Youtube or Tv ?

Discussion in 'Television' started by Gempot, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. Wrey1726

    Wrey1726 New Member

    I prefer to watch youtube because I can access all contents and videos whatever kind of video or movie it is. The only time I watch TV is when I want to watch the news.
  2. For me, I like Youtube now than Television, not just because we have an internet in our house is just that nowadays i can view some of my favorite shows or volleyball games in youtube because they have now livestream, so even if i'm in the school, in a bus or in a mall i can watch them live and be updated.
  3. mharcivann

    mharcivann New Member

    I prefer youtube because you can avoid the ads coming when you're watching your favorite series or movies. With Youtube, you can also repeat the series you have not watched in television. Youtube have a lot of categories but with Television, it depends in the signal of the channel. You can also see here the guides in all items you purchase in mall, the games you want to begin and play, the song you want to sing with its lyrics that they can show through video, the preparation of some dish that is easy to find with just one click away.
  4. Vongerald

    Vongerald New Member

    For me i prefer to the youtube now a days everything is baseon technology.. All u want to know is on youtube even the movie is after ten years u can still watch it..
  5. JusUS2

    JusUS2 New Member

    Hey there- like my post back! I prefer YouTube, however, to be honest anything that is taking my attention away from making money is an issue. I think that is why I like You tube because it promotes the making of money. We have never in the history of this country had a more diverse group of entrepreneurs making money, from basically doing what they enjoy, even doing nothing. I have been watching YouTube a lot more lately because I am not working a 9-5 job and I have the ability to search the web for opportunities and there are lots of the. YouTube has brought me closer to folks and also has changed the way I view people, places and ideas.
  6. simonblog

    simonblog Member

    Well i Prefer Both Because I Can Watch News or Something About What Happened Around The World But Not Everything on Tv You Can Watch But in Youtube You Can Watch Anything But Not inapropriate Videos Well i Used to Watch on Youtube and Tv They Both Amazing.
  7. jaym24

    jaym24 New Member

    I always prefer to watch on youtube.Because I can manage whatever I like to watch. Sports,anime,music,actions, and even live shows.Almost everyday I always watch things in youtube.I recommend youtube because I can watch where ever I go. As long as I have data plan.
  8. Willy1984

    Willy1984 Member

    I prefer to watch YouTube, I can replay all the my favorite episodes of tv series and some movie clips.
  9. cabaldg3

    cabaldg3 New Member

    I well prefer Youtube Becuase Youtube you can Do what ever You want to watch than Tv You cant Judge Witch one you like on TV but in Youtube so good everything you want to watch or to Listen was Listed on youtube Thumbs Up .
  10. gage9

    gage9 New Member

    Since i discovered the world of Internet i no longer watch TV. Because our TV broke down and until now it never been replace because of the Internet! ahahaha so TV or YOUTUBE? I am definitely going with Youtube I could watch anything in it! :)
  11. Sedrick

    Sedrick Member

    Youtube because you get more choices, it's more entertaining, you are in charge of what you watch and their is thousands of videos to choose from.
  12. neilcruz

    neilcruz New Member

    Among the two, I choose you tube over television or TV. I bought a big television set in my home last year and have made a monthly subscription to cable but lately since I subscribed to high speed internet a couple of months back, I am watching more you tube videos than TV from then on. So, obviously at this point I am for you tube than Television shows. You tube videos are much more accessible than scheduled TV programs and youcan watch previously shown shows at your own time and pace. I am also planning to monetize my you tube channel in the future doing my own vlogs to make a bit more money on the sides aside from my daily 8 to 5 Job.
  13. eeuphie88

    eeuphie88 New Member

    I preferred YouTube, because in YouTube you can watch anything that you want to watch. In YouTube you can watch a video again and again, you can also download videos from YouTube. Nowadays people have their own internet connection so anytime, anywhere they can easily watch a video from YouTube.
  14. Ryan1814

    Ryan1814 New Member

    I like YouTube. I learned almost anything in just a few minutes, of course it will also depend on the content creator that you are watching. One thing i like more about YouTube is that I can learned specific skills that i need for free while watching TV for me is just a waste of time. Don't get me wrong i also watch TV that is if i have no choice.
  15. Jellyane

