyway.I ended up enjoying her performance and becoming somewhat a fan of her. Even now I still listen to some of her music sometimes.
  5. terrytree727

    terrytree727 New Member

    My first concert was going to see LL Cool J. I was so infatuated with him, and still am. My favorite song by him is going back to Cali. Even though he has a lot of great songs. My favorite memory was my girl friend and I actually got to meet his fine self.
  6. Aroe

    Aroe New Member

    My first concert was with my parents and a friend of mine. We went to N'Sync the summer before I started the 7th grade. My friend and I went shopping for matching outfits, we bought necklaces of our favorite band member's names and we sang the songs at the top of our lungs all the way there and back. It was amazing!!
  7. Claposaurus

    Claposaurus New Member

    Mine was Blind Guardian in PTA, South Africa 2007. It was so amazing to see such talented performers, I knew most of the songs and the people I went with were awesome. I could not have asked for a better first concert.
  8. HuntleyR

    HuntleyR New Member

    My first concert, embarrassingly enough, was a band called, Mindless Self Indulgence. It's not one of my more fond memories. I will say that more recently, Farm Aid was definitely my favorite show of all time. There was just such an incredible line up, for such a great cause. Merlefest is always excellent as well.
  9. Jekaterina Maslova

    Jekaterina Maslova New Member

    I went to a Green Day concert with my best friend and I loved it. It was so much fun and we knew most of the lyrics so we could sing along and I also discovered a good band which played the warm-up, Billie Talent.
  10. pogofox

    pogofox New Member

    The very first concert I ever attended was Owl City's "Midsummer Station" concert in Salt Lake City a couple years back. He has always been my favorite artist, but I was a little nervous about attending a concert of his, because his (Adam Young's) music is influenced a lot by the techno flare. I thought a live performance by him would be disappointing. NOT SO. He was even better live. That man is a miracle.
  11. Kaitlyn Anderson

    Kaitlyn Anderson New Member

    My first concert was Redlight King, Seether, and Black Stone Cherry. It was in Lancaster. It was an amazing concert! I went in not very fond of Black Stone Cherry or Redlight King and came out liking Redlight King the most, over all three!! I even found a new liking of Black Stone Cherry!! Very great first concert experience!

    Happy listening everybody!!
  12. naseema

    naseema New Member

    My first concert was Bryan Adams. It was a free concert in Nashville, TN, but it was by far the best. We were literally thirty feet from Bryan the whole time. I will never forget hearing him sing The Summer of 69. To this day when I hear it I can close my eyes and remember everything from that night.
  13. tamaralorditch

    tamaralorditch New Member

    My first concert was Tommy Page.... I was 16 and he was at the state fair. It was amazing and I was totally obsessed with him at the time. Had an amazing time. I'm pretty sure he is not really that relevant now if at all in the music business, but I still have his music on my IPOD and remember that day fondly.
  14. bangtanboys

    bangtanboys New Member

    I'm not sure if this would count as a real concert, but my first live music experience was some free Korean Chuseok Festival with A1 acts back in October 2011. I was 16 years old, and I had to beg my mom so I could go to another state with a friend I only knew for a couple of weeks and her older sister (thanks mom). My favorite group then, Beast, were slated to perform, so I wasn't going to take no for an answer. And even though I had nosebleed seats (I basically watched the entire concert on the big screen), I had the most fun I ever had at that time. I'm usually a very introverted person, but let me tell you I was cheering and doing the absolute most. It was the first and only outdoor concert I ever went to, and under the clear night sky with thousands of other fans, I finally understood why people normally paid for these things. Not to mention I also gained new found respect for DBSK, who headlined the concert. In the months to come, I eventually left the Beast fandom for theirs, haha.
  15. Dyami

