Youtube or Tv ?

Discussion in 'Television' started by Gempot, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. jhung

    jhung New Member

    With television,It is more on the usual thing you a routine for everyday. Watching your favorite daily shows and series.In which,You can also watched through streaming or post on YouTube.But when it comes to to uses or importance,Television has more advantage than You Tube.But both television and You Tube plays now an important role in our everyday life.
  2. SeKai18

    SeKai18 New Member

    Youtube offers a great variety of content in comparison to Television or T.V. It gives viewers the choice and convenience to select the type of content they wish to view. Television on the other hand has a fixed show schedule. However, there are numerous channel selections in Television.
  3. DianeBorg

    DianeBorg New Member

    I think both of them. With Youtube, you can search for a particular video, like gaming, how-to etc. With TV you can watch telefilms and Films that on Youtube you can't watch because of copywrite.
  4. sun00005

    sun00005 New Member

    i mostly watching on tv, but sometimes when i want new movie or some blogs i go youtubes and look up there, i have few things i like there by the way
  5. sheenabrnl

    sheenabrnl New Member

    Back then, I choose television because it's our means of knowing new news and entertainment. As time goes by, I can say I will chose Youtube rather than TV. Youtube seems to be our modern tv. These are so many genres to choose from. Whether its drama or horror, comedy or action, and fiction or non-fiction videos or movies.
  6. Matipong

    Matipong New Member

    It will not be surprising if people nowadays will choose youtube over tv because the range of the number of various videos is incomparable.
  7. Aglotz

    Aglotz New Member

    TV or YouTube? Or is it nexflix or now TV? Perhaps Amazon or Hulu. There are a lot of ways that people view media but is there a best?
    In my case I watch most of the services listed above and each has a different list of programs. I will watch series and films where I can find them but if I just want to relax and watch something quick I will turn to YouTube for an hour or a night. I will not go on YouTube to watch G.o.T but then I will not watch now TV for top 10's and life hacks.
    I believe it is ultimately up to mood and preference, saying that, I will quickly tier of constant advertising especially when frequent and repetitive.
  8. dasquire60

    dasquire60 New Member

    I use to watch my favorite series on the television. I know many of us today prefer You tube because it offers more channels and the categories are endless.But television collects memories. Do you remember the first television show mother allow us to see? We were excited and scream at Big Bird' and Oscar the grouch wondering why they are talking?or the first action drama like the A Team,Star trek ,Mission Impossible or the scary stuff like the twilight zone and family drama like The Little house on the Prairie. Sad that Technology is making us embrace the wonderful world of click and watch.Yes sad, but not complaining.
  9. Youtube preferably. I get bored watching lenghty tv series, Can still watch it on you tube, I like something that can be paused.
  10. 0901jelai

    0901jelai New Member

    I prefer to use Television than Youtube. Because, watching on TV is free. Although Youtube can give you everything you want to watch.
  11. Kiingmaanii

    Kiingmaanii New Member

    YouTube and TV both have their advantages. Such as youtube you have youtubers and content which you pick out what you want to watch not saying with television you cant pick out what you want to watch but its more freedom with youtube. TV on the other has the sports i love so i cant do away with TV all the way. Also with TV you have things like the news which keeps people up to date which youtube doesnt have yet.
  12. nicotinecat

    nicotinecat New Member

    Nowadays, it is very hard to find anything good to watch on TV. Youtube gives you various options to choose from whether you are conducting research, trying to learn a new skill or gain more knowledge on certain subjects or just looking for something to take your mind off of the stresses of life. Although, television is still a good source of entertainment, youtube also serves you with a good selection of videos to your liking.
  13. Treehugs

    Treehugs New Member

    I prefer YouTube, because in an instant you can be entertained based on what videos interests you.
  14. kazthered

    kazthered New Member

    Each of them has its place. For me, I don't have cable television anymore. I was rarely watching it except for news (which I now listen to on the local radio or read online) and true crime shows (hello, podcasts!). Youtube has different content however, such as vlogs, game streams, clips and is limited by copyright as another user mentioned. For shows and movies, I turn to Netflix and other streaming platforms to fill the void that not having television left for me.
  15. takutufo09

    takutufo09 New Member

    I choose YouTube than TV because in YouTube you can select the videos that you want to watch anytime while on TV you don't have any choice but to watch available aired dramas/Movies/Programs.
  16. Dimitri-ov7O

    Dimitri-ov7O New Member

    Youtube or TV is like asking TV or Radio. It's just inevitable that new technologies replace older technologies. At some point, the radio replaced Morse Code and telegrams. And before that, people were talking to each other on tin cans through a piece of string. :rolleyes: No, but really, I have a hard time sitting down to watch TV. It just seems so old-school.

