Youtube or Tv ?

Discussion in 'Television' started by Gempot, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. renzyow

    renzyow New Member

    it depends of your preference for me neither YouTube or TV it depends on how you use it i watch YouTube when i want to listen music and watch interesting videos like educational videos and for TV i use it when i play games or watch news or local tv networks and my tv can also play YouTube that is why neither the two of them they are both important in today's daily life
  2. greenwood88

    greenwood88 New Member

    When I was a kid I can watch TV shows from day to dawn and I find as I grow old that TV shows these days are no longer interesting. Looks like everything from the past was so raw that I have my eyes on the TV set for the whole day and not blinking one bit. Youtube is more entertaining in this day and age but sometimes it is repetitive and gets boring too but I would prefer it over TV.
  3. Mimi25

    Mimi25 New Member

    I like Youtube because there are a lot of choices to watch and you can replay a certain act you wished to. Also, you can look for some educational videos that will help you gain knowledge unlike in televisions you just have limited channels to watch.
  4. Tehilah27

    Tehilah27 Member

    Wish I could say TV because I am burning through data daily with my obsession with Youtube. With Youtube you can never just stop at one video because something interesting always pops up. I can start with workout videos, find myself watching people living with incredible disabilities, binge watch The Daily Show and circle back to workout videos. "One more video" always turns to an all-nighter on Youtube! If only I could get paid for watching Youtube videos of my choice.
  5. aidenreed

    aidenreed New Member

    Obviously Youtube. You can choose whatever you want to watch and the ads are not 10 minutes straight or more. The only things I watch on TV are cartoons.
  6. lhanz

    lhanz Member

    Youtube because many people know YouTube as a platform where cat videos go viral or where Jimmy Fallon puts interviews up with random celebrities. Yes, this is true. However, YouTube is an ever-evolving platform that has increased in popularity since its development in 2005. In 2017, YouTube has expanded tremendously and has been recognized as an influential social platform to millions around the world. These reasons below will explain why YouTube today has taken over television and has become a the better source of entertainment and influence.
  7. esmeralda

    esmeralda New Member

    For me youtube is very important because you can learn many things.

    In my case:
    I use it to learn new things, watch my favorite music videos and also watch some interesting video of a youtuber.
  8. Millyn

    Millyn New Member

    it depends upon my mood. if i like the current tv shows then i prefer television, but if it is the other way around, then i'll choose youtube to watch certain videos that suit my mood and need on that moment.
  9. evfhardona

    evfhardona New Member

    TV for news and documentaries, YouTube for everything else. I don't think the quality of online news is good enough to beat the televised content of TV news networks. YouTube allows me to skip the ads, so it's my go-to platform for everything else.
  10. dullian

    dullian New Member

    As an entertainment platform, we have to agree that TV has lost a great deal of relevance thanks to the internet and other streaming platforms. Sure, there's still channel networks that don't stop producing new content that is still held in high regard and sought after, but the convenience of being able to choose when to watch a show or a movie greatly downplays TV's usefulness for today's lifestyle standards.
  11. NikSuks

    NikSuks New Member

    I think TV is better than Youtube, because it offers a much wider range of program when it comes to traditional TV. You have music, sport, nature, entertainment, movies and many other kinds of channels on TV, whereas, you can not watch a sports game or a movie on Youtube, because those things are not allowed to be posted there. So, I would pick TV anytime, even though Youtube is also great and superb when it comes to amount of content it offers.
  12. Brian3456754

    Brian3456754 New Member

    YouTube because it is really easy to access and you can choose what you watch. Also most streamers post every day so you get lots of content. Finally you can also watch TV and movies on youtube.
  13. shoots2019

    shoots2019 New Member

    Well I spend a few hours a day browsing around YouTube and there's definitely more content to choose than
    TV, however, there's certainly a ton of badly constructed videos, shows and movies posted all over the site.
    People are filming, or trying to film, classic shows and movies with their smartphones in their living rooms
    without professional equipment. Many of the titles contain a picture of a famous actor or actress leading
    one to believe that's who is in the movie but it's not true. Some of the DIY videos are outrageously stupid
    and illiterate because the people making them have no command of the English language.
  14. rickmervin

    rickmervin New Member

    YouTube is better than TV. If you are a typical parent, I bet you’re continually chiding the children for chewing up your home internet bandwidth allowance by spending too much time watching videos on YouTube. I do this too with my six kids. However, don’t be prejudiced. YouTube is not only videos of babies laughing, kids prank or the latest pop music hit. It can be remarkably useful for almost every manager I can think of. Sales, human resources, IT, customer service, marketing, finance and many other benefits that we can take in YouTube.
  15. PurpleTaco