    Dyami New Member

    My first concert was a Kendrick Lamar concert. It was my birthday and my mom made my brothers tag along,but they didn't like our nosebleed seats.My brothers enjoy rapping,and where rapping in the stands before the concert,when they attracted the attention of Ab soul's (someone on Kendricks label) manager. He was so stunned at their abilities he offered us front row seats an told us to contact him after the concert. It was the best experience ever an I even got to meet Ab soul..(Kendrick had left). I'll never forget it an me and my siblings still talk about it.
  16. adasilva95

    adasilva95 New Member

    My first concert was Justin Timberlake's on his Future Love/Sex Sounds tour. I was in 5th grade, and my cousin had surprised me with tickets for my birthday. The seats were actually pretty decent, and P!nk was his opening act. I never really cared for P!nk until that night, she had such charismatic energy and she even did the Carlton dance after singing Dear Mr. President, lol.
  17. Aari

    Aari New Member

    My first concert was a gospel concert with Kirk Franklin. I went with a church group and we had alot of fun and I enjoyed myself.
  18. Igor Severino

    Igor Severino New Member

    In 1993 it was my first big show of my life and I had pleasure and see Micheal Jackson. I was only 10 years old and can see how it was magical to see Michel dancing and singing. Memory that I will keep with me for the rest of my life because like a lot of the songs of Michael Jackson.
  19. The first concert I ever went to was Kanye Wests' "Glow in the Dark Tour" The opening acts were Lupe Fiasco, N.E.R.D, and Rihanna. It was an amazing experience and one that I will never forget as long I live. Kanye, despite what people may dislike about his out-spoken public persona, is an extremely gifted performer. The elaborate setup of the stage and instrumentation shows that he puts a lot of time and effort into his live shows. Even though me and my friends were in the nosebleed section it was still worth the money
  20. Cynthia Hall

    Cynthia Hall New Member

    When I was in the 4th grade, 1978 to be exact, I saw my very first concert with my parents. The concert was a surprise for my birthday and it was Tony Orlando. When I was little, the TV show, "Tony Orlando and Dawn," was my favorite TV show. I watched it and had such an enormous crush on Tony! So, when it was announced he was coming to town, my parents not only were able to get tickets, but they asked my uncle for a favor. My uncle was a police officer in the city we lived in and his second job was security at the auditorium where the concert was being held.

    Finally, the night of the concert came and I was so excited. I changed clothes at least 10 times. We eventually made it to the concert hall and to our seats. I was so excited as the lights went down and the music began. For almost two hours, I was mesmerized by this fantastic performer. Tony Orlando really put on a show. "Dawn," his back-up singers were no longer with him, so he carried it all on his shoulders smoothly and amazingly. He was funny, with stories of his time on TV, "Dawn," what it was like to tour, and everything in between. He was energetic and entertaining and the time flew by. When the concert was over, I was so sad. I wanted more. I didn't want it to end.

    As we were making our way out of the crowded theater, my uncle appeared. He produced the favor mentioned earlier. He obtained a personalized autographed photo of Tony Orlando and my uncle took a Polaroid photo of Tony holding up a sheet of paper saying, "I love you, Cyndi!" I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I was floating!

    I collect autographs to this day and the photos of Tony Orlando are still part of my prized possessions. I will never foret that night and to this day, I still log onto youtube and listen to Tony Orlando and watch him contine to blow away fans at concerts to this day.
  21. iRoxas

    iRoxas New Member

    Sadly I've never been to a concert but I hope I can go to one someday because I would really love to be in front of my favorite artist it would be so amazing! I've seen what they look like and they look pretty crowded but I don't care, I would just love to hear the music live and to see them on stage, it would make me so content :D.
  22. Meredith Johnston

    Meredith Johnston New Member

    My first concert was almost 2 years ago. I am 28 years old haha. Took me some time but finally got to check that off my bucket list. I went and saw Tool. It was amazing! I have been told that is going to be a hard first concert to beat. So now I have been to a total of 2 concerts and they were both amazing. I can't wait to go to so many more.
  23. tod_morrison85

    tod_morrison85 New Member

    My first concert was at The Pyramid in Memphis featuring none other than The Backstreet Boys. I was only seven years old but had spent the last couple years obsessing over their dance moves and catchy tunes. Looking back, I never knew how embarrassed I would feel later on in life because of my early love of boy bands! But, nevertheless, I find myself singing along to the "Boys" whenever they come on the radio.
  24. EntropiaAddict

    EntropiaAddict New Member

    My first concert was while I was in high school and was Korn and White Zombie. We had tickets for the floor and ended up spending the concert 3 "rows" from the stage. It was an amazing experience and started me down a road of going to whatever concerts I could.
  25. Rachael403

    Rachael403 New Member

    At our county fair, we saw plenty of different concerts. I think the first one I can remember was Brooks and Dunn. I think it was before they hit the "big time" and they were first starting out. I remember that a couple of years later, they were all over the country channel. I actually have pictures with them when I was a kid. It was really neat to have pictures of them all these years later.