    I find that I even enjoy the ads on Youtube, partly because of the advertising technology. It's so directed to a user's personal demographics that I actually want to know what the advertisers are selling. Plus, the HD resolution of youtube and the quality of the productions make it just as visually pleasing.

    Ultimately, I really appreciate the control over the content and being able to create my own playlist and folders. Then in the back of my mind, I say, "I could make a video on this same subject one day." Sometimes, I do. And of course, we can't make or read comments on TV. I believe that eventually, the term TV will be like saying horse and buggy. People will still want to experience it for fun and nostalgia. But you can't beat a Porsche.
  17. Lawy

    Lawy New Member

  18. Remziel

    Remziel Member

    Youtube, because my son loved watching his favorite Pinkfong Song.
  19. taylorrentmoney

    taylorrentmoney New Member

    I like to mix it up. I watch youtube everyday, but I also like to watch sports and some tv shows. I also enjoy streaming sites like hulu and netflix. So between youtube and tv I cannot say either or because I enjoy both differently.
  20. alpaolodecastro

    alpaolodecastro New Member

    Youtube, because you can choose specifically what you want to watch then subscribed to a content creator that you love, wherein you will get notified if they release a video. Compared to a TV scheduled programs.
  21. Porps

    Porps New Member

    When I was a kid and no any internet on my place at that time. If you have a TV, then you are considered as one of the richest person in town. So we don't have any options to chose at that time. But not to deny, TV on my place before is a really big help because it's the only information we get from our national government or any changes in my country.

    But nowadays, I'm already hooked with Youtube because you can see plenty videos or movies that a TV cannot give especially if your TV is only rigged with an antenna. And I learn many things in Youtube at present because I'm seeking for extra online jobs if I'm on my vacation. And I'm a follower of one of the blogger in the Philippines and it helps me a lot to earn some small money to apps or sites that He share to us... But likewise I use both TV and Youtube. Thank you... :)
  22. NewbieGainers

    NewbieGainers New Member

    YouTube. I don't watch TV anymore when I discovered there is YouTube. You just have to be very discipline though because it is very very addictive. But it can be very informative as well so just balance it to make it beneficial to you.
  23. Tricelyn

    Tricelyn New Member

    Youtube definately a preference because of the variaty and constant amount of new content readily available and also the fact that it's free whilst TV is limited and often repeats are shown and new content is limited and longer to air due to costs and marketing schemes to get views and overall its outdated as YouTube is more accessible as you can use it anywhere and even watch many TV shows on YouTube

    YouTube is definately a better choice as TV just has too many flaws

    JMLANTING New Member

  25. Bokser

    Bokser New Member

    That's a great question ... its easy to answer tho .. i have stopped watching TV over 10 years ago so Youtube is a clear winner in my Case
  26. readhel

    readhel New Member

    Nowadays, Youtube is more popular than Television. Youtube is video search engine website that allows its viewers to search on whatever they want to watch. Viewers can also download different types of videos in any quality.
    Youtube also gives its viewers the option in which they can like or unlike the video and add comment to give some suggestions and feedback to the videos that way it will improve the quality of the videos.
    Youtube can be a platform for learners. They can learn almost everything such as languages, programming, arts and crafts, business, and everything else you think will be possible.
    Youtube viewers can also make their own channel, upload their own videos. It can be a way for users to earn money through entertaining, teaching and just sharing your interest in your videos.
  27. localarea10

    localarea10 New Member

    If I need to choose one I will choose YouTube because I can watch videos by just searching it everytime I want. When I missed something on television I am watching it on YouTube. In YouTube there is no 2-3 minutes commercial, there is an advertisement but It can be skipped after 5-6 seconds. In YouTube, all can save their videos for lifetime without paying YouTube. We can use YouTube to promote businesses by saving a video about our business without paying. It has a good number of possible viewers. YouTube is paying the video uploaders they are called content creator. It is a career for some and earning a good amount of money by just uploading a video.
  28. Charlotte03

    Charlotte03 New Member

    I choose TV cause it felt like back to my childhood watching movies, scenes, teleserye and news is amazing.
  29. dannycash

    dannycash New Member

    Youtube macht sehr viel SpaƟ aber Fernseher is auch ein muss.
  30. Victorolamide

    Victorolamide New Member

    I prefer YouTube because its really good and sometime encouraging and standard

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