    PurpleTaco New Member

    If we're talking about cable TV, definitely Youtube. Infinite learning potential!
  16. Eirum

    Eirum New Member

    I would Prefer Youtube because I can watch what ever I want and you can reply it any time you want.
  17. Sugah

    Sugah New Member

    What started as a joke has now turned into a habit for me. I remember then I just to calm I don't like T.V just to seek attention but I have found my self grow from a boy who used to suppress his urge to watch TV to a man that doesn't watch TV at all. Its definitely YouTube for me.
  18. engrjay

    engrjay New Member

    I would definitely go for youtube as it offers a wide variety of shows that an old model type of television cannot do.
  19. diolola456

    diolola456 New Member

    I prefer both because YouTube and TV make us laugh and forget our problems its help us to motivate and to know some news also, every family in the world have WiFi and cable which connect us to YouTube and TV. what happen if some of this will disappear i think the world will be boring.
  20. ManBearPig

    ManBearPig New Member

    These days I watch WAY more YouTube than TV Shows or Movies, however I did just get Hulu because they had an amazing Black Friday deal going on, so I'll probably start watching more shows and movies.
  21. bgordon

    bgordon New Member

    Reality TV has become such a huge phenomenon in the past decade. Even though TV networks produce a lot of reality TV, I always question the authenticity. Youtube lets me view an interesting person's life from their own point of view. The absence of huge budgets and the rawness and transparency of youtube make it a winner!
  22. TeejObsena

    TeejObsena New Member

    Before, Television would be a chosen more often. But nowadays, there are more people who likes watching on Youtube than Television. Especially for those who have internet connections. In Youtube, you can search and watch a part of a show, video, or anything you are interested easily. You can watch the latest news, documentaries, and everything that interests you.

    It's true that you can watch a variety of videos on television. But not all that are shown on television is to your liking. The advantage of Youtube is you can switch between different videos continuously.
  23. lokistar

    lokistar New Member

    Youtube, but only for context other than movies since they always take them down, or only have poor quality small parts of them.
  24. ajithak47

    ajithak47 New Member

    youtube is more important in my life because I watch and learn lots of thing from youtube but I also watch TVs sometimes I love both of these.
  25. silverwords

    silverwords New Member

    I personally choose Youtube over television because you can specify the content you are looking for and you want to watch. On Youtube, it is easier to browse and search for the videos you want, even tutorials for your exams, you can literally find almost everything. When you search, there you can find thousands of results and you are free to choose which to watch. Giving feedback is also only one click away, you just have to go down the comment box and give any feedback to the content maker. The downside is if you do not have gadget to watch on and an internet connection, you will not be able to connect and watch videos on Youtube.
  26. edbertn

    edbertn New Member

    The only reason I watch TV is for sports games. I love watching live NFL football, which I can't watch on Youtube, yet. Once they have an option to do that, I may switch over, but for now, I am watching football on TV. Superbowl is coming up so it should be a great month to watch the playoffs and the big championship.
  27. Sedrick

    Sedrick Member

    I personally like YouTube, reasons why I like YouTube is simple.
    1. You can watch any videos of your choice.
    2. You get lot's of different videos to watch.
    3. You can skip ads.
    4. You can support content creators and tell them their doing a great job.
    5. You get to know and learn new things.
    6. Finally, you can post your own content for free.
  28. kitten007799

    kitten007799 New Member

    Ever since TV basically quit hosting educational content, I gave up on television. I used to enjoy the History or Discovery channels or even Animal Planet but the programming that they provided changed drastically quite some time ago. I can find educational content and tutorials of all sorts of varieties on YouTube so I've completely given up on cable and haven't used a cable box in several years now. YouTube can surprisingly have better quality when it comes to lectures and analysis when compared to the counterpart shows and series on TV.
  29. Louieeeee

    Louieeeee New Member

    Sorry can't decide because I love the difference of the two platform. YouTube offers all different kinds of videos you can think of. The availability of creative creators feeds its viewers with different content. While, TV offers a reality especially to series that are restricted due to copyright.
  30. MsClaverhouse

    MsClaverhouse New Member

    I'd choose YouTube. There is a wider variety of information and entertainment on YouTube than there is on television. YouTube is also much more affordable than cable.

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