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Most high quality posts and contents I have ever received are via Postloop. I knew about postloop for a long time, but never used it until today and received many posts and all of them are well written and of High quality. The only regret I feel is why I started so late with postloop.

anuragm / GTW - Game. Tech. Web / 2016-06-28

I am so impressed with the quality coming out of postloop lately. Ryan your doing a A+++ job on filtering out the bad people. I did have to kick a few people off my website but 96% of the posters on my forum have been doing a outstanding job! I did try another posting service and they have failed me time and time again and their posters are low quality. From now on I know where my money is going!

Soulwatcher / 2014-07-08

Postloop has been a Godsend for my new forum. Your help has brought it from being brand new with no posts, to on the verge of becoming a self-sustained board. I've advertised on Facebook, but these ads only became successful after the content from Postloop started racking up. Thank you.

allegrif / / 2014-06-22

Seriously you guys are an incredible website/service. Whomever orchestrated this website really is incredibly smart. I've been on the net since 96 and generated over 40mil with everything from products, subscriptions, books, audio, video, and using POSTLOOP makes me smile, it really is well done, spot on. Thank you!

scamcom / Scams Message Board / 2014-01-02

Postloop is probably the best site I've run across. I've already gained over 30 members in just a couple of weeks. I can now stop worrying about building my community and focus on other things. There's nothing better than Postloop. Thanks guys for building an awesome website.

Collin Sexton / The Forums Zone / 2013-08-26

I would like to say that your service really works better than I thought. The quality of posts I have been receiving is great. I will keep my account and buy some points to get more posts.

WealthCrave / WealthCrave / 2012-06-09

I found postloop and decided to give it a go. Well, in just over 24 hours I have gained 32 members and almost 300 forum posts, and virtually all with great content. I am absolutely blown away!! To whomever came up with this idea and took the time to create postloop KUDOS!! I only wish I'd found it sooner! It's early days but I am one very happy bunny.

skibaboo / Anxiety Central / 2012-04-19

I have started my forums on February 1st and really wanted some 'boost'. So I joined PL and started working towards my goal to 'spice' up the activity and try to develop the community a little faster. How did it work? Really really good. Wasn't too difficult to find members and, by keeping the activity going and creating new threads daily, I was able to provide my editors with an easy to do job. Had one member who posted junk and he was 'disabled' from my forum. all the others have posted amazing content and received 4.5-5 ratings (closer to 4.8 and 5 most of them). I am impressed with how Ryan is running the show and wouldn't expect anything less from him. I know his work ethics since we were on AF, so he's done nothing to ruin his great name. Have mentioned PostLoop in my free book and gave some more hints of how to make it work for your forums, have also started a thread here with some pointers. My intention was to use it for a while and then be able to sustain the activity without it. In 8 weeks PL seemed to have done its job. I had a percentage of the activity via PL and some 'natural' coming from members who joined the community from the start. At the beginning of this month I took the forum off the system to see if it can run now without 'support'. It runs nicely, so PL did the job. I am now 'forced' to get off it and handle the activity on my own. Really happy with everything here and will use the system for another forum that needs a boost. 100% recommended.

ramymensa / TopAdmin / 2012-04-09

Started using Postloop in September mainly to help jump start a new forum. Its been a positive experience thus far. With over 4000 points posted from around 170 users and counting. Postloop still accounts for over 50% of post activity on our forum but thats slowly changing as the non-postloop userbase grows... which will also makes it easier for postloopers' to post. Postloop helps grow your site's content and # of pages indexed by search engines so in time as others find the forums it should accelerate growth. Most of the posters we've rated between 4.4 - 5 starts and out of 170 only 2 or 3 gave issues such as spam or unacceptable content/quality. That's pretty impressive! Our total budget for postloop is $1k. I'm hoping that by that point (Feb/March) I can update this confirming that postloop accelerated the startup and growth of a new forum and provide useful data.

altenergyshift / AltEnergyShift / 2011-12-28

I run 2 large networks and have nearly 20 message forums between the two. I joined Postloop to get more activity on my forums. At first, I was fairly active on Postloop but then I started getting busy with my forums and life and activity hasn't been that much lately. My sites kept getting disabled because I didn't have enough points. So I went out on a limb and purchased $20.00 worth of points and a few premium listings and WOW, I got like 8 new members in a 24 hour period on one of my newer but growing forums. I am very happy with my purchase here and its already payed for itself with the members IMO. I was so happy, I bought another premium listing today and I plan to continue investing money into this AWESOME website and its services. Thank you Postloop for making my life as a forum admin easier!

