Youtube or Tv ?

Discussion in 'Television' started by Gempot, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. monkee

    monkee New Member

    Youtube every time as there is far more variety than on tv and I feel like the people who make the videos do it better because most of the time they're really in to the subject matter. I'd much rather see someone with real passion over stylish presentation. The quality on YT is improving too and it has the added bonus of having many tv shows on it anyway!
  2. Addwark

    Addwark New Member

    I think Youtube is much better than TV as it is easy for a person to search anything on Youtube whereas TV programs are limited to their broadcast capacity. Youtube has much more information than TV , Plus individuals can express their feelings and opinions freely.
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  3. Elle004

    Elle004 New Member

    I prefer youtube. Most tv shows became boring nowadays and i can search whatever i want to watch on youtube so...
  4. Cristine1995

    Cristine1995 New Member

    hmm, for me youtube is way much better, you just have to search for something that you want to watch its either a ovie, movie trailer, tutorial videos, advertisements, etc. It may be costly still its just an easier way to get access to watch movie that you desire to watch.
  5. Maximabest

    Maximabest New Member

    Definitely YouTube , the amount of information , experiences knowledge available a tremendous .
    TV is only limited.
    Nowadays you can even watch tv on YouTube .
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  6. Keoteu

    Keoteu Member

    Youtube all the way, because in TV you can only change the channel but not the episodes you can't rewind or even go forward in the video while in Youtube you can do those and the Content in Youtube is more vast than TV.
  7. Carlo28

    Carlo28 New Member

    Well YouTube provides a source for videos about basically everything from historical news footage to current events, music videos and concert footage. personal videos, lots of stuff. All this is accessible everywhere, which makes it a great archive to search. I do prefer YouTube over T.V
  8. tommylacroix

    tommylacroix New Member

    I think a better question would be "Streaming internet video or TV?" because there are so many choices between Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, etc that YouTube alone might not be a true competitor for television.

    I certainly watch more YouTube videos than regular TV, I don't even own a regular TV and haven't for years, so there's no contest. But apart from the logistical/technical constraints, I do enjoy seeing things on YouTube that you really cannot see anywhere else, like content created by independent amateurs and "found footage. I spent a few hours yesterday watching old commercials from the 80's that someone had on VHS and uploaded to YouTube... does that count as YouTube or TV? now I'm confused, lol.

    as for seeing television shows, or even movies, YouTube has some, but they are limited. Usually if I want to see a contemporary TV show I go to a subscription streaming site. I need my HBO and Showtime ;)
  9. michaelaingles

    michaelaingles New Member

    I choose Youtube. Today, everyone is very techy, very dependent on their mobile because It is very handy. If you're not at home and you want to watch the news (which is the main reason why you want to turn on your TV), you can also watch it on Youtube via live stream. On youtube, you can watch everything you ask for, whether it's for infant or toddler to adult. As in everything. Even when you want to learn something like cooking, learning English or another language. Even to the simplest like, "the right folding of clothes".
  10. Danabby

    Danabby New Member

    My generation struggles with this thought because we grew up watching TV and, at the same time, we already had Internet. TV made the choice for us of what we should watch, at what times, and which ads to see. Later, when Youtube came up, suddenly, we could really choose what to watch and when. Actually, platforms like Youtube save us so much time by providing us with the exact content we are interested in. Although I grew up watching TV and I have good memories of it, I would choose Youtube every time.
  11. Alvier22

    Alvier22 New Member

    I choose youtube because you can watch it all day, thru your mobile phones and gadgets. And you can watch different documentaries etc.
  12. zlynch5123

    zlynch5123 New Member

    TV. I mostly use it as background noise anyway but there's a few shows I feel committed to that I can't get on YouTube. That and I have some serious issues with how YouTube monetizes content, as copyright infringement seems rampant while at the same time original content creators can get hit with fraudulent takedown notices. Oh, that and I can't stand when YouTube decides to suggest my next video as some 13 year old yelling at his screen about Call of Duty because I just watched a video about World War 2 rations and it figured the two were related enough.
  13. Fernanllaban

    Fernanllaban New Member

    I prefer to choose television because her in my country not all people can use youtube .Becaus our internet here is very poor .
  14. kiefgonzales

    kiefgonzales New Member

    In this day and age, we don't need Television to aid our entertainment cravings. We have Youtube where we don't have to wait for our next show to come on, where we don't have to miss a night just because we missed our favorite show. With Youtube, it's more relatable and authentic compared to produced shows that sometimes may feel far-fetched.
  15. RoyDpines

    RoyDpines New Member

    Both of these tools have great impact on the way we live specially when it comes to receiving Information like news ,entertainment ,Health tips ,Business ,etc ..but if you need to pick one of them you must consider what situation you are in .Example if you are in the situation that you need to get information easily .. I must consider YouTube because it has more capacity to bring you the information you need in a small amount of time and A widely range of Articles related to the information you want to see .

    T.V comes at your choice when you cannot Connect in the Internet ..

