Your first programming language?

Discussion in 'Web Development, Programming & Graphics' started by tysovsky, May 26, 2014.

  1. tysovsky

    tysovsky New Member

    For me it was C++, and I certainly regret it. Its a bastard child of C and Object Oriented approach, that can't get anything right. For low level programming (such as writing drivers or programming microcontrollers) C is udoubtfully better since it's far more flexible than C++, and if you want to create more abstract programs, such as mobile application or code games there are much better object oriented languages such as Java and C#, whose syntax is more accessible. And thanks to the fact that both of these languages use interpreters to run, they are crossplatform and can run on a vast amount of devices.
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  2. Exitium

    Exitium New Member

    I started out learning HTML as its the most basic language to learn, and the easiest. However, you are limited to what you can do with it. This is why I went on to learn PHP and CSS and started website projects to test what I learned.
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  3. Kaushal

    Kaushal New Member

    I started from HTML as my first language, which used for creating structure of websites and it's very easy to understand and easy to use language and after that i learned the CSS and then after MYSQL, ORACLE, PHP and JAVASCRIPT.
    And my experience with these languages except javascript are so good.
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  4. Ashley Buchanan

    Ashley Buchanan New Member

    Visual Basic is my first language, and I love it! I've gone back to school to get my Associates in Computer Science with a Programming Emphasis. Today I wrote my first program in Visual Basic 2012. I could really get used to this! It's so easy, and the fact that it's GUI-based instead of just a wall of code.... ah, what a relief! I've just started in the program, so I'm going to be learning a lot of other languages in the semesters to come. I'm really excited to get started!
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  5. Ricewarrior

    Ricewarrior New Member

    I tried to learn C++ as a senior in high school, but trying to learn the language with absolutely no guidance or previous programming experience felt nearly impossible to me. It pretty much turned me off to programming until the beginning of college, where I learned Java. Java was definitely a much more friendly teacher than C++. I remember trying to understand how pointers and references worked in C++ at the time and it nearly drove me insane. I would definitely recommend learning Java or C# as a starting language to myself if I could somehow go back in time.
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  6. Kashbel

    Kashbel New Member

    Even though it's not an actual programming language, I guess my first language was HTML, followed by CSS. But the language that really got me going in programming was C#. It's just really versatile, whether you want to make APPs or videogames. Other than that, Java is a really nice option since it's very adaptable aswell.
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  7. Kenn Garcia

    Kenn Garcia New Member

    I started out with Pascal in middle school, then C and Java in college. After college, it was a bunch of this and that especially the open source languages. A new language springs up as the need arises especially because I work in a software development company.
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  8. feezi

    feezi New Member

    I started out with Java and after a few years I switched to PHP and I'm still into it. But to be honest I regret not being able to work with C++ from the beginning on.
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  9. Lolman112

    Lolman112 New Member

    I started out with JavaScript on Codeacademy. After I finished that course I started HTML and CSS. However, I'm going to study Computer Science next year where I need to learn a lot of Java, I'm sticking with HTML, CSS and a dose Java and JQuery for now, because Webdesign isn't really that hard and it's a good skill to have.
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  10. interopbyt

    interopbyt New Member

    I started programming with Visual Basic. It was pretty easy to learn and fun, but I didn't have much of an idea on what I was doing. Later, I transitioned to C# and properly relearned the basics of programming, which was very beneficial to me. Now, I still program in C#, but also PHP, JavaScript, and Java.
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  11. manulite

    manulite New Member

    QBASIC! I did one semester of introduction to computers and QBASIC was used to demonstrate programming concepts. However our first programming course was in Pascal, then C and finally C++. C++ was confusing at first because it was very easy to continue writing C code. I currently use JAVA for pretty much anything! :D
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  12. Enrothe

    Enrothe New Member

    Same here! Although not from a class, my first computer was running DOS and came QBASIC preinstalled. Ever play those example games that came with QBASIC? I was playing the snake game and losing a lot, so I looked thought the game code and found where it decreased your lives when you died, and changed the -1 to a +1 and thus got infinite lives. That was my first programming experience.
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  13. Kyle Allison

    Kyle Allison New Member

    I started in batch, but that's a scripting language not a programming language. The first programming language I learn was I was a good choice at the time as I was a beginner, but now I wish I had started with something more useful, or lower level like C. Something like that would give me a much better idea on proper programming.
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  14. James Clark

    James Clark New Member

    Another QBASIC here. :) I tried to teach myself QBASIC on a Tandy computer at a young age. I managed to pick some constructs and put together a few basic programs, but didn't really piece together the big picture until learning some PHP several years later.

