Your view breaking up?

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  1. mangoshake

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    When you break up with someone it’s one of those things that we eventually think we’re going to get over. We think that we’ll be sad and then we’ll move on. We’ll move on because life does continue whether you’re with your ex or not. And right now you’re not. And that sucks because breakups, well, suck. You had a system down that fit around your work schedule, both of your friend groups and your outside activities. Even though let’s be honest, trying different burgers with your friends can barely qualify as a hobby (but it really should). Breakups are kind of like when you get the wind knocked out of you. One minute you’re walking down the street, breathing normally, then BAM. You’re struggling to catch your breath. You’re confused as to why you can’t breathe. You’re not even sure what’s happening. And then you panic. You panic because everything that was right currently isn’t.
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  2. phanuruch

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    Breakups are never easy, especially for people who had invested their time and resources in the relationship. Here, I cannot speak for the joyriders who calmly plan a breakup and spring it on a person just to feel good about it. That said, if you are the one who was trying to make it work, it will hurt, a lot.

    The beauty of it all is that time tends to heal breakups and make the sting of being abandoned less painful. But, that is not going to happen overnight.
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  3. yasilius

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    It is a really tough process, specially if you are the one who is trying to break up. When I had to break up with my ex, I not only felt hurt, but also too much guilt. I felt guilty that I had to break somebodies heart and I believe the pain was even more than separation itself.
  4. kristinekish

    kristinekish New Member

    Yes, breaking up is hard to do, and we’re primed to avoid delivering or digesting such deeply threatening news. Still, it’s possible to end affairs with dignity and minimal distress.
  5. andrewgeorge

    andrewgeorge New Member

    Break ups are crazy. Mostly for men breakups can be devastating. Men are emotionally weak unlike most ladies. If a guy falls in love and they are left by their spouse or girlfriends most of them even break down at some point. Some lady asked me, Do men cry when they are heart broken? I gave her a big YES. Most of them cry in secret unlike our ladies who seek consolation from friend. However, break ups are painful so to speak for everyone especially if that person was really close to your heart.
  6. tinatinay

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    My personal view about breaking up is that its the most painful and grateful part in our life. Grateful in the sense of letting your self free from pains and future mistakes and be able to see something greater and better along the process. Yes its difficult, Its very very difficult especially when you made that person as part of your life. Its like taking out one of your leg. Yes, your still alive but it will never be the same. the adjustments of being separated will kill you. But the beauty of breaking up is that it will heal. It will allow you to feel the whole process of pain but eventually it will be okay and most of the time it will be even better.
  7. gabrielapostu

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    In case of a breakup,move on. Thinking in the past won't get you anywhere.
  8. mbrnrd

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    Its really hard, but you have to move on no matter what
  9. Tonio2017

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    Break up is necessary if the relationship is already not healthy for the both parties!Why are you going to resort into something that may definitely hurt you in the end if it is not needed right?For as long as your relationship with your partner is not polluted by so many problems and obstacles and the both of you are not hurting each other physically and emotionally you do not need that "break-up" thingy..But if both of you are experiencing pain emotionally and physically one of you must let go.!So that the self respect won't vanish in yourself.
  10. raycajucom

    raycajucom New Member

    Break up is the most painful thing every human could encounter. Specially if you and your partner are married and or with kids. It is a broken promises, not satisfying each needs. Not same goal to achieve. The process of self depression is there. Wondering what have done wrong, why it didn't work. what need to do after. The process of questioning yourself is there life after this? That everything you do , you always remember that I'm doing it before with my partner and not anymore. Letting go of someone is the most unselfish act a person could do. God will always have plan, it may be written already or it was meant to happen.
  11. talagirl

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    Breaking up is not what you want but you have to. Why do couples break? A lot of reasons why, heart to heart talk and begging might happen when they are in verge of breaking up.
  12. MelvinAngelo

    MelvinAngelo Member

    Hi @talagirl
    Your definition in break up is i like., just i want to say .. maybe to person who experience in break up he or she its the end of the world the other that i hear they suicide after breaking up
  13. Teachergeorge

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    I feel that breaking up is the most painful experience a couple throws itself after a decision to call it quits. Despite the fact that it is one person in the relationship who decided to part ways with the other, both subject themselves to mental instability due to stress which come afterwards. As one tries to move on, cope to do without the other, he or she must interrogate the real as well as the underlying factors which led to the eventuality in order not to make the same mistakes in future. The pain will be real and recurring but the beauty of it is, time heals.

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