    And don't forget you can watch T.V shows on YouTube ..
  16. Impalals01

    Impalals01 New Member

    I have to say 100% Youtube. We are in the era of the internet. The content that Youtube produces is amazing, there is something for everyone. I feel like t.v. is definitely more scripted and Youtube is raw, and content creators that are everyday people like me.
  17. singmimi2

    singmimi2 New Member

    At this point in my life, I definitely prefer YouTube over TV. Nowadays, television is just not the same.
    Personally, shows on tv don't have the quality or taste of shows from say 10-20yrs ago. For example,
    comedy shows from the 80's displayed more humor and wit in my opinion. Comedy TV today,
    lacks that raw humor and grit.
    Another thing are the commercials that just take up a lot of time before your favorite show returns. That is why I
    prefer YouTube. There's little to no commercials. I can watch anything I want that is of interest to me such as
    a favorite show, movie, etc. There is more flexibility with YouTube to watch whatever I want, whenever I want.
    And if there's little to no commercials, fantastic!:)
  18. Llahmah

    Llahmah New Member

    Youtube. For one, because you can find a lot of tv programs reuploaded to youtube but beyond that I find myself enjoying youtube a lot more than most any television. The incentive for content creators on youtube to actually have to make something enjoyable to watch in order to get not only viewers but viewer retention is huge.

    Turn on any tv show right now. Tell me if it looks like they tried while making it. I can think of one show on regular cable, not Netflix or anything, that I actually think is deserving of national viewership. Now look at Youtube. I could, and do, spend hours on single channels because the content is so clean and interesting. Even the lower end stuff usually has some redeeming factor, otherwise you wouldn't be seeing it at all, it would have died with 12 views.

    So yeah, just for the volume of enjoyable content on youtube I give it the w.
  19. Pedong

    Pedong New Member

    I prefer Youtube, Because you can search what you want to watch. Youtube is the best from my own because if you want to watch again movie or video you saw on the TV you can watch again many time at Youtube site. Example your'e late to go home and your movie is done, But for Youtube is no problem because you can watch your favorite video anytime, That's why I prefer Youtube.
  20. Momamba

    Momamba New Member

    Personally i would choose YouTube because you could just search anything then watch it while on TV it's programmed by a cable and has channel. Well basically it depends YouTube has a lot choices to choose from while on TV it's either channeled or you downloaded and picked the movie yourself
  21. wwaynecox

    wwaynecox New Member

    YouTube has it's uses but I prefer the TV...especially with the addition of a Firestick. If I want instant information I'll go to YouTube but for entertainment purposes I'll stick to the television.
  22. yojojo

    yojojo New Member

    Definitely YouTube bacause there is a lot of content and videos you can watch on YouTube for free as long you have internet access. While TV, you can't choose the shows you wanna watch. You can only choose the channels to watch and if there's a particular show you want to watch, you have to wait for the time for it to air. Unlike youtube, if somebody posted their videos, you can watch it anytime you want.
  23. divine00

    divine00 Member

    Youtube, I can search topic that interest me most.
  24. joanar23

    joanar23 New Member

    I would prefer YouTube, because you can choose what you want to watch then you can skip commercial ads. YouTube is user friendly and there so many tutorials.If you want to learn somethings YouTube does for you,If you want to watch reviews YouTube has also and If you want to find job or any YouTube has also.YouTube is for any age , you can also watch movies.

    Most of people use internet and most of the time they visit YouTube as there past time and relax time also,you can watch all over the world.News, Arts , Bussiness and many more.
  25. ek27

    ek27 New Member

    YouTube is way better than TV because there are a lot to choose from. There are television shows that have live segments in YouTube. Some "youtubers" uploads recorded television programs so viewers may opt to watch these programs in YouTube. In this era of technology, TV networks mostly have their YouTube account in which they upload clips from television programs due for wider market. Videos are available worldwide to be viewed by anyone, anywhere and anytime. A great marketing strategy. So, viewers will also have more options to watch or replay only the interesting parts of the show.
  26. guialorenzb

    guialorenzb New Member

    I'd rather watch youtube than television. Why?

    First and foremost, you can search whatever content you like to watch.
    Second, it may require net but if you want to learn something you can just search it in youtube rather than in television, it is more on drama and most of the reality shows are scripted.
    Lastly, you can learn how to make extra income, you will be inspired with the vloggers.
  27. SurferJo

    SurferJo New Member

    I'd prefer YouTube. There, you can pick the ones you actually want to watch and switch to another if it bores you. While on TV, the news contains lots of negative things- which we don't need in our lives- and loads of unwanted commercials.
  28. hnnhandreafe

    hnnhandreafe New Member

    Well most likely, everyone will choose youtube, especially mellinials who are very expose in the internet. why youtube? because there are a lot of choices, and basically you can search everything in their, for studying purposes or for entertainment. And also you can download a movie or videos from youtube incase you dont have internet at home.
    But tv is also convenient because you dont need any internet at all.
  29. Herbz

    Herbz Member

    Ill choose youtube. You can search anything on youtube and you can play again what you missed seeing in the television.
  30. Jocelyn04

    Jocelyn04 New Member

    You tube, because all movies that you can't watch on tv you can watch in you tube not only local shows but all around the world shows, news, episodes, blogs gets.

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