Your first programming language?

Discussion in 'Web Development, Programming & Graphics' started by tysovsky, May 26, 2014.

  1. fjcababan

    fjcababan New Member

    My first programming language is Java. It is the first programming language that taught in our school when I'm in college. Java is very challenging and very interesting language. Me and my classmates struggles on how to learn Java because it is very difficult in our time. But later we were able to learn because of our self study and in our professor not leaving us behind.
  2. raphaelmendiola

    raphaelmendiola New Member

    I Began with html , easy to learn and then learn some php language .. and now im a java developer , because i can make money by developing an application and upload it to playstore its for free..
  3. Rjyu

    Rjyu New Member

    The first basic programming I learned was html, it is so basic to learn the programming code is searchable in internet, so you can easily create your own website by using html ,this is good for a first timer or new programmer
  4. RonLegend10

    RonLegend10 New Member

    When i was first year in college i started to learn C++, and i use windows xp, this basic programming helps me a lot, until now.
  5. nadebum

    nadebum New Member

    My first programming language was C++ but I didn't really learn it that much until I was able to understand Object-Oriented Programming. C++ for me is more difficult compared to other programming languages because data structures implementation is really complex. I was still thankful that C++ is my first programming language because since then learning other programming is a lot easier like Visual Basic and Java.
  6. jerichomendoza2

    jerichomendoza2 New Member

    C++ because C is one of the more difficult languages to learn, it’s still an excellent first language pick up because almost all programming languages are implemented in it. This means that once you learn C, it’ll be simple to learn more languages like C++ and C#.

    Because C is more “machine-level”, learning it is great for teaching you how a computer functions. Software Developer Joel Spolsky compares it to understanding basic anatomybefore becoming a medical doctor, making it the best way to code efficiently.

    In this way, C is an exceptional choice to become a master coder and a talented developer from the get-go if you’re willing to take on the challenge.
  7. rgerchalk

    rgerchalk New Member

    I tried BASIC. It was the early 1980s, no PCs yet. I took a college class, Introduction to Data Processing, something like that. You had to write the code, then run your code through a keypunch machine. You received a deck of punch cards. It took a few days to get a brief appointment on a time-shared mainframe. They said it only had 500 megabytes for all users at several local colleges. Anyway, if your program didn't compile properly, you had to start all over. My programs didn't work very well. Fast forward to the mid-1990s. I got interested in the new-fangled HTML. Not truly a programming language, but I really got interested in it, hand coding sites in the old table-based HTML from the UNIX command line. I was taking a crappy night-school Information Systems masters program. Life turned a different direction, and I never moved beyond that into the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) that came afterwards, much less connecting sites to a database or using the web programming languages we have now.
  8. Pacats23

    Pacats23 New Member

    C was the first programming language i learned. Some electronics practitioners including me implement it on some microcontroller brand product that needed C language. If you are interested to make some smart automated do it yourself projects, i would recommend arduino products because of its user friendly and also there are a ton of tutorials in YouTube.
  9. Bigbills

    Bigbills New Member

    My first programming language is HTML, and I would say HTML is by far the easiest to understand and its so practical. I will upgrade to higher languages but for now, I am learning HTML on
  10. Joanine19

    Joanine19 New Member

    When I was in college,our first programming language is's not so hard,but if your not into it,the struggle is really real.
  11. GuestHu

    GuestHu New Member

    The first programming I learned was Java because that is what my first year instructor taught us. At least it is code-readable unlike assembly language, it is hard to comprehend and code a single line of a string. Probably, if that is our first programming language to be taught to us, many of us would surely shift to another degree. ;)

    But as time goes by, I learn to love and appreciate Java and continue enhancing my coding skills using the first programming I learned. ;)
  12. Jothamsk

    Jothamsk New Member

    That was Visual Basic. Almost ten years ago now. It was interesting to drag and drop items to create a report.
    Designing a form was also very interesting. The hardest part was linking the forms with a database. Every time
    there were many yellow error messages.
  13. Pchi

    Pchi New Member

    Basic HTML. Just two days ago. Achieved! Arhahaha. :)
  14. JoshuaBumpus

    JoshuaBumpus New Member

    My first programming language was Python. I first learned it when I entered a class for it in middle school. I loved it and I still use it. I recommend it because of how easy it is to understand. In about three months I was able to write Complex Programs that I never thought would be possible for me to do. It is a great starting point for a person that wants to enter into programming.
  15. Leonard7

