Your first programming language?

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  1. fariqussalam

    fariqussalam New Member

    my first programming language is C++. i thought first that was the go to language for programming, and when i started learning it it was pretty hard. after weeks of learning i decided to research more about programming language and found out that C++ indeed is a advanced programming language since we need to assign garbage collection too. then i found out about Java and PHP and i decided to focus on these two until i am skilled enough to come back and learn C++
  2. Swordx23

    Swordx23 New Member

    During my 1st year at college, C++ was the first thing that my teachers taught me. When we started with the lessons, I kinda makes my nose bleed of different programming terms I need to learn. Once I got the hang of it, it was much easier now to code. One time we made a Tic-Tac-Toe project with it, when looking at different tutorials, I learned that C++ was more difficult than I expected to be. We were just learning the basics, however by growing more in the programming field will help us develop greater things. My main programming language for developing system is Java which is the 2nd programming language used to teach me. However, my teacher said that we should also get out of our comfort zone, because there are times that what we want to code only works on different programming language, so it is best if we have knowledge of other things too.
  3. ronbof

    ronbof New Member

    For me it was Java, from my computer science class in high school. I still use it every day! I don't know if it's because Java is just the type of language I like, or if it's just engrained in me since I didn't pick up a second language for 2 or 3 years.
  4. Xradium195

    Xradium195 New Member

    My very first programming language was C++. A lot of people I've met said that it was diffucult to learn about it. For me, what was more challenging is I started it all by myself believing that self study is the way to go. I started this vacation, right before I enter senior highschool. I googled everything that Google recommend me to start my first language which was C++. It also said that you better start with it because it will help you adjust and adapt other computer languages. I do recommend all of you to start with the difficult one in order to understand other programming languages.
  5. waynetrac

    waynetrac New Member

    Much like all the programmers/coders I know, I too started off with HTML, thinking it was real programming. I then moved on to JavaScript and then PHP so become a Web Developer. Now I've started to dabble in C++, Python and see where it takes me from there.
  6. JeetKuneDo

    JeetKuneDo New Member

    DBMS or DataBase Management Systems is My First Programming Language. Database is like an Electronic File Cabinet. DBMS structures Data and provides tools. Relational database use tables, records, fields primary fields, joins fileshares and data types. Feature include tools for sorting, filtering, defining criteria, querying, creating forms and reports.
  7. Ashraf2033

    Ashraf2033 New Member

    I started learning to program by reading "Learning programming the hard way" which used the Python programming language, but I stopped after reading few chapters, then I thought of taking a course, it was an Android course , so I had to use Java and I that's how I started to learn programming, I believe Java was a nice choice to start writing code.

    If you are starting to learn programming do some research about current programming languages potential, but don't overdo it, and focus on learning the concepts more and less on learning the syntax.
  8. visplay

    visplay New Member

    C++ and C#. It was back in my college days and our subject is game development and although I'm an art student, we were required to code and I must say it's fun writing code until you have to run it.

    for me C++ is one of the great tool to learn and understand codes since in my opinion, it's rather easy to understand.
  9. myloves87

    myloves87 New Member

    My first programming language that I know is JAVA. I said "I know" not "I learned" because I have just knowledge with it and I can't really understand it back then. JAVA is so hard to learn :(

    I have also learned HTML, CSS and Javascript when I entered Senior High School (2016), our professor teaches us on how to build web application where for the first time, I discover how websites work and how impossible that from a simple alien words turn into incredible art pieces :)
  10. whitepuppy

    whitepuppy New Member

    I started out with BASIC on a Tandy Color Computer 3 and an IBM PC 8088 that had BASICA and GWBASIC on it. Later on I moved to QBASIC, then the upscaled version of it as Quickbasic 4.5, then PDS 7.1, then Visual Basic after that and today, QB64. (If you haven't heard or seen QB64 yet, google for it and you'll see that there is a fully Qbasic compatible version of Basic out there for you that runs with linux, Windows, and Mac OS X cross-platform and compiles for all of them and has modern features as well that you'd expect for multimedia and other services). I then moved on to assembly language after Qbasic but still did Basic as I did. I never liked C and never will. I'd rather do PHP or Python than C or C++ any day of the week. I did like Pascal and started that when I was 7 and only revisited it during high school and a little later when it became Delphi, but Basic was and is still my favorite language to program with.
  11. naturedpeter

    naturedpeter New Member

    My first programming language is c++ when i was a college student our instructor teach us about c++ is nice language i can do a calendar or a accounting program. What i learned is when you fully know one of programming or master in it. It easy to you to learn other language because its almost same
  12. Melancholy

    Melancholy New Member

    Hmm. I think my first language was HTML, though I wasn't all that good at it. Just simple web pages, then figuring out how to make buttons and such (though I didn't do any CSS - back then I don't even know if I knew what that was!), and messing around with websites with my friends.