    The preinstalled QBASIC games were fantastic! The snake game was a lot of fun, but I spent a lot more time on the gorilla game. Does anyone else remember entering 'Angle' and 'Velocity' to throw a banana at your opponent?
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  15. skmdrony1

    skmdrony1 New Member

    I Started 1st HTML then i start php this both language i still working.If anyone tell me what is the best i tell him php and if anyone tell me what is easy language i tell him HTML I am very well know about HTML & php.I develop lots of site on php & HTML basic language.
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  16. graymorning

    graymorning New Member

    I started out with Java, only because that was the language the first class of the introductory Computer Science series at my college was taught in. Following Java I learned C++. I disagree with OPs evaluation of C++, I think it's a fine language to learn with. When learning to program, it's less about mastering the language as mastering the way of thinking. Programming requires a unique kind of problem solving that takes time to learn. Any language that facilitates that is going to be fine to start with. Once you have the fundamentals down, learning any language is fairly trivial.
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  17. soulite

    soulite New Member

    I started programming in a high school programming class so my first official language was Visual Basic. Halfway through the class I started teaching myself Java. I like to consider Java my first language because I finished all of the basic things such as conditional statements and loops with Java before I started doing any of that in Visual Basic.
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  18. Lawlzki

    Lawlzki New Member

    My first programming language was HTML. I started an online course but never finished it. I then learned Java and I am now learning Visual Basic. I mainly make Minecraft plugins in Java and use my HTML skills to help with my sister's blog.
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  19. lanew

    lanew New Member

    I started out on Python, then switched to C# to have a better chance of finding a job. This was hard for me because I've been a Mac guy for 20 years, and to start programming in C# was just plain hard from a philosophical perspective. But, I have to admit, C# is a solid language.

    It's been sometime since I first started learning programming, and now that I've been programming for awhile, I've moved over to Objective-C and Swift. It feels good to develop on a Mac again! I love programming for the mac. The UI is intuitive, and the libraries are extensive.
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  20. Daniel Chen

    Daniel Chen New Member

    I personally think HTML is a great place to start (because it's pretty basic), just to get accustomed to the way programming is and the syntax. Some people, when they attempt to program, don't understand the system and how it works. Most people, if they want to start to program, already know their way around a computer. By getting to know HTML, they can test what they make with their internet browser and see how the source code correlates to what appears on their webpage.
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  21. TheCleric12

    TheCleric12 New Member

    My first programming language was Pascal. This was in early high school and my teacher was terrible. His first lesson he gave us intimidated the heck out of most of us. He got us to open an ancient Development environment(Turbo Pascal), which was a full blue screen with a flashing white cursor-block. Then, he told us to input a program from an equally ancient programming text book. None of us had ever seen something like that and some of us actually dropped the course early on. To this day, I find Pascal a bad place to start, with it's temperamental development environment and limited usability. The only reason I could think of that would make the language a viable gateway into programming is the case insensitivity and the dumbed-down function names. To be fair, my teacher probably didn't know too much about any other programming languages and probably got stuck in the transition between using punch cards and using keyboards.
  22. sherekahn

    sherekahn New Member

    I learned Visual Basic in high school when I was 16. Although, I never got into it quite as extensively as I did when I learned Python. I felt Python was a much more engrossing experience to learn, and its syntax and semantics are more relatable to other popular languages.
  23. Incognegro

    Incognegro New Member

    I'm currently working on learning HTML on and I find it pretty easy to understand. I would recommend it to anyone else trying to learn how to code.
  24. alinathani

    alinathani New Member

    I, too started off with Pascal programming in middle school! If yours was a school in Africa, then perhaps we are talking about the same school!
    I then studied Dbase in another high school, C and FoxPro in college and HTML and JavaScript through a course at an institute. However, I never got into software development or any programming related careers. Although, I learned how to use VBScript in MS Excel on my own and I use it whenever I work with large amounts of data in Excel.
    I am sometimes surprised to learn of the introduction of a new language and find I need to go back to learning yet another programming language.
  25. Icecure16

    Icecure16 New Member

    I suppose HTML was my first where I played around with tags in my earlier days of using the internet. My first real taste and formal introduction to programming was through Python in highschool. I think python is a great language to start off with, its very easy to learn but the possibilities are still endless!
  26. JonDJacobsen

    JonDJacobsen New Member

    I began with HTML and CSS about 7 years ago. They both seemed much harder then than they do now with Bootstrap 3 out.
    I've moved on to Full Stack Javascript with node.Js, express.js, mongoDB and Angular.js...MEAN.js is what it is called. If you're interested in a nice framework, that's it!
    I also have a fondness for Ruby on Rails.
  27. Lolerto

    Lolerto New Member

    I obviously learned HTML first, like most people, but my first actual programming language was Javascript.

    My friend was trying to teach me because he wanted me to help him develop a few websites. I eventually realized that I'm terrible at front-end programming because I have zero artistic skill and all my UIs were bad.

    I'm planning on learning Java and/or Ruby next so I can work on the back end instead.
  28. ntg101

    ntg101 New Member

    The first programming language that i done was Visual Basic 6 and i still use it to this day along with
  29. Devin_K

    Devin_K New Member

    My first programming language was Java. I started with Runescape Botting development (RSBuddy and Powerbot), and that forced me to learn the actual language. After Runescape, I moved onto Minecraft hacked client developing, where I started to create my own modules and even my own client. There, I really started to learn more about the Java language, including polymorphism and encapsulation. Now I've started to learn about C/C++, HTML, and Python.

    I'm currently taking an Intro to CS101 class on, and am still working through it and I hope to finish it and receive a certificate and/or credits.
  30. youngzebras

    youngzebras New Member

    My first language was Java in my first Comp Sci intro course. Later on I learned a bit of C, which had a lot of interesting things that you don't work with as much in Java, and I've been learning a bit of Python on my own. I've looked at some others on Codecadamy but never really put them to any use, and wouldn't remember anything I learned from it now.

    Java is what I have used most since it's what I've used most throughout school, and I am beginning to work with Android which uses Java.

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