Your first programming language?

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  1. simonko

    simonko New Member

    HTML but then python and all C languages if you start I would suggest python.
  2. cjmanuel22

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    Which programming language should I learn first?
    This is the most common question I’ve received since publishing. Most people assume there’s an obvious choice, but the answer is not always so clear.

    Many coding bootcamps focus exclusively on JavaScript, perhaps with the assumption that everyone who wants to be a developer should just start with front-end work. JavaScript is pretty much unavoidable if you want to get into front-end development, but many people jump into it before even considering what they’re trying to accomplish by learning how to code.

    Many computer science programs start with Python, perhaps because it has a simple syntax and robust documentation, making it a great language for a beginner. Hey, Python is great for all sorts of things, including data science, so why not learn it first? It’s a general-purpose language, after all.

    The problem is that many people get it in their heads that they want to “learn how to code”, but they don’t stop to think about what they want to learn how to make.

    Programming is not about picking a language, learning its syntax, and then figuring out what it can do later on.

    If you want to be developer, and you’re not sure where to start, I strongly encourage you to begin with the end. The end result. What do you want to make?

    If the answer is “a lot of money”, then go ahead and browse job listings and pick whatever language your preferred company is looking for. But good luck learning something without having a tangible goal in mind.

    After all, it doesn’t matter how “easy” or “difficult” a particular language is to learn. You know what’s really difficult? Trying to push a language beyond its limitations to create something that can’t (or shouldn’t) be created with that language.
  3. ninotermulo

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    My first programming language was C++. It is a bit hard for me beacuse I did not have a coding background when I first started to learn it. It was pretty hard also because I did not have the passion for coding. We just took it because it was a requirement to oass the subject
  4. junick1206

    junick1206 New Member

    it was C++ when I studied in college
  5. mithul

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    Actually the concept of programming was really new for me at the age of 15.It created anticipation for me and also made me to learn C, these were the languages which are still used in many of the projects.
  6. johnmichaelescalona

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    JAVASCRIPT, HTML C++ its hard to use when u didnt want to learn but if u can seriously understand u can be a pro user of those programming languages.
  7. Sreelesh31

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    Hi there,

    I started my programming stint with a very user-friendly programming language called Visual Basic from Microsoft. It is very useful for beginners as it is fun to learn it. It gives GUI (Graphic User Interface) to the users, which is very friendly.

    You can create your own GUIs and can check for their corresponding code in the backend. This way we can understand what will be the result of a particular set of code.

    It helps you to get a grip of writing codes in an easy way and paves the way to learning programming languages like C, C++, Java.

    Thank You.
  8. bads05

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    For me i've learned C++ first, Foxpro but my favorite is Vb.Net and i recently learned Php for creating web pages..

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