    Then I went onto javascript, C# and Python (since Python is so flexible and easy to learn). I'm nowhere near a master in any of them, of course, but I do my best to learn. I'm currently studying Computer Science and a programming course anyway, so hopefully as I progress I'll become more skilled.

    I'm thinking of trying out Ruby and C++ (well C++ is a given of course) as well, and maybe the bare-bones basics of PHP and C.
  13. bienn05

    bienn05 Member

    I learned my first programming language which was C++, in my second year in high school. As a teenager who loves to play computer games, I am very interested in programming. I am very excited when I first heard that we are gonna learn programming. I thought that it will be my future career as I wanted to take up computer course in college like Information Technology, Computer Engineering, or Computer Science.

    Here we go, when the lesson started, I was shocked how the language was very difficult to understand. It requires a lot of logic with the language to perform a basic program. Therefore, that is the end of my realization that I wanted to be a computer expert someday. Maybe I am for a different field that does not related in any computer programming.
  14. luislover8

    luislover8 New Member

    My First is C is one of the most used programming languages and this popularity has its reasons: C is the equivalent of learning basic anatomy in medicine. C is a language that works at the machine level, so it helps to understand how a program interacts with the hardware layer. With C you learn to do things like debug code, or manage memory. It also offers a panoramic view of how a computer works that other languages do not offer. In that sense C is the 'grandfather' of other high level languages such as Java, C # or JavaScript.

    That said, programming in C is also more rigid and its learning curve is not very easy. If you do not plan to work on programs that interact with the hardware layer (using, for example, disk drives, or operating system extensions), C may unnecessarily prolong your learning time. Personally, I am happy to have learned something from C, but I do not think it is an especially friendly language with the beginner. It helps to become a disciplined and thorough programmer, but its rigidity and the long time that will pass before you can create something really useful can end up frustrating you.
  15. rhyzom

    rhyzom Member

    Pascal in high school as it was part of the program, lol.
    Like almost everybody though when I began working IT I got into Python.
    But that's closer to scripting than programming and my job was more to do with quick dirty fixing than actual programming, so...
    As I mentioned in my earlier post today I'm lately really interested in getting more into Haskell, but I need to also figure out some problems to learn Haskell with...
  16. WebbyJoey

    WebbyJoey New Member

    I was force to learn C++ as my first programming language, maybe simply because majority of schools here in our country or perhaps internationally chose C++ as a suitable Programming language for 1st year student or beginners.

    However in my case it didn't worked well. I don't know if It was really a difficult language to learn or maybe I just don't have interest in programming. It's UI wasn't that appealing to me unlike most of other programming language nowadays with awesome IDE's, but for sure I could have grasp the concept if had I learned it or learned to love it.
  17. Milmar4711

    Milmar4711 Member

    My first language was FORTRAN (FORmula TRANslation: Acronym for formula translator, FORTRAN is the oldest high-level programming language. Designed by John Backus for IBM in the late 1950s, it is still popular today, particularly for scientific applications that require extensive mathematical computations.) and it was done on punch cards. It was a college class and I made an "A", but was many hours in a computer lab.
  18. HarryLeon

    HarryLeon New Member

    My first programming language was C and Pascal, both of the two languages at the same pace at the second semester in Campus. They are my basic languages and they are very solid and interesting in code and structure. I must admit that the journey from the start of these languages weren't that easy for me, as it was a new knowledge I was getting to learn but the passion I had about this made me solve and developed codes so fast like a geek.
    I later continued with a list of Web design languages from HTML, to Dreamweaver, to PHP to Fireworks in a nearby college then I had the opportunity to learn Python which I'm still finding it as a breakthrough to finding some more answers about the programming world.
  19. raielamoroto

    raielamoroto New Member

    The first programming that I've been learn is php. Despite it is thought at school it interest me a lot because that tool is so broad and powerful. you can create from nothing to something new. I am now currently enhancing my skills for that language until now. I am hoping that I will be more master in that field.
  20. thehopelessduck