    Jellyane New Member

    I will choose youtube than television because their are certain part that you can learn from youtube while television is you can watch your favorite dramas but somehow you can watch it through Youtube than television
  16. a_navor

    a_navor New Member

    I enjoying now watching in youtube because it gives you too many options. You can also learn many things in youtube. Aside from learning, some can earn money too using youtube.
  17. I love YouTube and television equally. You tube is a economical free tool to learn new things without physically having to go to a brick and mortar class room. I enjoy television especially my guilty pleasure shows, that provide escapism from my day to day issues.
  18. sibiya

    sibiya New Member

    I prefer youtube cause I get a full control of what I'm watching unlike watching the tv
  19. emorej

    emorej New Member

    Youtube, because there's a lot you can watch. You can watch everything you want. Youtube is very useful for me. As a student i watch different tutorial especially in my course.
  20. Qwerose09

    Qwerose09 New Member

    Youtube because i love watching my favorite youtubers plus in youtube what your seeing is the actual personality of what your watching. In tv some celebrities are being filtered and not show who they are
  21. Ertf24

    Ertf24 New Member

    I watch YouTube all the time on my phone and only watch TV when a family member turns it on when I’m in the room. I like it’s portability and that it’s free with limited adds. The only thing I don’t like about it is how YouTube treats it’s cont creators these days.
  22. Roy Luis

    Roy Luis Member

    youtube, you can watch whatever you want
  23. Sonson

    Sonson Member

    Personally, TV is great entertainment but YouTube to me is important i learned a lot from it like
    • cooking
    • how to take care of pets
    • what is the best skin care for me
    • how to get ready for an exam
    and a lot of things else,i also enjoy watching vlogs and celebrity news .
  24. Jorezabautista22

    Jorezabautista22 New Member

    Television is a great way to leave your stress behind, but people nowadays tends to be use of choosing what is trend of today, for me Youtube will get chosen whoever asks about this, we are no longer the person who will be contented of what is available is a available, Good thing, technologies made this possible!
  25. stefanito

    stefanito New Member

    Decide youtube. You can find everything completely and you can watch it whenever you want. There are a lot of ads on TV and it's time to kill. That's how I let go of what I want to watch and what kind of program I'm in the mood.
  26. Distefano

    Distefano New Member

    TVs are great backgrounds, it can instantly make a room feel more alive. It's also great for updates, just turn the tv on and watch the news to be regularly informed about the world. The downside is that we aren't given a choice to pick the content but at least they provide movies including blockbuster films like The Avengers, Titanic and more. While Youtube gives us the opportunity to select our preferences, provide quality content and the ability to access it anywhere. They both have their strengths and their weaknesses but in my opinion, youtube is now better than televisions. Why? because youtube is almost compatible with any device. Even on TVs, they have improved and are now able to play youtube. So why not youtube? it is accessible anywhere and it's free.
  27. leslie0706

    leslie0706 New Member

    Millennial Generation, of course, Youtube. When I was a child I used to watch a lot of television programs, from morning till night. But since the year 2000 up to now my desire to watch TV programs lessen. The reasons are first, lack of time, being busy to work, adulting. Second, media content nowadays is a bit unfiltered for example soap operas mostly about mistresses and third parties which I think is not so healthy for the viewers. Lastly, we have internet which is more convenient to use since you access everywhere you go as long as you have a connection. Everything you need to know even you don't need to know its readily available on the internet with just one click.
  28. halaoiboom

    halaoiboom New Member

    At first maybe few years ago, even if there was You Tube, I would prefer TV. But now, You Tube has a lot more options than TV and Im so glad that I was born in this generation where I enjoy Youtube more :)
  29. rosegoldrey

    rosegoldrey New Member

    Youtube, although there are some TV shows that I enjoy. The availability and selection that Youtube provides is unparalleled, though.
  30. Valerie Ann

    Valerie Ann New Member

    I am on the side of youtube. Actually, it has a lot more video than the TV plus you can search the TV movies or series on youtube so one point to youtube

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