    When I was in middle school is when Christina Aguilera got popular. That is the first time I bought tickets to my own concert. We were in the mosh pit and the people there were really pushing and shoving to get closer to the stage to see her. I enjoyed the concert, but it started much later than expected. Overall, it was a good experience. I also learned that I would never go into the mosh pit for another concert again, and that seating was the best way to go.

    Concerts are such a memorable experience to remember. Coming from a small Nebraska town, I was able to see Garth Brooks in concert. I held up a sign that my mom and I made as a kid and wanted him to sign it. He did not, but I remember he saw it and laughed in the middle of the song and pointed at it.
  26. YeahMomo08

    YeahMomo08 New Member

    My first concert was chris brown. I remember me getting caught on to the gate because everyone was pushing to get through.
  27. Matt Sterkenburg

    Matt Sterkenburg New Member

    My first concert was a collaborative show featuring Kid Cudi, Logic, Tyler the Creator and Big Sean at DTE Energy Music Theatre near Detroit. It was an awesome experience to see such a versatile show with artists representing multiple genres. The venue itself made the show incredible with seating arrangements that circled around the valley down to the stage. I met people from all over the state who shared the same passion for Hip Hop music as I do. I will definitely be back.
  28. Haleym1900

    Haleym1900 New Member

    My first concert was this even my local radio station puts on around Christmas time. They year I went was 2015 and many artists, including my all time favorite, performed. They had Rachel Platten, Andy Grammar, Flo Rida, Tori (I can't remember her last name oops) and, my fave, Panic! At The Disco.

    I had always wanted to go to this even for years but could never afford it. All my friends in one of my classes knew how badly I wanted to go that specific year because Panic! was performing. One day my friend surprised me with 2 tickets and it was the best gift I had ever received.
  29. Tonya Anthony

    Tonya Anthony New Member

    My very first concert was actually, New Edition, at Six Flags. (If you want to count that. Some people don't because it was at an amusement park and not some stadium or theater.) I was 12 or 13. I remember it almost like it was yesterday.

    I went with all my cousins, and my mother. All of the girls went out and bought t-shirts from a local t-shirt shop in our town called "Personalities". They were purple with light pink lettering that said "We love New Edition!”, with our names on the back.

    Wow, we really thought we were something! Walking through the amusement park with our heads held high, sipping on snow cones and eating candy apples. Nothing but smiles all the way to the concert sight!

    (Chuckling to myself)

    So we get to the concert waiting on New Edition, and The Jets opened for them. And some time during the Jets performance. a bird flew overhead and used the bathroom on my head! I was so upset with feeling of hot melting feces on my head in 100 degree weather but sucked it up and continued watching he concert with pride and hot bird feces on my head!
  30. AshesRose

    AshesRose New Member

    My first concert that I count was Linkin Park in high school, my dad took me and a friend. Our seats were pretty elevated and far away, which was probably a good thing considering the massive mosh-pit near the stage the entire night. They had some colorful lights, it was very loud and we all had a good time!
    However I guess that my very first concert was technically Kelly Clarkson when I was about 10 or 11. I don't usually count it because I was a performer as well. My dance team performed at many basketball and football half-time shows, but this was a 4th of July celebration in the middle of summer. I, along with hundreds of other girls danced on a football field at a huge stadium in full-body covering costumes right in the middle of July. I remember it being miserably hot. By the time we were through though, it was evening and had started to cool off. That's when Kelly came out on to the stage.
    I remember I was thrust to the front of the crowds since I was one of the littlest kids there, so I got a pretty good view. Kelly was amazing, I used to watch American Idol religiously so I was starstruck. I think when she sang "A Moment Like This" it was the most memorable moment for me, funnily enough.

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