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Discussion in 'Books' started by Digitalscribe, Dec 19, 2019.



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  1. Digitalscribe

    Digitalscribe New Member

    I love reading e-books but most times i can't focus because of the device i am using to view it
  2. Zurcyan

    Zurcyan Member

    e-books are portable, you can change fonts , instant download, also some books are searchable so you can have it for free. One big advantage is the audio books. It can also help you look for the meaning of that specific word while reading, you don't have to search for it in the dictionary because some of the e-book app like kindle provides this kind of support. It;s very convenient. you can have the digital copy of the file on your phone or tablet. Don't have to worry that the pages would ripped off. My dislike would be that nothing can replace the paperback books no matter how we love digital copy. Over all, books are books so we enjoy reading it where ever it may be.
  3. StephWhis

    StephWhis Member

    I'm 50/50 on this one. I see some people talking about how ebooks are better because they're portable, but most of the people I know aren't going to go through more than one book a day. Unless you're carrying an encyclopedia, a standard novel isn't too much of a hassle to carry around at all. I love that I can read ebooks at any time without having an extra light source, but I have to admit that there's just something special about reading a physical book and actually flipping the pages. I'm really torn on this one. However, I really do love physical books and having a whole shelf full of my favorites. So, I'm going ahead and saying that I like physical books better.
  4. sneazzy

    sneazzy New Member

  5. Jack96

    Jack96 New Member

    I like e-books because they make books so portable. To me, the disadvantages are that my eyes get really tired after staring at the screen for so long, (I love having very long reading sessions), and sometimes I don't know how to us the apps for e-books. For example, I love writing my thoughts in the blank spaces of pages when I am reading a printed version of a book; however, when I am reading on an e-book, sometimes takes a while for me to find how to do the equivalent of those notes. I think that I just need to learn how to use an e-book app and stick to it.
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  6. Teachergeorge

    Teachergeorge Member

    I love e-books, they are easy to carry around as one requires only a cell phone or an iPad, one can take an advantage of any free minutes to read through.

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