Shawn / Another Admin Forum / 2011-09-10

I have gotten a couple hundred posts and about 65-70 Postloop members that contributed good content. Seems like it will get even bigger if I put more time and money into Postoop!

The Pet Board / The Pet Board / 2011-09-06

Postloop is just EPIC. First day I used it, and I already have an active community by Postloopers! You guys ROCK!

Ruko / Gaming Avenue / 2011-08-26

It took me a few weeks of posting about 10 posts a day to get to this point. 435 posts made. 438 posts received. I've had about 30 new signups to my forums, and I'd say roughly 98% of the posts made are of very high quality. If you are looking for a good content exchange, Postloop is the way to go.

Zack / / 2011-08-21

Almost immediately I have gotten some really quality posts from Postloop. I like it A LOT.

The Pet Board / The Pet Board / 2011-08-13

Postloop brings in some high-quality comments for my blog.

legacy123 / a legacy reborn / 2011-08-13

If you are looking for traffic, I'd have to say Postloop. Now, they won't click your ads or stick around after there is no money for them to make, but if you time their traffic with other campaigns that you are doing, their traffic will make your forum look REALLY BUSY to the potential people you are trying to attract with the other campaigns you are running. With a couple of traditional marketing strategies coupled with a good ad campaign, Postloop can be the ONE thing synergistically that makes it all happen.

Caiaphas / Ye Olde False Flag / 2011-08-04

Ever since I joined Postloop I've had nothing but results. I was a bit iffy joining here when I did as I knew about a couple of posting sites that did not work out. I then decided to join up and just see for myself. The first site was my nightmare on elm street forum - I had amazing quality posts there. Now I own Chat Source and have had amazing quality posts and now I am really happy that I joined in the first place. I highly recommend people join up and take a go at this. Even if you don't go through the portal process maybe one time you will. It's still worth it as if you take your time you will get approved. Postloop is simply amazing.

Fluffybunny / Chat Source / 2011-08-03

This is a great system that I have personally put around $60-80 into and had some damn great posts made. I think it's a really great idea and I find it works really, really well. There are some legit, good webmasters on there who just want to get there website going.

Karoshio / AdminPeak / 2011-07-06

Trust me on this one guys, this place works and they are 100% legit. There are many success stories for this place.

Dy.namik / JustGFX / 2011-06-27

I think I've been using Postloop around a month or so now and it's been very beneficial to my forum GamerBB. I wanted to post my stats and thank Ryan for the creation of Postloop because it's become such an important tool for the growth of my forum. Total Posts Made: 844 Total Posts Received: 2212 Thanks for everything!

GamerBB / / 2011-05-23

I have accumulated over 100 new members and 864 posts...almost solely through being listed on Postloop. It shattered my expectations and thankfully, a fair amount of the posters have been of high quality (I think most of my ratings have been 4s and 5s). Of course, I've also enjoyed being able to visit all of these other forums, since I am also an avid forum user. Again, thanks to Ryan and to all of the posters here for making Postloop what it is today, and I plan to continue using it for a long while!

Trombones13 / The Voice Internet Radio / 2011-04-26

In my time here at postloop i've listed numerous forums, been able to sell one forum which simply had postloop posters on, and been able to keep my off topic forum thriving with the postloop posters interacting well with my already awesome user base, which is how it should be. I think it's great, I've made some friends here, I'm happy to have them on my board, certain members keep posting on my forum and I enjoy having them around, they're awesome enough to post on my forum even if I don't have points, but I try to keep my balance all stocked up. It's a great tool for forums no matter your forum age, category, software, the community here at postloop is diverse enough to help everyone, and the community forums here are nice too, with the same community helping each other out.