    Leonard7 New Member

    My first programming language was C# I recall learning it alongside Pascal but it was C# language that took the first pace during my first semester of Computer Science course I undertook, back in 2014.
    Learning C# was interesting and intriguing to-date. It is a solid language to me and it has helped me as a programmer to understand other programming languages easily that I've found the opportunity and interest to learn. The structure, algorithms, the code interface, and functions that the C# language provides are the basic and powerful to the coding and software development. I would entice developers to get acquainted to this language for the general good and optimum results one acquires from learning #C language.
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  16. pandadedidodu13

    pandadedidodu13 New Member

    My first programming language is C language. I started learning this language when I was in 1st year college, I'm currently 4th year college taking Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I find C language a basic language at first, but when my instructor gave us project in that language, i got a low grade but I still passed. I also find the interface of Turbo C cute, it makes me feel that I'm using an old computer.
  17. Dosh

    Dosh New Member

    I'd prefer Python because of its user friendly coding ability as well as the Python is the most prior programming environment that is used to create all the useful tools for security penetration. In other words, mostly hacking-tools are being developed using Python but I like it for being a little flexible as compare to strictly specific coding rules of other programming-languages such as C++, C# etc. However for me, when it comes to coding within all the programming-languages, I like the feature of adding Comments before the strings which save lives at the time of getting back to the incomplete scripts and resuming them from where they were left off.
  18. DaPostah

    DaPostah New Member

    I started off with HTML/CSS, but first one I decided to study seriously was Python (which I'm still learning). Felt pretty helpful in terms of allowing me to understand programming logic without being bogged down by complex syntax of some other languages, not to mention the excellent tutorials out there for it making it easier to get into.
  19. 03chomi

    03chomi New Member

    The first programming language that I've learned is Visual Basic. Actually, I graduated a 2 years Computer Science course and its required to learn many different programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Cisco, SQL and many more.
    In my first year as a college student, our professor decided to divide us into groups that contain 5-6 members. IN our group I'm the only one who will be going to be a programmer and the rest will focus on the documentation. I decided to just make a simple program using Visual Basic that can be effortless for the teacher to calculate and print-out the grades and a little bit of information about their every student.
  20. rendeleon02

    rendeleon02 New Member

    My first programming language was Java. I remember our college professor was giving us drawing exercises. We have to draw shapes from square, triangle, diamond up to a Christmas tree! That was all using Java code and it's really a pain you know. The Christmas tree thing kept me up all night. But it's all fun. You get some nice exercise for your brain.
  21. jldg

    jldg New Member

    My first programming language is C. I am a BS Computer Science graduate and it was really the first computer language that was taught to us in college.
  22. Madwizkid

    Madwizkid New Member

    Well my first programming language was BASIC. I used an app called Just Basic to create programs in high school but to tell you the truth and I believe alot you would agree that the first programming language we truly used was DOS on the CMD.
  23. sem29

    sem29 New Member

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  24. Poostloop

    Poostloop New Member

    When I was in college I have learned the basics of programming by using Turbo Pascal. I am not that good and I could say that I am just and enthusisast when it comes to programming. Back then, I was so curious about how a computer works. Every day I felt so excited about learning new things related to computer and so I push my self to learn the basics , Over time, I got overwhelmed by the idea that you can do a lot of things when you know how to program. With the basic knowledge, I have helped my classmates in doing simple tasks and I felt that to help them more I need a bigger room to grow.
  25. Ojuksfrank

    Ojuksfrank New Member

    my first programming language was C++ that was when I was in the university I used code block software for my programming, even when I couldn't finish learning it in school I had to download the video and practice alone and am now getting it well now . after I master the language I will move to Java language and javascript
  26. leodavid09

    leodavid09 Member

    My first was HTML several years ago... C++ in college...
  27. Ivan23

    Ivan23 New Member

    I started with python, all big companies got their platforms with python, they made 60% of programming with that language, than for other complicated stuff they used JavaScript, c++....
  28. nphylnspn

    nphylnspn New Member

    My first programming language was turbo C. Because during my first year in College as a Computer Science my teacher first introduce as the turbo C and teach us how to use it.
  29. ledesiigner

    ledesiigner New Member

    I started out with the easiest there is : HTML. But now I focus myself on Java because is in high demand.
  30. Makinaru

    Makinaru New Member

    I started with c++ language. It was the fist programming language that my school thought when I was in college. I enjoy using c++ because of it I'm trained to code from scrap.

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