Youtube or Tv ?

Discussion in 'Television' started by Gempot, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. Gempot

    Gempot New Member

    Youtube for me is much important because you can specifically watch the videos what you and in the other side tv is much comfortable because there is no bufferings and can build family bond
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  2. Moe2411

    Moe2411 New Member

    defenetly youtube. because i dont watch TV since 20 years
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  3. Smallfish

    Smallfish New Member

    Yeah. You can search for the type of video you like on YouTube, and watch them anytime you like. But YouTube is not only a place to watch videos, it is also a social networking site, so there are plenty of ways to interact with other users and engage with the community. You can use YouTube to develop your business, it is free and easy to use. For instance, you can become an Apple affiliate and upload reviews or tutorial videos about Apple products, and get money each time someone buys iPhone through your link. On the other hand, you'll have to spend a lot of money if you wanna advertise on TV. So from the choice and accessibility point of view, YouTube is definitely better.
    But if you only wanna watch videos, TV would be better. The videos on YouTube are free, so no one really spends money and creativity on them. On the other hand, TV programs are paid, people spend billions of dollar to produce them. Take Game Of the Throne as an example. Furthermore, almost all the good content on YouTube are stolen from TV.
  4. mobkun01

    mobkun01 Member

    i'll always watching youtube over tv, because i can watch many thing's unlike on tv. i watch tv for news only, but you can also see news on youtube also.
  5. louisse30

    louisse30 New Member

    I always watching youtube always watching tuitorials and nursery rhymes for my baby. I dont like watch tv. Youtube is much more useful than tv
  6. jamesdagatan

    jamesdagatan Member

    You tube or TV? Well, That's a great options. Both of them have good attributes and purpose. You tube is where you can save many videos for a life time. There are many topics, subjects and educational videos that you can find. You just have to search it and you will find many videos. To be honest it makes the world easy and approachable since you can see almost everything in the YouTube. While TV, it is one of the convenience to use, since every home has a TV. It most of the shows are Real Time. TV has different channels to choose and it has different areas to be chosen. Both of them are useful and the most important question is. "How this Media helps our Daily Life?"
  7. bellezy17

    bellezy17 New Member

    Definitely Youtube. I'm not really hooked watching TV though. In youtube you can easily search or look for something specifically. Life won't be easily without it.
  8. Natasha_. k

    Natasha_. k New Member

    I prefer YouTube over tv because it has a bigger variety of videos and you can choose what you watch whereas on tv there is a standard schedule everyday. The only drawback of YouTube is that you need to have access to the Internet which is not always possible
  9. kaifkhattak6298

    kaifkhattak6298 New Member

    Well, YouTube is much better than TV because advancements in technology and also you can watch TV on YouTube as well..
  10. kaywriter

    kaywriter New Member

    I prefer YouTube because with YouTube i can choose what to watch at anytime unlike TV that has scheduled programs. Also i can watch a particular a video as many times as i choose as opposed to TV shows. YouTube offer the much needed flexibility and variety for a modern life
  11. celhyne

    celhyne New Member

    i prefer youTube because i am able to watch what i want just like make up tutorials, and i've learned a lot of things by just browsing some random and tutorial videos on youtube. I can still watch the shows from television on youtube that is why i prefer YT that TV.
  12. junvilp

    junvilp New Member

    I love watching YouTube because most of the TV shows i miss to watch is i can still watch it using this app or website. It's free convenient and can watch anywhere . I can also listen to my favorite song and artist and i'm very satisfied with it.I hope YouTube can give more to it's subscriber and continue doing a good work .
  13. anangelica28

    anangelica28 New Member

    I would say Youtube is much more convenient to use. First, you can watch videos anytime, whether that be the tv shows you missed watching because of your busy schedule. Whenever you have a stable internet connection, you can just choose any video you want anytime and anywhere just using a portable device. Second, there are a variety of options to choose from, you can watch backtrack videos, tv shows, video blogs and even movies anytime without waiting unlike when you wait for your favorite show on tv. You can also be able to look for highlighted events in tv shows and be able to view them in just seconds or minutes. There may also be advertisements, but there are a lot of options to choose from. Finally, Youtube allows you to download videos, such as episodes of your favorite shows and be able to watch them offline which is something you cannot do with a television set.
  14. iamloudette

    iamloudette New Member

    Youtube, definitely. These days, I find it hard to watch TV because of the very boring and long advertisements but the shows would only last for few minutes. It's too crappy. Even, on Youtube, I notice that there are advertisements as well but it isn't that long and I can click the skip button if I wish not to watch the entire advertisement. On Youtube, I can watch various of videos and I can search whatever I feel to watch. But TV's don't give us that opportunity since in my country the already have fixed programs on particular times. Also, TV programs are getting cliché that they are uninteresting to watch. That's probably the reason why a lot of my Chinese students mentioned that they seldom watch TV and most are in front of their computers.
  15. richelle09

    richelle09 Member

    I prefer watching in youtube than in television.Because I can control the whole process.I can choose whatever videos I want to watch with no much more advertisements.It is more convenient to use and it helps me a lot in terms of tutorials and others.
  16. Lovey

    Lovey New Member

    YouTube definitely.It's a place where you can scroll up everything and it's like a one stop movie theater. It connects us the reality of being a millennial.It has great advantages that would really very helpful in our day to day living. A lot of information's that feeds us to be productive and more innovative.
  17. ElijahShaw

    ElijahShaw New Member

    I'll always go for YouTube. It's so diverse that I can directly plunge in on interesting channels. There a channel for food, travel, cartoons, school, technology, etc. It caters what I need and want to watch at the moment. The video recommendations are also commendable for expanding the list of channels I'm subscribing to.
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  18. Pinkylegriv11