Mikey / / 2011-04-03

Just wanted to put a little something in here about my forum's progress. I just reached over 1,000 posts received. Looks to be working so far. Having the postloop users in addition to my regular memebers makes it seem like a bigger community and is drawing in more organic users. For the most part great posters, those that are not don't last long. Before I started Postloop I had 1500 some members and 10,200 posts or so. Since then I have over 1700 members and over 12,200 posts. Of these I received 56 members and 1037 posts from Postloop. That leaves 150 members and 1000 posts from organic traffic. So you can see that due to the activity from Postloop it helped other people convert into members/posters. Thanks Postloop.

Gallitan / The-Quota / 2011-03-25

Postloop is one of those free and paid posting services, that gives back continually. My experience, is that in the time I have been using Postloop so far, I have been able to both earn around 800 posts in a short time since releasing a forum, and also helping others out with their forums! I don't know what I would have done if I never found postloop!

dentist / Direct Advertisement / 2011-03-23

Overall, Postloop is an excellent webforum with a unique and fun idea. It can always be a nuisance posting on countless forums hoping to receive quality posts in return. Postloop also targets quality with a feedback option where you can report how the specific user did on your forum. Negative feedback will limit their abilities on Postloop so this encourages excellent forum conduct. I would personally like to give a shout out to Postloop for a job well done and wish them the best of luck in the years to come. I give Postloop an A.

Dan / Forum Makeover / 2011-03-20

It brings a lot of traffic and posts to your forum. I'm in love with the service it provides. Postloop couldn't get any better.

Gamrpro / 2011-03-18

I use this extensively, and this is by far the best exchange system I have ever seen or used. No negotiating, no hassling, just post, and you shall receive. I have earned over 200 posts on an old forum of mine, and already earned $20 as well. Postloop is amazing.

Guardian / The Far Side of The Internet / 2011-03-12

I believe it's one of the best innovations in forum promotion in recent history. I signed up here to get some points but I definitely think I'm here to stay now.

BeastFromTheNE / Beatdown Online / 2011-02-26

This is by far one of the BEST ways I've ever found to get traffic, posts, and new members to my forum. It's incredible.

wethegreenpeople / PenHacks / 2011-01-29

Just thought I'd throw some positive feedback your way for such a great service. Just by browsing the Forums list daily I notice it continues to increase. It's an ingenious concept and I wish you continued success with it. This is a great way for forum owners to get a little boost in posts. Thanks for all your hard work.

x-Treme / xTreme Arcade / 2011-01-06

I made my first $10 in just four days. It doesn't get better than this. Plus you get to subscribe to sites that talk about things are actually interested in which means you can get caught up and forget all about the money making part. I'm in love with Postloop!!

zhen25 / 2015-11-21

Day 2 of my journey here on Postloop. Already made my first 5 bucks! Lots of forums to choose from and post on. I can provide quality feedback to these forums all the while making some sweet cash. If you like writing and exploring new forums, and of course making money while you do it, this is the place for you.

Khelin / 2015-09-09

My experience with postloop has been nothing but great so far! I never thought I would have do much fun commenting on the things that interest me. The site is very easy to use and the forums are extremely helpful!

dawnolsen / 2015-06-02

I've been a member of Postloop for a few months now. I remember finding this site through Google, just casually browsing (I like to search monetization techniques on google, and this just happened to pop up) the inter-webs. My experience has been amazing, to say the least. Even though I've been a member for a few months, I haven't so active. It's only recently that I've actually gotten to becoming active (I put aside 2-3 hours daily now, and I'm earning $5 every other day). When I first signed up and got approved (4.0 rating), I earned $5 right that day. I thought it would take me some time to get to know Postloop's ecosystem, but it's super easy. I got so immersed right then and there, because there were so many topics that caught my interest (gaming, web design & web hosting and just about discussions in general). Even though I consider myself to have a good grasp on English grammar, writing for Postloop has made me to figure out what I need to work on, so that I can improve my post quality even more (recently I got a 3.1 rating, which got me down for a little bit, but I'll be improving on that from now on). I have a pretty good post length (I write at least two paragraphs, sometimes they're two-three liners, sometimes much more). The topics to choose from are pretty amazing too, just so much! Thank you, Ryan and all of the Postloop staff who've made it possible for me to get this far! Postloop is one a kind, and will be for a long time.