    thehopelessduck New Member

    C++ was my first programming language. since I entered college that's the 1st one that my instructor taught me. because he said that I should from the very basic. even c++ is not English like language it will help you how programming works. It is a good foundation if you started with c++ you will easily learn other PL if you started with it.
  21. chrone03

    chrone03 New Member

    C++, htlm, visual basic foxpro, java script. Java script is the one who makes me crazy.
  22. kennethmarqueses

    kennethmarqueses New Member

    My first programming language that I learned is HTML, well I learned the basic then I self study more about this Programming Language. I keep on learning about making websites then it brings me to another level like using PHP, HTML5, BOOTSTRAP and I tried also how to use WORDPRESS. Its really easy if you want to learn.
  23. FelipeGR

    FelipeGR New Member

    Mine was PHP (along with HTML and CSS, which aren't "programming languages" but are part of web development) and also JavaScript.
  24. Plagued

    Plagued New Member

    For me it was C.

    In my opinion, C is a basic language that is the core of every other language (of course not including languages like HTML, XML and objective programming). When you learn C, you have the ability to learn every other language in a matter of minutes, not its functions, but it's syntax.

    C is fairly hard and everything you do in it leaves a memory, I still remember when I programmed my first Pacman-like game, or when I programmed my first Linked List, the feeling of achieving something that actually works with weird characters that are used in coding is just majestic.
  25. Sombernaut

    Sombernaut New Member

    My first language was Delphi, as it was the language they taught at my school. I hated it.
    After that, I dropped Delphi and started to learn C# to work with Unity. It's an amazing language, and I prefer it over Java.
  26. Minaj91

    Minaj91 New Member

    The first programming language i learned was Python, and i feel like it was a great for me because, python actually helped me to learn coding fast, because it was was easy for me to learn and remember the syntax. However you can also start with HTML, if you are more focused on web developing. And another reason i learned python first because my mentor recommended me to learn Python, and he is one of software engineer in one of the fortune 500 company.
  27. gerrick

    gerrick New Member

    Batch coding and VBS, these 2 are my shit. I'm used to doing pranks, to be specific "Virus pranks". This literally pissed my friends and my family though due to the "Blue screen of death" that I've made, not bragging but I did really well and pulled it of great! left them in tears and guess what, 1 of my friends got to dial 911 just to sue me LOL.
    moving on.. what is a Batch file coding? A batch file is a kind of script file in DOS, OS/2and Microsoft Windows. It consists of a series of commands to be executed by the command-line interpreter, stored in a plain text file. A batch file may contain any command the interpreter accepts interactively and use constructs that enable conditional branching and looping within the batch file, such as IF, FOR, and GOTOlabels. The term "batch" is from batch processing, meaning "non-interactive execution", though a batch file may not process a batch of multiple data. CREDITS too Wikipedia "" While on the other hand "VBS" or "Visual Basic Script" are also one of my favorite. Comparing it to Batch. "Batch file coding" is stil one of the easiest. Though VBS on the other hand will give you a hard time doing trial and error, but look at the bright side, at least you can turn on and off your friend's pc or even looping the cd--ram to open and close and many more. Well, if you plan on loosing a friend then go ahead.
  28. umbraaa

    umbraaa New Member

    I started off with C++. I initially liked it a whole lot, but I fell out of it sort of quickly. My professor at the time was not very interactive with his students, so after all the initial basics were learned, I started having no idea about what I was supposed to be learning. I really enjoyed the process of making my own programs and felt a great sense of pride, so I'm pretty sad that I lost passion for it as quickly as I did. I think I've actually forgotten most of it, unfortunately. :(
  29. david.0270

    david.0270 New Member

    My first programming language was C, in the year of 1999. It is a powerful tool that is still being used for programming on Arduino Hardware, because of its simplicity in its syntax. When you learn C language, you became an smarter C++ developer and gain the ability to understand complex structures
  30. mep1289

    mep1289 New Member

    I can't seem to stick to any one language! I started with JavaScript and then moved on to Ruby when I got bored with it, and then continued to move on. I sort of feel as if I'm the same way when I'm learning a new spoken language too - I always go in with such high expectations, but then can only keep my motivation while learning the basics until my interest fizzles out. Because of that, I am very well versed in the first few lessons of JavaScript, Python, PHP, Ruby, and more, but I can't actually build anything useful in any of them.

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