    Pinkylegriv11 New Member

    I love Youtube. I could search anything i want to know. In my own experience, my niece learned to speak english by always watching cartoons in Youtube. There's a lot of important things you could learn in Youtube. I am also enjoying watching vlogs in Youtube.
  19. alxoue

    alxoue Member

    I would prefer YouTube because what ever you want to watch is already there it's just one click ahead including the ones you watch on TV.
  20. sybilchristie

    sybilchristie New Member

    Definitely Youtube. Accessing my favorite series or films via Iphone or via pc at my own pace is priceless as i lead a very busy life.
  21. kifayatkhattak0

    kifayatkhattak0 New Member

    Well YouTube is much better than TV because its very hard to give time to television these days. If I miss any of my favorite program then by YouTube I can easily download it and watch again and again. Technology is becoming advanced and YouTube is one of their best format. By YouTube you can also learn and earn a handsome amount as well by monetizing your channel and post add on your videos. You cant tune your TV for your previous program but by YouTube you can easily watch any of your program very easily.
    Internet made our lives very easy, if you want to see any video which were posted 10 years ago you can easily watch and download it. TV is becoming very older format and mostly few of our houses having the usage of television. YouTube helps us by making any kind of recipe, if we dont know how to cook biryani then just simply type and will browse more than 100 videos about how to make biryani. It helps us in our educational purposes also, if we dont know about any topic or experiment, YouTube will teach you like a teacher and solve your problems in a while.
  22. Deli123

    Deli123 New Member

    When i was youunger I used to prefer to watch TV, but now I'm always whatching videos on YouTube, my favorite youtuber is MaireWink she's amazing and she is mexican, I lover her.
  23. Sheester

    Sheester New Member

    Today's generation is considered as easy way of living because of the high technology and lots of innovation are existing that can make our life more easier. One of those is Youtube which I prefer t choose than TV. Although television is a very big help but Youtube can do more. Various choices, various categories that you can choose to. Be educational sports, travel, animals, and more. In short, if you are with YouTube, as if you all have the knowledge in the whole world.
  24. charlotte16

    charlotte16 New Member

    When I was a child I preferred to watch TV but time goes by and technology improved so now I prefer watching inYoutube. Its because all of the things I want to watch was already in Youtube and what I can do is search for them. Also I loved watching The Ellen Show in youtube.
  25. dmnitsokaye

    dmnitsokaye New Member

    It would be YouTube because it is very useful and it has all you need when it comes to information. You can see in YouTube everything that you see in the Television.
  26. jconde

    jconde New Member

    I prefer Youtube cause there are more choices to watch and it doesn't get boring when you watch Vlogs plus you get to listen also to some music and stuff like that.
  27. mickey69

    mickey69 New Member

    I will prefer Youtube over Television. Youtube is one of the most educative and interactive channel without any boundary. Sometime, Tv was mostly known but currently youtube has taken the lead in terms of viewership . With such a huge number of views on daily basis, youtube will definately be the site where you would like to run an advertising campaign. Even though you have several options available to you, i believe youtube benefits far outweigh that of the television to channel your marketing programs

    Youtube is among the fastest growing network and a great platform to showcase your business. When it comes to social media marketing, youtube stand tall. One thing you will find out is that most television is confined to geographical location of reach unless streaming live but youtube viewers are scattered across the length and breath of the globe. So long as you have internet access then you are good to go. All you need to do is to maximise the features provided and be patient. Youtube will do wonders for your business when used correctly. According to "MarchDope", since April 2003 youtube has 1.3 billion customers, 300 hours of videos are uploaded every minute and 30 million visitors per day. So you will definitely gain value for money.

    When you advertise on television, you pay the Tv company an amount which is mostly expensive to get get your message across but you can create a short video of about 15 minutes which is still an advert yet you will not pay a cent and then shared it across but just that if you want to make the most out of it then you will pay something meagre to promote that video. You can generate about $1-5 per 1000 views , starting from a minimum of 4000 views. You make money base on people's engagement with the advertisement. Engagement means clicking or watching an ad for more than 30 seconds.

    You can use youtube video to introduce a topic or explain an activity. As you have seen for yourself, everyone has a voce on youtube. Using it as a social learning platform offers you the opportunity to build a strong e-Learning platform community where everyone can comment, contribute, and share their opinion and ideas. Unlike the Tv, it is not possible because it is very expensive if you want to use the airtime to engage in customers for more than 10 minutes.

    Youtube has really helped small businesses to leverage on their social presence with the market leaders in terms of competition.
  28. amar vilks

    amar vilks New Member

    Television has had its day. There are too many repeats, and also there are lots of these 'reality series' involving celebrities.

    The internet evolves and gets better, something that can't be done with a normal television set.

    You can watch, download videos, pay subscription to stream Netflix and similar parties. And not to forget Youtube, as you mention.

    All can be done not only just desktop PC or latop but also on your smartphone.

    Television doesn't interest me. The domestic licence fee isn't worth it, and to pay for cable/satelite subscription is a rip off.

    Coming from an Asian background, Youtube has it all covered for me when it comes to programmes and movies I want to watch, no problem.
  29. arennaid

    arennaid Member

    I prefer Youtube, because the information and entertainment you can get on the Television is limited.
    In Youtube it is a much bigger world that you can explore and learn from.
  30. jazellebustos

    jazellebustos New Member

    Youtube, because you can choose what to watch and you could also learn different things by just watching a video

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