devilishomar / 2014-08-08

I would like to share my experience with Postloop. Well, so basically I have joined this website not even a month ago and got around 70$. I think that it's a very big amount, but I have also put a lot effort into posting on different forums and sharing my opinions. I recommend this paying website to anybody who has some spare time and would like to get paid for posting on forums.

elmarianexx / 2014-07-16

I have been with Postloop for a little over a month now and, I have loved every minute of it. I am making money to do two of the things that I love to do. Which are writing and posting on forums. I have made almost $30.00 in my spare time and, getting paid could not be easier. I plan on seeing just how much I can earn in the months to come!!!! Try it. You will not regret it. How could you regret making extra cash?

alexisfinch24 / 2014-06-25

I'm here to share my story. I was so depressed by trying all the methods of earning and not being able to earn a penny. But, Postloop changed it all for me. Its just been 16 hours that i started posting and i've got points enough to cash for $10. I'll be cashing it as soon as i reach $50. I currently have a 4.35 rating and I'm trying my best to get a better rating and earn more with Postloop. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. Looking forward to growing with Postloop.

dipendraofficial / 2014-06-22

I am really thrilled that I joined. I was complacent when I first did, but now that I am active in it I realized it is a hidden gem! I am a talkative and opinionated person. I am always looking for new information on a variety of topics. I get paid simply to post on topics that interest me. And, when I request payment, I have been paid in a matter of a few hours. This is a very sensible program and the money really helps.

ladybugger / 2013-07-20

Postloop, I LOVE YOU!!! I almost didn't sign up because I didn't want to be disappointed by another online money making opportunity. I joined this site with absolutely no hope in it whatsoever. To my surprise, Postloop paid me within the first week of me signing up! I sat in shock for about 10 minutes when I received my first payment! After years of trying to make extra money online, I finally did it. I've been here for less than a month and I've received four payments already! I want to give a special thank you to Postloop for being a great outlet for me when I was in a difficult time in my life. I had just left an abusive relationship when I first signed up. Being apart of this site took my mind off of the entire situation. I don't know how I would have been if I had not found this site. Postloop gave me something to be happy about and look forward to everyday. Thank you for everything!

c_levette / 2013-04-01

Back in December, I joined on whim and made a few posts. I came back later, hearing about Postloop so much on the forums I frequent that I thought "well, there has to be a reason why so many people use it". I was hooked from there. I use Postloop almost daily now, and it's honestly enjoyable. I've found so many new forums that I enjoy posting on, and get paid to post on it. I've done a few withdraws now, and am currently using my postloop money to save up for a new piece of jewelry =D

sheepishwolf / 2013-03-09

At first, I was very skeptical of Postloop because in all honesty it was too good to be true in every way and the "how it works" page was filled with the typical clipart style paste ins (not a bad thing, it's just less-than-honest uses of them have sort of sullied their name) but I have always been interested in being a writer and Postloop fascinated me to no end. After a mere two days, I already had money in my Paypal account for doing what I love, and that would be writing. The ease of use of the site coupled with the very agreeable system employed by the site is something that will keep me coming back for some extra disposable income for the foreseeable future. I can't thank the staff of Postloop enough for giving me this opportunity. Bottom line to anybody who isn't sure about this site and is checking out this part of the forums, this site is genuine and I'm extremely happy I found it!

Dordie / 2013-02-21

I'm happy to say that Postloop has exceeded my expectations. I type a high number of words per minute so creating forum posts doesn't take very long and it didn't take long to figure out exactly what forum owners want in terms of quality and direction. There's a good selection of forums available to choose from so pick the right ones for you, don't just sign up to them all is my advice. When you find your groove you can be cashing out points daily or saving them for your own forum, postloop has paid me many times promptly and I couldn't be happier with the service. I want to start saving my points for my forum but I need the money right now and Postloop has delivered. If you're on the fence, get off it, you will earn money with Postloop in proportion to the effort you put in and the best part is you can choose where you write, and when. I waited 3 months to share my opinion but I'm sure Postloop works, it has for me and it can for you too!

