Your first interaction with a computer.

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Bleque, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. Bleque

    Bleque New Member

    How young are you when you first interacted with a computer? How did it feel like? How different do you use the computer now from then?

    I first used the computer when I was 8. Our school, a public elementary school, had these IBM computers running windows 95, man, I feel like one of the coolest kids in town when I was able to type anything using MS word. I started to love computers from that. I have a desktop and a gaming laptop and would gladly toss my phone for them. Computers could do so much things now! Where has IBM gone now, anyway?
  2. iPvM

    iPvM New Member

    I first got introduced to the computer world at a young age. It felt like the most amazing thing I've ever stumbled across in my entire life. Being 15 years older, I now utilize the computer more than I did when I was younger. Hooked ever since, I am not 22 years old writing this from a computer!
  3. chocochuchu

    chocochuchu New Member

    I think it was in high school. There is no windows 95 or 98 operating system that time. The OS that time was MS DOS. You type everything on the command prompt before you can open an application. I remember i was very naive that time. I am very scared of touching the keyboard. I feel that if i did something wrong, the computer will malfunction :laugh:
    Those were the days. It was fun as i experienced the technology evolving in front of my eyes as i watch letters appearing in the monitor the moment i start typing in the keyboard. LOL
  4. Nelly Ann Ambas

    Nelly Ann Ambas New Member

    It was in my first year in college when I first got use of the computer. The operating system before was MS DOS. I remember our first lesson was how to boot the computer. I think all of my classmates before including me were all nervous to even just push the button to switch it on. There were no USB before, we use flappy disk, the one which is wide, thin, and with a hole at the center. But I am glad I had an experience of this because even until now, the command prompts I learned were still of use and it is not totally removed. Monitors and CPU's were big, heavy and bulky it takes up a lot of space. It was like it will explode when you touch the wrong button and the system will bug down if you will type the wrong command. Definitely even if the are computers before they are much more limited to the we way we use it now. With the technology now, even our phones are mini computers and we are confident because we are acquainted how to use it unlike in the olden times, one wrong command will take up hours to correct it.
  5. xvmon

    xvmon New Member

    I used computer when i was in high school because during that period we played counter strike and that is one of the popular LAN games that time.
  6. eugene pascual

    eugene pascual New Member

    I 1st used computer when i was 15 i think im 29 now by the way, I used computer just to play games if someone here heard counter strike 1.3, half life, Battle Realms Kenji's Jorney and Red Alert, you know what I'm trying to say, I thought computer was just for gaming but now i use computer almost all the time I cant live without it.
  7. Coolprogramer

    Coolprogramer New Member

    The first time I met the thing "computer" is when i was at grade 6 , I felt so much fun playing feeding frenzy, gta and counter strike. At first, I found myself struggling typing letters and can't identify where it is . It was so funny that I can't type faster than my classmates. But now, searching facts about computer and practicing typing made me type fast and understand the nature of a computer. And it made me feel so happy.
  8. OlaSidiq

    OlaSidiq New Member

    My first time using a computer was 14 years ago. A pretty long time. I had a computer teacher back then that is very funny. He explained every part of the computer to me. He taught me how to play videos on the computer.
    The first video he played for me was a football match between Nigeria and another team.

    I was taught how to shut down a computer and that was the only interaction I had with the computer that day.
  9. The Realm Jumper

    The Realm Jumper New Member

    I first interacted with a computer about as far back as I can remember – when I was five years old. My Dad had found computers to be “useful tools” and wanted us to be competent in our use of computers. Although PowerPoint is renowned for its use in business presentations my siblings and I used the program to create videos and eventually very basic computer games to share with eachother.
    The first time I actually used a mouse and keyboard was when my dad put together a computer specifically for his kids to use. Dad had set up a desk with a computer in the family room downstairs and explained how to use the controls to my oldest sister and me. He then proceeded to turn the computer on, showing us the boot-up phase, before introducing us to computer icons and Microsoft Power Point. It was sometime later, but early on, that I learned about the difference between the computer as a whole system and some critical pieces - the Monitor and CPU box. I also later learned the difference between software and hardware through the contrast between the BIOS program, and the CMOS chip which are both responsible for booting up.
  10. wilfredorv31

    wilfredorv31 New Member

    I am currently 51 years old, I studied computer science many years ago, my first interaction with a PC was in the classrooms, by then PCs were a novelty and using them felt like being at vanguard, it's like currently use a new smartphone or something similar, at that time, a laptop or a tablet, was a dream.
  11. zairamae

    zairamae New Member

    My first interaction with a computer was so funny because I was in high school back then. I don't have any idea of using it but I don't have a choice because I need to do a research that time. I go the computer shop then rent a computer. In my whole hour, I only do is playing because I don't know to use firefox, browser or other icon that I see on my screen. At the end of the day, I'll for textbooks to finish my research.

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