Looper / 2013-01-31

One thing I have to thank Ryan for especially, payment speed. The payment speed here is exceptional. No hassle, always within 24 hours.

Hedonologist / 2012-12-06

I really can't get enough of Postloop. Good selection of forums, great admins on them and on here, and my 4th payment is pending and awaiting to be sent to my paypal as we speak. I very much enjoy this site, just dropping in a word about my ongoing success working with PL, and to thank the site staff and Ryan for providing us all with the opportunities that we have here!

Brian Douglas / Earn Money Insider / 2012-11-01

I have finally attained my first goal of gaining 1000 points here in Postloop! Though I was motivated to make it within the first 10 days, due to various reasons, it took me about 15 days to attain the same. I'm still new to this system, and learning something new everyday. I'm thankful for all the admins who had given me a good rating, and have helped me throughout in my journey, and I hope to continue contributing towards growing their forums. I'm also thankful for Ryan, Pete and all the members of the staff here, for giving me such a great opportunity to earn something from the system. I'm not posting any payment proofs here, as everyone who ever been a member here, already knows that Postloop always pay on time! For all those members who are still members here, and yet seldom make any posts, let this be a reminder that Postloop still works, and there is an opportunity to make a living out of it after all!

johnthomas1433 / 2012-10-20

I was looking for a way to make extra money to supplement my full time income while also taking classes part time. I just recently signed up for Postloop and decided to give it a try. I log in whenever I have spare time as best I can. Over the course of the past 2 1/2weeks, I've earned $26 and was paid promptly. I am even more motivated now to double that number. Thanks Postloop for creating a legitimate place where people can earn extra money online while having fun.

Kaybee517 / 2012-07-31

I've been a member since January, and I'm earning around $80 a month, so it is possible to earn well there. They are very hot on standards - it's the main reason I joined. I get sick of reading some of the rubbish that gets posted on some sites, so it's nice to work with professional people who pay out regularly.

Sandra1952 / 2012-07-17

Postloop is revolutionary. You are paid to discuss topics which are in your genre, you get to choose what you sign up to. I don't find myself working when I use Postloop, I find myself having fun, it's just amazing. Thank you Ryan for creating something so, well there's not a word to describe it. Revolutionary, marvelous, and I have to admit, miraculous in some cases.

Solice512 / 2012-05-20

I don't work much here as I am busy with my studies, but still, whatever I earn in my free time is really good. So far, I have earned around $75 and enjoyed myself! A+ for Postloop, the best money making site I've found till date.

RPCOM / 2012-04-17

The past few days, I’ve been doing some forum posting for Postloop. I really, really enjoy this because it does not feel like work to me. I’m getting paid to hang out on forums and socialize — something I often feel guilty for doing when I actually am supposed to be working. So this “job” is perfect!

khristal23 / 2012-04-12

Well Postloop is definately the best online freelancing site I have ever come across, and I thank Ryan and the staff for that. I found Postloop near the start of February 2012, and had a few other GPT sites on the go also, so I only got $18.45 that month, but now I'm focusing on Postloop that increased to $32.05 for March 2012, and would have been even higher if my spare time wasn't taken up by visiting sick relatives in hospital. Hopefully for April 2012 I will beat the march record, and with just over $1/day I think that's quite possible. I'm already on $3.44 at the middle of the 2nd.

Hedonologist / 2012-04-02

My first payment was received on February 28, 2012 and my last payment was received on March 30, 2012. I have made $220+ in a little over a month, with Postloop. My request for payments have always been granted promptly. All of them have been deposited to my paypal account in less than 24 hours. Postloop administration does what it says it is going to do, and provides a great support system. I am happy that I am a part of Postloop

roses12roses12 / 2012-04-01

I have been suggesting Postloop everywhere I go now since the day I signed up for it. This is also the first site I have joined that I could actually realistically cash out from. I just wanted to let you know the concept behind it is wonderful. I had put off starting my own website because I am currently out of work and have been unemployed about two years now. Once I start working again and get my site running I will most likely use Postloop for my forums. I can see it is helping administrators succeed so much. I have cashed out twice already. The site is user friendly and as long as you follow instructions exactly, you should always succeed.

Charmeuse000 / 2012-02-18

Seriously, this is the easiest money I have ever made. Every week I am making more and more. :) It doesn't even feel like I am working. Me likes.

Pambeacher / 2012-02-16

I joined Postloop on 12 January - less than 2 weeks ago. I've now cashed out $35, and had a lot of fun earning it. More importantly, I've made some useful contacts and have been offered a business opportunity which could be very lucrative but will certainly earn me some money.

Sandra1952 / 2012-01-24

Hey everybody, I joined Postloop around 6 weeks back, and I had already earned around 1400 points in the first four weeks itself! Postloop is certainly working for me, and I am sure I will stick to this wonderful project headed by a wonderful admin, Ryan! Respect to you sir! Here ( is my first payment proof, a whopping $70! I got it within 12 hours after requesting for it! Once again, three cheers for Postloop, and three more for Ryan!

omkar1991 / 2012-01-04

I have used Postloop for a couple of months now. Already cashed out a bit more than 500 usd. It's an extremely easy way to make some loose change. No pressure about deadlines and no limit about amount of posts.

ThisOldMan / AreesPortal / 2011-12-10

I joined Postloop 3 weeks ago and at first I was a bit skeptical. I mean who will pay you to post on forums. But I decided to read a few reviews online and I was pleasantly surprise with the good reviews and legitimacy of Postloop. So, I gave it a try and got accepted. The journey so far has been amazing and through the various forums, I've had the opportunity to make friends and learn quite a bit as well. I cashed out my first payment of $35 today and got the money within 5 hours. Kudos to Ryan for the hard work he does.

cyberrunner / 2011-10-08

I have been to other paid-to-post programs before but so far nothing can ever be at par with Postloop. With a strong and innovative program and platform, Postloop is a classic on its own and without doubt would go down in online history as the standard which other similar programs would be gauged. I salute Ryan for having the vision to bring Postloop into the market.

AmazingP / 2011-07-07

Postloop is the only forum which I've used that payed promptly without much hassle and I doubt many other forums out there could be comparable to Postloop.

mewtonx / 2011-06-02

I use it as a poster and I have to say it pays pretty well to be active in a variety of forums. While learning new things from forums all over the world, I get paid. Postloop is one of the few methods to make money online that actually work.

Milton / 2011-06-02

As a poster, it is the best money making forum I have seen. I believe I have made almost $100 with it now, it is such a cool forum!

save27 / 2011-06-01

I have to say, whoever thought up the idea of Postloop is a genius. You very seldom see money making ventures that are truly win/win for all parties involved. Postloop is definitely a place where everyone comes out a winner.

dexterlablab1 / 2011-05-31

Postloop is a very legitimate operation with a very healthy and effective post exchange platform. And posters are being paid fast -- it just take around 10 minutes for the money to arrive at Paypal after clicking the withdraw button. I should know because I have been paid twice already. Postloop rocks! Because of Postloop I now have some money to invest online.

AmazingP / 2011-05-23

I <3 postloop! I've already bought 3 360 games, and 20$ worth of amazon cards thanks to JUST the money from here! The best part: Got all of this stuff in THREE DAYS!! And I'm STILL earning! Hell, I earned 2$ while I was at the beach today thanks to referrals. This is probably the single best webforum to refer people to EVER

Sinocard / 2011-03-25

I tried on a lot of different webforums which paid money for doing different things... I tried survey completing to get points which could be redeemed for free stuff... Didn't work... I tried working for people to get the money... Didn't work (They "FORGOT" to pay)... I found some paid to tweet webforums... didn't work... Found postloop... Withdrew atleast $15 so far ... I got my first ever membership for a game.. Got my own domain... This is the 2nd best webforum I have found which gives me free stuff.. The first one closed down but it was a great webforum!!! The first one gave out free domains... This gives out free money!!! THANKS POSTLOOP!

DevilKid / 2011-03-24

I have made $21.95 so far at Postloop, and just started using it two weeks ago. I am averaging around $7 an hour, the same as a job! It takes a long time to make money with a lot of online forums, but with Postloop it is fast- you only have to have $3 to withdraw.

save27 / 2011-03-13

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